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There have been two almost unbelievable videos circulating recently.:

Everyone who frequents the internets has seen the brutal, sadistic home invasion nanny cam vid from NJ. This is proof positive if you had any doubt before that your loaded gun should be on your PERSON. I don't know if the animalistic thug quietly slipped in through an open door, quietly picked a lock, or if he kicked the door in, but regardless, the mom was totally unprepared. She should have been paying more attention (I bet she will NOW! ). A nice handgun loaded for THUG could have defused this situation, but not if it was in her bedroom.

The babbling psychopath in the Wal-Mart in OK who took a baby right from its mother's shopping cart is another horror altogether. Frankly, there is little you can do to combat something like this since you aren't supposed to have a gun in Wal-Mart and would get in very big trouble if caught. This is more a case of the system failing, as such a deranged individual probably already had an extensive rap sheet, and had no business being free, or probably alive. Speaking as a man, I would broken his neck right there in front of everyone (mercy would have been impossible), but the mother was not strong enough to attack him with much hope.
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Good, bad and the very ugly...

I wince when I hear or read about the old "it won't happen in this area" bit.
In the late 2000s, my county's sheriffs office had one of the largest firefights in their history.
A 911 hang up call for service turned into a extended gun battle with the sworn deputies & felons firing approx 300 rounds!
This was in a quiet, residential neighborhood too. The sheriff's detectives & the FDLE(Florida Dept of Law Enforcement) later discovered the property was a "stash house". The house was filled with guns, stolen property, $$$, & illegal drugs.
Alarm systems & security plans help too.

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Who says you aren't supposed to have a gun in WalMart & would get in trouble if caught? That's ... incorrect. Unless the individual store is posted (most aren't) and you live in one of the states where signage has the force of law (most don't), you're fine carrying there -- just as you are in any other grocery store or convenience market.

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My WalMarts, lots of my grocery stores and other businesses as well, allow concealed or open carry.

Sgt Lumpy
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She needs to train with a firearm and without a firearm to defend herself. She also needs the mindset to do what she must. Hardening the target is also equally as important as it is difficult to harm a person you can't get to in the first place. There is no impenetrable barrier but making a person take time to reach your loved ones is important as the police will have time to arrive and the wife will have time to react.

In my home there are a minimum of three doors a person would have to penetrate in order to get to the bedroom. Each door is hardened just a tad. Our plan is to retreat to the bedroom if we sense trouble and call for help. We both keep a handgun on our person or within arms reach at all times. There is a shotgun in the bedroom. All of the exterior doors have deadbolts, knob locks, and braces like the one in the link .

Those take a good while to break in I can tell you from personal experience (there was an issue where I heard screaming and dog barking from inside the house when I came home. She usually leaves the brace up if she gets home from work first so I had to break in through one of my doors only to find the dog and the fiance screaming and freaking out over a large bug lol.)

Basically by the time he is in the home she and the dog can be behind two other doors with 911 dialed and shotgun trained on the last barrier. If he breaches that well its time for buckshot I suppose.
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The time for buckshot in my house is when he breaches the First barrier. He wouldn't make it at his full body weight to the second.
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