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December 12, 2000:
Liberty Watch Files Federal Suit against HCI!
February 23, 2001:
HCI: No Stomach for the Battle?


HCI Threatens Firearms Web Sites with Lawsuit


HCI: Propaganda, Disinformation and Outright Lies 

These have become the stock-in-trade of the organizations listed below:
Handgun Control, Inc.
Center for Prevention of Handgun Violence (CPHV)
Washington CeaseFire, Inc.

HCI and company have only one goal: to disarm the American citizen. In turn, their goal has only one effect: to deny Americans the right to protect themselves and their families from crimes of violence. These lobbying groups are dedicated to disarming the American people in the Legislatures and in the Courts; through Executive Order and Editorial. Their success requires that Americans be persuaded by fear, emotional slogans and Evening News sound bite. Their failure requires only an informed citizenry.

Liberty Watch, Inc. is a Florida based organization dedicated to promoting common sense and honesty in public policy debate and legislation. Our efforts to expose the methods and disinformation of those who would disarm the victims of violent crime include the sponsorship of Internet sites where American citizens may obtain facts about violence, crime and self protection. Two of our sites are:
The Anti-HCI Website
Center for the Prevention of Handgun Violence.com
Designed and run by Liberty Watch's capable Associates, these sites continue to dispel HCI untruths through the simple use of fact, satire and parody.

    • While HCI appeals to emotion, we provide facts.
    • While HCI peddles fear, we promote responsibility.
    • While HCI asks for money, we ask only common sense.

Evidently, we've been quite successful. HCI and company have now trained their guns on us.  



HCI: Trampling the First Amendment in its Attempt to Destroy the Second

Relying on its war chest of corporate and private contributions, its legions of attack dog lawyers and its bought and paid for political connections, HCI has finally come out of the closet: It's not just the Second Amendment they disdain; they are more than willing to shred the First Amendment to further their goals.

In letters dated October 17, 2000, HCI and company threatened the operators of our sponsored sites with a flurry of legal actions. Their demand: Surrender your domain names to HCI, or suffer the consequences. Their actions are designed to muzzle these voices of opposition through a war of legal attrition. Essentially they have said, "Surrender your property or perish. Maintain your silence or pay the price." Click below to read their outrageous demands to our colleagues:

Demand to the Anti-HCI Website
Demand to CPHV.com



HCI: Neighborhood Tough Guy?

We've seen it before. Some want your car keys; some want your money; some just want your surrender. Try as they might, bullies just don't seem to play well with others. And so it is with HCI. We respect their First Amendment right to publish whatever untruths they wish. We had hoped they would respect our right to do just the opposite. We offered to place mutual disclaimers on our sites. True to form, HCI didn't even offer a written reply. In a telephonic conversation with our attorneys, they did what most bullies do...they escalated their threat and refused the mutual coexistence which we offered.


HCI: Big Mistake

Bullies never learn. Eventually, they run into that one little guy who doesn't know the meaning of the word "surrender". Eventually, they pick on one group which refuses to recognize the bully's authority. We submit that we ARE that group. And so we have responded to our attackers with a simple message. In the most courteous manner we could manage, we've told HCI to "pound sand".

    • HCI will not trample our First Amendment rights.
    • HCI will not take our property by force of litigation.
    • HCI will not deny us the right to protect our families and loved ones.

In short, they will not muzzle us, impoverish us or disarm us. So, to our lurkers from HCI and company: Settle in guys. It's gonna be a long day. Click below to view our reply:

Liberty Watch Responds

Liberty Watch Takes the Offensive!


The last two words of our response to HCI are "Molon Labe". These two words characterize our legal position and our personal sentiment. For a better understanding of this, our battle cry, click the links below.

Molon Labe

Tamara's Essay on the Battle of Thermopylae


To receive the latest information on this suit and how you can help, please visit our sites at:
The Firing Line
The Anti-HCI Website
Center for the Prevention of Handgun Violence.com

or view our Newsletter, Common Sense


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