View Full Version : Swapping binges?

February 5, 2002, 09:40 AM
I seem to be on a swapping binge and now have 6 new-to-me guns and fewer knives and guns. For some reason the way a gun fits and my perceived use of it now overrides value considerations. I have done both well and not so good per the gun value books but I got what I wanted/liked versus a gun safe occupant. Anyone else get overtaken by the desire to freshen up the inventory without a whole lot of cost/value consideration?
For examplem my latest was trading a nice cased, 20 ga. Win. 101 Diamond grade Skeet for a Browning Citori sporter in 28 ga. that is new in box although made in 1979. It is a grade 11 with very nice wood and fits like God made it for me. The other trade was a Rem. mt. rifle with Tasco WC+ scope and NIB A-5 20 ga. magnum for used cased J&L Rutten that I botched the finish on as reflected in another thread. I will use the Rutten but the others were just occupants.