TFL Last Call Thread List: The Best and Most Defining Threads of TFL's pre-2003 History
A List of Other Online Forums Alternate Forums to visit
The Annotated U.S. Constitution at Findlaw
Other versions -
Government Printing Office
University of Chicago (only goes up to amendment XII)
National Archive (with links to bios for the signers)
Liberty Library of Historical legal documents and commentaries
There's a long list of documents, but they're more or less in chronological order. In particular, the list contains the Declaration of Independence (1776), Articles of Confederation (1777), and the original Constitution (1787).
The Supreme Court and the Second Amendment: A Great Summary by Don Kates, Jr.
District of Columbia v. Heller: The Modern Supreme Court Ruling on the Second Amendment
US v. Miller: The First (and only, until Heller) Supreme Court Ruling on the Second Amendment
US v. Emerson: A Landmark Texas Case: While Emerson has Lost a Battle, the Court Broadly Upheld the 2nd Amendment as an Individual Right. This One is Headed to a Higher Court.
US v. Haney: This is an Ongoing, Direct Challenge to 60 Years of Unconstitutional Legislation. Definitely a Case to Watch.
The Right to Keep and Bear Arms: Report of the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the Committee on the Judiciary: United States Senate (1982). A Must Read Report of Second Amendment History and Rights 
The ACLU Position on the Second Amendment
State Firearms Laws
Federal Firearms Laws
State Legislation Updates and Alerts
Jeff Cooper's Commentaries
State Government Official Websites
"A Nation of Cowards": Another Must-Read Article on Second Amendment Rights. Authored by Jeffrey Snyder
Metal and Wood: A Moving Essay by Firing Line Member Dennis Bateman 
"The 5 Minute Handbook": A practical guide to fighting the RKBA Battle. Well worth the 5 minute read.
Common Abbreviations Seen on TFL: An A to Z Compendium of Shorthand Acronyms
Buying a New Revolver?: TFL Member, Jim March's, Prepurchase Inspection Guide

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