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.22 Buffalo Scout imported by FIE when I was 10.
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Four inch Ruger GP-100 in .357 magnum. Great gun.
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Re: What your very first handgun?

4 inch Ruger security six.
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Herr Walther
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German Walther PPK, 1968.
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Mine was a Ruger Mark I T-678, purchased used in 1981. I was just getting into shooting at the age of 28. Wonderful gun, shoots perfectly, and I doubt I will ever get rid of it.

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A 22LR H&R 676 and a most terrible gun it was, I've never felt the urge to get another because it was my first gun.
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After my Dad passed away, Mom took me out to a friend of the family who was an avid hunter, handloader and kitchen table FFL and that was my first opportunity to burn real powder from firearms -- lots of air rifle and BB gun shooting up until that time.

First handgun I ever shot was a Ruger Single Six.
First center fire I ever shot was a Ruger Security Six, with .357 Magnum ammo. Both of these belonged to him. Also shot the Colt Challenger that had been my Dad's (Mom's now, and will go to my brother.) Not at all long after that trip, Mom found a Sportsman's Club one town over and we went and I ended up shooting four position smallbore... shooting skeet... and spending a -LOT- of time on the outdoor range when I wasn't doing the others. Mom get sucked in by the club to manage their finances and she agreed to do it to support my shooting.

And following that summer, Mom shocked me with my Christmas present... a brand new Smith & Wesson Model 17-6, six inch barrel with target trigger and target hammer. I've been surprised by a gift on different occasions over the course of my life, but never so more than on THAT Christmas, 1988. In fact, she had planned to buy a nice condition but used High Standard rimfire semi-auto from a gent at the Club, but when he fished it out of his safe to find a broken firing pin, she had to make alternate plans and she called up the guy who got me started and ordered the new K-frame.

Obviously, I still have that Model 17-6. It's amazing. And I'm reminded again how much I need to thank my Mom for all she did to support my love for this whole big thing I'm knee-deep in.
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Browning "Challenger" .22 with 6 1/2" barrel and large wood grip. Still have it after 40+ years, no pics though. Later added a 4 1/2" barrel and the slimmer "Nomad" plastic grip for carry.
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Sevens, that's a great story. Great Mom -- great gun.

Mine? Armi San Marco 1860 Colt Navy Revolver.
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4 inch stainless Ruger gp100.I was 23.I got a shoulder holster for it.Wife and I went for pizza and it came with me.The pizza place was so hot and I couldnt take my jacket off!!
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My first was actually a Benjamin pellet pistol. Killed many a squirrel with it while hunting deer with both bow and rifle. In 1972 bought my first centerfire handgun, a brand spankin' new Blackhawk in .44 mag. Durn thing hurt my ears and hands so bad I traded it off for a SxS grouse gun. Wish like 'ell I would thought about changin' grips and wearing ear plugs, cause it would be nice to still have it. Took me almost a decade to buy my next centerfire handgun and have been accumulating them on a regular basis ever since.
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Beretta NEOs. back when 500 packs of golden bullets were 5 bucks, those were the days... I loved shooting so much our started complaining. Who would've known that little gun would spark something that's become so important to me. It showed guns weren't just for hunting, and the obsession began.
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First one I bought for myself was my Browning Hi Power. Still have it.

First one I used regularly was my grandfather's Colt New Service .45 LC.
Mauser Werke, Schmidt-Rubin, Remington, Colt, H&K, Weatherby, Browning, Ruger, Marlin, Mossberg, Saiga, S&W, Sig Sauer....a few friends of mine
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What your very first handgun?

Originally Posted by mk70ss View Post
Four inch Ruger GP-100 in .357 magnum. Great gun.
Oh wait, I lied. Mine was a 4" GP100 also. I quickly sold it and bought the SP101 instead.
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The first handgun I ever shot was a Smith & Wesson model 29, in .44 mag of course at the age of 14 ... this was before Dirty Harry made the 29 and .44 mag a household word! I believe the first handgun that I actually owned and acquired on my own was a Second Generation Colt Peacemaker, 5 1/2-inch, in 45 Colt. I had moved out at 18 at the Government's expense ... The US Navy... It was bought in 1970 or so... Memory is bad as times goes by ... what I saying here .... OH,,, A Colt!!!

PS: I have been haunted by selling that gun for years and years, and just this year I replaced it with another Colt Peacemaker made in 1956! I still feel like I cheated on my original love, but I did what I could to do what was right!
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German Walther PPK, 1968.
ADMIT IT, you only bought the PPK because you were big Bond Fan like the rest of us!

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I guess technically it wasn't "mine". It used to be at auctions and farm sales that late in the day, they would offer miscellaneous boxes of small articles. Dad bought one - must have been something in there that interested him - for like a buck. But included was an old break top 5-shot revolver (H&R I think). No grips. It got tossed in a desk. Some time in high school I found this thing, carved some grips out of scrap walnut, and went looking for ammo. Sure enough, the hardware store came up with a dusty box of .32 S&W. No questions in those days; I bought it. This old belly gun was lucky to hit a pop can at 10 feet. Fired every time, though. Someone in the family still has it.
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Ruger single six convertible that I bought in Key West in 1962 when I was in the Navy. My son has it now and it is still as pretty as the day I bought it.

Still gets shot quite a bit.

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Glock 19. It was ok but after shooting a beretta 92 S&W M&P and acsig 226, sold the Glock never looked back.
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OK, wait a minute. Does the title of this post ask what the first handgun we ever fired, or what the first handgun we owned?

The first handgun I ever fired was, believe it or not, a .44 Auto Mag. If anyone doesn't know, the cartridge was made from a cut-off .308 case sized for a .44 cal bullet. Like a dummy, I did not have any hearing protection on and only shot one round. That was enough for me! Other than the temporary hearing loss, it was nice to shoot.

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The first handgun I ever bought was a Ruger Security Six, bought used in a pawn shop in 1981. I had taken a job in law enforcement and the agency required that I carry a revolver made either by Colt, SW, or Ruger in .357 magnum of .38 Special. I knew absolutely nothing about revolvers, having carried a 1911A1 in the Army. So, I bought the cheapest approved revolver I could find. I paid $175.00 for it and the counter guy threw in a box of match wadcutters. I took it to the range later and found out that it was a tack-driver. I could easily keep those wadcutters in a 2" group at 25 yards.

I traded that revolver later for a clean used no-dash Model 66, which I carried until I retired.
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Mine is a Smith and Wesson 12-2, that was given to me by my Grandfather. It will always be my favorite gun, and will one day pass it down to my daughter.
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First I bought was a Ruger P-85. Couldn't hit the broad-side of a barn - even if you were IN THE BARN. I'm glad it didn't turn me off of autos forever though, my Beretta 92FS I had later was awesome!

Wish I still had the S&W Model 19 6", but college funds dried up, so...

The only one of my early gun purchases I still have is my S&W 686 6" with Power Port. Never selling it, and now she's nestled in the safe with several other .357s to keep her company.
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Mine was a Springfield Armory P9c. It was a very well made CZ clone.

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Mike Irwin
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First handgun was a WW II era Polish Radom. $125 out the door. My Father had to buy it for me because I was underage at the time.

The first handgun I bought after hitting 21 was a Charter Arms Off Duty .38.
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