View Full Version : Brolin Hawk shotguns?

October 15, 1998, 10:28 AM
Any good? Looks like a made in China 870 clone? As good as the Norinco 45s (pretty good)? Parts swap w 870?

Ken Campbell
October 23, 1998, 08:22 PM
I've not seen one put through the paces in a class yet, but it seems a bit weak to me. I've handled a few at gun shows, and I'll stick with my 870. Dollar for dollar, it is hard to beat a Remington 870 Express with the 20" barrel, Rifle Sights, a Side Saddle, and carry strap. Round the butt pad a bit with a file and you've got a good shotgun for around $300. Add a Sure Fire light forend for about $150 and you are really ready to repel boarders from the homestead.