Forum Forum Type Focus
The High Road vBulletin Spinoff From TFL Custom - similar to vb/ubb/ikonboard AR-15s, AK variants
The Firing Range Web Wiz Forums Spinoff From TFL
GlockTalk vBulletin Glocks
Tactical Forums UltimateBB Mil/LEO, Knives
1911forum 1911
Accurate Reloading UltimateBB Hunting, includes tech forums
The Armed Citizen Emphasis on politics
Assault Web Ultimate BB UltimateBB California
Canadian Gun Nutz phpBB Canada
Curio and Relic Firearms Forum EzBoard C&R
Defense Review Invision Power Board
Family, Friends & Firearms UltimateBB
Firearms Forum ezboard
Full-Auto.Com UltimateBB NFA weapons
Gunboards.Com UltraBoard Military, Eurasian, C&R-type stuff
Gun-Talk UltimateBB
Guns&Ammo UltimateBB General firearms discussion BK Forum Handloading
HKPRO UltimateBB H&K
Jesse's Hunting Page Invision Board Hunting
Kel-Tec Owner's Group vBulletin Kel-Tec
Marlin-Talk UltimateBB Exclusively Marlin Proprietary Handgun carry and other political issues
Parallax's - C&R Collector's ezboard C&R
Park Cities Tactical UltimateBB H&K, specifically the P7
Pistolsmith.Com phpBB Pistols
ProShooter UltimateBB
RemingtonForum.Com UltimateBB Remington vBulletin Rimfires
RugerForum.Com UltimateBB Rugers
Smith-WessonForum.Com UltimateBB Smith&Wesson
WaltherForums IkonBoard Walther