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December 3, 2000


Alison F. Ivey, Esquire
L aw Offices of Stokes Lawrence, P.S.
800 Fifth Avenue
Suite 4000
Seattle, Washington 98104-3179


Dear Ms. Ivey,

It is unfortunate that you and your clients have taken such a rigid position as regards your demands. Since my earlier letter to you, I have yet to receive a written response to the very basic and reasonable questions which I have asked. In brief summary, I asked the basis for your client's claim to ownership of common English words - such as hand gun control - to the extent that your clients claim the right to deny the use of these words by others in their exercise of Constitutionally guaranteed rights to freedom of speech and political expression.

In spite of what I believe to be an unreasonable attempt to restrict the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, I offered to craft mutually acceptable disclaimers in order that our respective clients could co-exist, each having the right to publish their information and material. There has been no response to this offer, other than your communication to me that your clients are unyielding in their demand for my client to cease the use of what can only be characterized as plain English.

Having attempted to work with you on a reasonable compromise, and having failed in that effort, I can now advise you that my client flatly refuses to relinquish ownership of it's registered domain names. The Internet is a new forum for free speech, with interesting rules and untested battlegrounds. My client's direct response to your demand to surrender their lawful private property comes in the form of an ancient and time-honored response: "Molon Labe".

Yours truly,

Norman Malinski

cc: Liberty Watch, Inc.

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