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February 5, 2002, 02:40 PM
I was at a local sporting goods place checking out their holsters. I've been looking for something I can use in IDPA. I know shoulder holsters are a no-no, but how about a fanny pack? The sales people at the store were more concerned about keeping enough golf shirts on display than having actual product or sport related knowledge...:rolleyes:

February 5, 2002, 04:03 PM
Fanny packs? I doubt it.

The rules are listed on the IDPA web site http://www.idpa.com. You can also send e-mail to them and they respond pretty quickly.


Bill Barrett
February 5, 2002, 08:30 PM

Holsters and ammunition carriers permitted for Defensive Pistol competition must be specifically designed and marketed for concealed carry/duty use and NOT for range or competition use and must be suitable for continuous all-day concealed carry wear, unless you are a full-time law enforcement patrol officer, and then your duty gear is acceptable. All holsters/ammunition carriers must be worn in a manner consistent with everyday concealed carry use. A maximum of two (2) spare magazines carried in 2 single pouches or 1 double pouch or three (3) speedloaders may be worn at any time. One additional magazine may be carried on the person for “charging” purposes only. Up to two (2) speedloaders may be worn immediately in front of the holster. If a holster or ammunition carrier is listed in the competition section of a manufacturer’s catalog, it’s probably NOT suited for IDPA use. If a holster or ammunition carrier is listed in the law enforcement or concealed carry section of a manufacturer’s catalog and can be worn behind the centerline of a shooter’s body, it is probably appropriate for IDPA use. A three-man holster committee will review and decide which holsters best meet IDPA criteria. Additional holsters will be added to the list as the holster committee approves them and rule books are re-ordered. The web site is your best source for an up-to-date listing. ALL retention features of the holster MUST be used. All holsters must fully cover the trigger when the pistol is holstered. The front of holsters for autos may be cut no lower than ¼" below the ejection port. Revolver holsters may be cut no lower than half way down the cylinder. Holster and pouches must be worn on a belt that passes through regular pants loops. The holster must position the pistol so the center of the trigger pad is behind the centerline of the body from a side view and all magazines and magazine carriers for pistols must be positioned behind the centerline. Revolver ammunition carriers may be worn directly in front of the holster on the strong side. The seam on the side of a shooter’s pants may or may not indicate where the centerline of a shooter’s body is located. If you can conceal your pistol/holster/ ammunition carriers with a light windbreaker and comfortably draw your pistol while seated in an automobile with bucket seats, your equipment is probably okay. Exception – Police/military officers may use their duty rig, but ALL retention features of the holster MUST be used.


February 6, 2002, 11:48 AM
Thanks for the help guys! ;)

February 6, 2002, 12:15 PM
I have seen a couple guys shooting Back Up Gun class using a fanny pack. As we all know, not every club follows the rules to the letter so I don't know if this was legal per the IDPA but it is done.

In shopping for a holster, it would be a good idea to simply look at the approved holster list on the IDPA web page. I personally do not use my carry holster for IDPA. My carry holster is a Milt Sparks Summer Special that I wear behind the right hip. While I believe this would be legal in IDPA, I don't think it is the safest way to carry a gun used in competiiton. The muzzle is pointing to the left when the gun is holstered and drawing it would result in sweeping the muzzle past anyone on the right and possibly directly behind me; like the guy running the timer. I am using a simple Fobus paddle holster for IDPA, worn in a conventional manner on the right hip. It is a legal holster and I think it is the safest method of carry for sporting purposes. I realize that many, if not most, of the people shooting IDPA do so in order to become better with their carry gun and I am not keeping with that line of thought. I shoot IDPA as a sport. I follow the rules and try to keep in the spirt of the whole thing, but I do use a different holster and gun for IDPA.