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February 6, 2002, 02:04 AM
Specifically the episode on Argentina dove hunting. While I was excited to see so many birds in one spot, the segment itself bothered me because the two hunters simply blasted away at bird after bird--most of which fell into thick gorse.

Here's the note I sent to the OLN Network in their feedback forum:

<<I caught your show "Shotgun Journal" for the first time on February 3 and was interested to see the segment on dove hunting in Argentina--a topic about which I already had some interest. The segment itself, however, disturbed me. Two hunters were shown shooting dove after dove with no attempt to retrieve these downed birds. In fact, the surrounding terrain looked like a fairly thick wooded area, and most of the dove were falling into spots where they likely would not be found.

This depiction of hunting possibly does more harm than good. It appeared that these two men were intent upon killing as many dove as possible without any regard for harvesting the meat. This image is one that hunters don't need in this day and age when hunting is already under attack from animal rights activists and liberal politicians. I personally would like to know whether or not the birds were in fact recovered and eaten. I am an ardent hunter, but ethically, I think that every hunter has an obligation to recover an animal that he or she has killed.>>

Anybody else catch this show? What were your impressions?

February 7, 2002, 12:31 AM
In Argentina, doves are looked to as pests much like prairie dogs are here in the states. Supposedly the birds wreak some pretty serious havoc on crops, so there is no limit or laws on hunting them. However, what you fail to realize, is that there are usually 3-5 locals working with each shooter on these shoots. They do a number of jobs for the hunters, which include loading guns, carrying guns, and collecting downed birds. Those birds collected are usually taken back to the villages, and are actually eaten. So, the birds aren't wasted (most of the time).

February 7, 2002, 03:08 PM
I figured they'd have some locals working the hunt, but no mention was made during the broadcast. No locals appeared in the segment. Also, those birds were going down in some pretty thick cover. The whole thing just struck me as disgustingly wasteful.

I know not everybody is of my mind, but if I shoot it or catch it (and keep it), I'm going to eat it. If I just want target practice, I'll go to the clays course.

February 7, 2002, 03:45 PM
Jason's correct in their "appreciation" of doves down there. Looked on as pests due to the pretty extreme damage done to crops. Figure a bazillion birds on a wheat field, or whatever, & that's some serious damage. Doves down there are in much more "supply" than up this a'way.

I tend to agree though that they could have mentioned (at least a bit more) about the "bird dogs," etc. Maybe take another 20 seconds & perhaps dispell some "bad avertising."

February 7, 2002, 11:34 PM
But dove is tough and chewy.

I prefer Quail, what chicken should taste like! ;)