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Rich Lucibella
October 15, 1998, 09:10 PM
I'm looking to tighten up the pattern on my Remington 1100. Can anybody speak to the issues of the Vang Comp modifications vs the many other companies that offer back boring?

I'm also interested in opinions about porting a combat shotgun, vis a vis night shooting scenarios.

October 15, 1998, 11:35 PM
Vang system, at least for me, worked as advertised. I am still testing the barrel on my 870, but thusfar I am well satisified. Put about 250 rounds thru it, slugs, buck, and birdshot. GLV

October 15, 1998, 11:50 PM
I had the Vang Comp system done to my Mossberg 509A1 and in the very near future am going to have my 870 done. That was the best $200.00 I have ever spent on a modification. I recommend it very much.

Mac Scott
October 16, 1998, 12:25 AM
I'm enough of a doubting Thomas that people often mistake my place of origin as Missouri, particularly when it comes to gun "gadgets." That said, I approached Hans Vang's system with a great degree of trepidation. I was amazed to find that I was wowed by it!

The groups we've gotten out of 18" 870 barrels, nominally bored "Cylinder" from the factory, have been astounding. OO Buck well within 4" at fifty feet is not uncommon.

One potential downside I can see to this lack of typical shot spread is an increased demand for accuracy on the part of the shooter. "Downside" is probably an improper term here; every shooter should strive to be as accurate as possible. Nevertheless, many people, quite erroneously, think they can rely on the spread of a shot pattern to compensate for a poorly-aimed shot. Needless to say, the tighter the pattern, the greater the need for accurate shot placement. In working with students in our defensive shotgun classes, I've noticed that those shooting Vang-Comped guns tend to initially miss a bit more, then begin to use their sights and take better control of their hits. They normally exit as the better marksmen of the classes.

I normally despise compensators of any type on defensive firearms. For some reason, however, the Vang Comp does not seem afflicted with the problems associated with most comps, namely fingers of light probing the retina at night. Even when fired in a controlled situation in a virtually lightless indoor range, the comp flash was not much more than usually realized from the muzzle.

What it does do, however, is it's assigned job very well. The Vang is one of the most effective compensator systems I've ever fired on a long gun -- double-tap times of well under a second were recorded repeatedly with a Vang-equipped, action-slicked 870.

As I write this from my home office, a glance to my right discloses the 870 we did our original Vang testing on. It's in an Insta-Guard rack on the wall, replete with S.G.T. ghost ring sights and one of Vang's barrels. I thought enough of it to bring it home -- about four years ago.

----Mac Scott

Ken Campbell
October 23, 1998, 08:17 PM
Wonerful reply by Mac. However, the answer is to get first round hits. Don'r rely on the shot spread to hit your target. Put the entire payload in them or select slug. If you miss with a pellet, you are responsible for it. (As Louis Awerbuck says, "The bad guy's name is on the front of the pellet, yours is on the back.")
Mike Sees, the Sees Patternmaster Choke does a tremendous job as well as the Vang. We recently did tests with the Vang, Jug, Sees, Rem Choke, Sees Choke merely screwed in, and the 870 cylinder bore. The Sees job did the best, followed by Vang, the tne Sees screw in.
I would also suggest patterning your gun with the load you intend to carry and affixing it to the stock of the gun. That way, you can't forget when the pattern will exceed the sidth of your target.


Rich Lucibella
October 24, 1998, 02:05 AM
Great tip on the patterning, Ken. Thanks to all for your input. I believe I'll give Vang a try.

Don R
November 3, 1998, 10:56 AM
I remember reading an article on U.S.M.C. "FAST," or, Fleet Anti-Terrorist Security Teams.

What sticks in my mind is what one officer said in that article, "We are interested in the surgical placement of buckshot." That is not a direct quote, but it is very close, they do not look at the shotgun as a spray and pray affair and I do not either.

My stock Benelli, M1 Tactical/Super 90 patterns very tight for just being a smoothbore weapon. It blasts slugs downrange quite well. The Ghost Ring is a wonderful thing, can I get an Amen?

I would like to eventually get a Vang Comped barrel for my Italian Mistress, how much would one cost for my Benelli?

I hear the Vang miraculously tightens up slug groups too, what a bargain.

Rob Pincus
November 3, 1998, 12:39 PM
Don, Amen, GRs are the thing for a purely tactical gun.

Now you guys have got me worked up for a Vang Comp job on an 870.... thanks a lot. I gotta go make some more money now!

I don't think I need this on my Benelli though, it'll through my sporting clays score to hell!