View Full Version : Arkansas Winter Classic IDPA match.

February 5, 2002, 12:42 AM
Just wanted to say that the eldest and I enjoyed the company of 82 other shooters at the match held at Sturms Range in Springdale, Arkansas this past weekend.

Everything was very well run and it was just like being at home. The low light (read that, no light but your flashlight) stages were challanging.

God willing, we will be there next year. I recommend it to all within driving distance.

February 10, 2002, 08:48 AM
You're absoulutly right, they do put on a great match. This is my second time to compete there and Steve Sturm and Mike Luttrell sure know how to put on a Match!
One of the neat things about this match is the low (no light) light stages. How often do we practice this let alone do it in a match type setting. The extra pressure of a match will sure show any holes in your game thats for sure. Last year I used a 6Z and was ok, but with the mag changes on each stage it is very possible to fumble the flashlight a little. Can you say reaquire the proper hold? This year I used a M3 light. Can you say Fast and Easy?Made a huge difference! Only one person used an M3 last year, and probably about 10 did this year. I think the secret is out. Matter a fact, three of the top 4 used one.
I am still amazed at how much they can do with a one bay indoor range. Mix that with some fine folks and it all adds up to a great weekend.