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You are absolutely correct about that. They are on the expensive end. The last one i bought was the P220R .45 It was 950.00 but honestly worth every penny. It has the shortest trigger pull on any pistol i have ever fired. Great Rail system, Outstanding night sights. Very lightweight for a .45. I love it. But my CC is a P250 (mine is .40)which is the cheapest model they sell. I think around 450.00. And like all the others outstanding quality, great multi-role pistol.
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@charlesc: the ny1 spring is a heavier OEM glock trigger spring. They also make a reduced pull trigger connector. When combined they make for a really crisp trigger with a very positive return. Also there is a huge grip. Amazon has it.

As far as the other replies, I wasn't saying that I purposely buy one brand. Quite the opposite, it's just worked out that - apparently - a good deal of the guns I have/want are made by Ruger.
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My regular cc is a g19. Its size, weight and 15rd capacity (and price) make it ideal. It is what a 9mm pistol should be. With that said im not a "fan" of the gun itself. To my eye both my beretta and my sr1911 are both more refined pistols. Ive also since decided that I favor hammer fired pistols over striker guns. Much rather have a sig stainless elite if not for its price and capacity or lack thereof. Then again my 1911 doesn't have great capacity either and I love it too.
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Glock fan?

Glock was kind of something I fell into, as well. I don't think they're better or worse than other pistols, in a vacuum. They are often the best fit, however. The 19/23 frame and extreme market support are ideal fits for my needs.

Utility aside, I think Sig 226, CZ 75, Walther PPQ, Walther P99, and some other pistols are more attractive and fun.
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Has anyone else had brand loyalty sneak up on them like that?
I didn't consider myself to be a devotee of any particular brand until I realized one day that half my (comparatively small number of) handguns are Berettas. I like my Glock, my Sig, and others just fine, too, but the numbers are there for Beretta.
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I have a 21 and my baby is getting one for his Duity HG...

They are a tool

Not a art form

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They are a tool

Not a art form
Some of them are a form of art. Just not the 21.
Seams like once we the people give what, at the time, seams like a reasonable inch and "they" take the unreasonable mile we can only get that mile back one inch at a time.

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what is this NY1 spring/connector? can anyone explain this in simple terms? how does it affect the trigger and what else does it affect? thanks
These are two separate parts. NY1 trigger spring is a part that replaces the OEM trigger spring. It states that it increases the trigger pull to about 10lbs (though in practice it's closer to about 8lbs) when used with the stock connector. The '-' connector that is referenced is a 3.5lb connector (as opposed to the stock 5lb connector). When used in conjunction with the NY1 trigger spring, it brings the overall pull weight to around 7lbs.

A lot of people like the NY1 trigger spring because it makes for a more consistent pull. Rather than there being some take up, then a short, harder trigger break, the NY1 trigger gives more of a revolver or DA feel. Some people like that, but don't like how heavy the pull is, so they install the '-' connector with it. This gives a more consistent pull, but also lightens it more than the just the NY1 alone.

To confuse matters more, there's also a NY2 trigger which, with stock connector gives a pull of about 12lbs. There's also an 8lb connector, marked with a '+'.

I installed the NY1 trigger into my G19, and I really like it. I'm a better shot than with the stock trigger setup. I've been considering trying the '-' connector. I just haven't gotten around to it.

This article does a much better job of explaining everything about Glock springs and connectors:
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I was introduced to the Glock NY1 trigger spring by Jeff Bloovman of Armed Dynamics. He was introduced to it by the late Paul Gomez.

It's on my carry gun which is a Glock 19. I've been running it for a while and it's been love since first trigger pull.

I don't have a gun with a better trigger. (not counting 1911's trigger)

Huge positive reset. Both tactile and audible. Launches your finger forward for that next shot and the trigger breaks like a needle of glass. Excellent trigger.

Took an S.R.T. instructors class with it recently and it's immaculate all around.
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You would of asked me 2 1/2 years ago I'd told you Glocks suck. That's because I known very little of them, shot them very little and just followed the crowd that said I didn't like them. I always was a Smith man. Then I bought my first (Glock 22 gen 4) yes it had Brass issues which I called an armorer and they sent me the new ejector now I can catch all my brass in a bucket - It really is that consistent now with brass. I also bought the completion spring kit and 3 1/2 pound ghost connector and it shoots as accurate as my Smith & Wessons only with an excellent trigger. I shoot this gun about 3-5 days a week and parked my other guns and this is far my best pistol I've ever owned. Still love my Smiths but Glocks rule !!!!!
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I have a G27, (40S&W). I trust it, and shoot it well enough, but it is not my favorite. I have 3 Taurus revolvers, 2 Smith & Wesson revolvers, A Ruger Revolver, The G27, a Walther P22, a Ruger SR9 and SR9c. A diamondback DB9. No brand loyalty at all.

My favorites, The Diamondback DB9 for pocket carry.
The Ruger SP101 and the Ruger SR9 for OWB carry.
I don't usually carry IWB, but the SR9 is thin enough I may in the future.
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