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February 4, 2002, 02:15 AM
My Remington 870 Express Super Magnum Synthetic is not allowing the next shell to feed from the magtube.
If I stick my finger in and press the tab on the side, it'll feed that round; after I remove my fingers...

I did a couple of modifications and returned it to standard configuration. It does it regardless.
I 'dremeled' the nubs out of the magtube to insall an extended tube and spring/follower.
I put on the Choate forend/pistolgrip and full pistolgrip buttstock.
I put on a SideSaddle.
I installed a Millett scope mount/ringset and NIKON shotgun scope.
Nothing I did would indicate it should cause a problem.
I reconfigured the magazine back to stock parts, minus the little nubs I smoothed out.
If I remove the 'accessories', I expect to end up with a shotgun that doesn't feed correctly, so, before I go to the time and trouble of removing/replacing anything---
Should I take it to a gunsmith for a simple fix, or send it back to Remington?

February 4, 2002, 04:19 AM
Evening -- OOops Morning BusGunner007 ,

I think you have a bad latch - - but with the info given , which one is still a question . When you load the magazine , where is the
next round relative to the carrier ? As I recall , the latch on the left side of the receiver releases the "next' round when the
the bolt is at /near its backward travel ; the right latch keeeps the
3rd round from being released until the bolt is almost/ closed ,, then it passes the 3rd round to the left latch to hold until the action is cycled again .

The movement of the "tips" of each latch is prompted by the bolt
contacting a "bulge" that is toward the "butt" end of the gun .
If the tip is bent inward , usually you relaese rounds too early in the cycle ; if the "bulge" has been reduced , it won't move the tip of the latch enough to release the round .

You may have to take out the latches and compare them to a
spare to detect damage . If the latches aren't staked properly ,
reassembling the gun can be challenging - - - but can be done .

Start on the left , unless you can tell for sure that it's not the problem . If YOU really want to fix it , you CAN . Hawkaaa53

Dave McC
February 4, 2002, 05:32 AM
I've heard enough horror stories to not want to send mine back to Remington. I'm no smith, so a local smith would be the best option for me.

It does sound like a shellcatcher prob, and fixable.

February 4, 2002, 10:33 AM
Wow, that was fast.
It is the left side latch.
I either have to stick my finger straight in through the ejection port with the shotgun oriented 'up'; or I have to roll it to the left a bit to go in from the bottom.
I really don't want to send it back.
I'm a member of a range that has a shotgun course and there's someone there that might know what to do. I'm sure it's not the first one to do it.
Is there a special tool to r&r the latch? Don't know.
I'll visit the range and ask around to see if there's a Rem 870 mechanic on board.