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Old June 7, 2013, 11:34 AM   #1
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We can help our friends in Nevada!

This literally takes 10 seconds to do:

Gun Owners of America


Encourage the Nevada Governor to Veto Gun Control!

Gov. Sandoval is sticking his finger in the wind,
trying to decide whether to issue veto

You don’t even have to live in Nevada.

But you should know that Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval (R) is trying to decide whether he should sign or veto SB 221, a bill so extreme that the left-of-center United States Senate even voted down a version of it.

If he signs this Universal Background Check bill, it will have ramifications for you -- even if you don’t live in the Silver State.

So please call 775-684-5670 and press “2” -- to vote AGAINST the universal background check bill (SB 221). You don’t have to live in the state. You don’t even have to give your name or address -- the entire process is automated and it will take you less than 13 seconds.

There are many reasons why ALL gun owners from around the country should call.

For starters, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is generating his own calls into the Governor’s hotline, encouraging the Sandoval to sign the background (registration) bill.

Mayor “Big Gulp” has posted a video where he encourages people from around the country to cast their votes.

But YOUR VOTE could make the difference!

You may not live in Nevada. And so you may be thinking, “Why should I take action on an out-of-state bill?”

The reason is that what happens in Nevada wont’ stay in Nevada!

U.S. Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) has been on the fence in regard to universal background checks. He voted right on a key vote back in April, but we had to put a LOT of pressure on him in the state to get him to do so.

Every vote count that the Left made public had Sen. Heller as a possible pick up for their side. And that’s why we need to keep Nevada from adopting a universal background check bill. If the Republican Governor signs this bill, it becomes much more likely that this U.S. Senator from Nevada will vote to strap the rest of the country with gun control.

So please call the Governor’s hotline number -- no matter where you live!

ACTION. Call 775-684-5670 and press “2” -- to vote AGAINST the universal background check bill (SB 221). Again, you don’t have to live in the state. As noted above, you don’t even have to give your name or address -- the entire process is automated and it will take you less than 13 seconds. So no matter where you live, please make this call for the sake of freedom!

Also, please distribute this alert to EVERY PRO-GUN PERSON you know -- your family and friends, even your enemies -- as long as they are pro-gun! We need to flood this hotline with people pressing “2.”

BILL HIGHLIGHTS. There are a lot of problems with SB 221, but these are the key ones for Nevada residents:

* SB 221 would expand background checks -- and hence the framework for gun registration -- to most private gun sales. Even if you live hundreds of miles from a gun shop, if you want to transfer your gun to your next-door neighbor, you and he have to travel together to the gun shop (even if the buyer holds a concealed carry permit!).

* Under most circumstances, when you and your neighbor travel to the gun shop, he’s going to have to get a check with the FBI. Given that 8% of these checks result in “false denials” -- normally because his name is like someone else’s -- you’ll have to stick around the gun shop for three days. Most likely, your neighbor will effectively be denied the right to own a firearm.

* Even if you’re a purchaser with a CCW, the dealer has to make a 4473 on you -- and, increasingly, ATF is going around to gun shops and copying (a.k.a., registering) that information.

* If you go through the entire Brady Check procedure and it turns out the purchaser of your firearm -- unbeknownst to you (or the Brady System) -- is a marijuana user, you go to prison.

Bottom line: This is a horrible bill!
Please call 775-684-5670 and press “2.”
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Yes, did my part, and posted this on Texas Gun Talk.

NRA Member
TX CHL Instructor
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Old June 7, 2013, 12:13 PM   #3
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Done deal, easy peasy.
Good work.
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Old June 7, 2013, 01:20 PM   #4
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Im not thrilled that NV does not recognize my states concealed license.

Weak sauce Bro!
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Old June 7, 2013, 02:43 PM   #5
maestro pistolero
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How is that relevant to whether or not to vote in this poll? Why not get a Nevada license or some other state that it DOES recognize. Unfortunately, we all have to do the reciprocity dance, for now, at least. My three licenses get me 38 states w/ reciprocity.
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Old June 7, 2013, 03:40 PM   #6
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Just want to say thanks for all those calling in!
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Old June 7, 2013, 10:11 PM   #7
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Re: We can help our friends in Nevada!

Ten seconds out of my day to support people on the other side of the country. I'll take it.

Press 2 folks!

Wonder what the poll numbers look like...
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Old June 10, 2013, 08:41 PM   #8
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It worked. He has said the he will veto the legislation. Calls were 80% against the new law.
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Old June 10, 2013, 09:39 PM   #9
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I'm late to the party (seems he has said he will veto it) but I voted anyways. If we keep showing support even when we've "won" it might mean something
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Old June 10, 2013, 09:43 PM   #10
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Location: Los Angeles
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I got in there and voted.
I hope his machine shows that I am from Los Angeles.
About 75% of Las Vegas money comes from Los Angeles. We need some type of freedom around here somewhere.
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Old June 13, 2013, 07:09 PM   #11
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Sandoval has finally signed the veto!
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Old June 14, 2013, 02:16 AM   #12
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I tried, but....

I got a voice message then got cut off. So I will try again in the morning during normal business hours. At the very least I need to collect a list of "good" states to move to.....
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Old June 14, 2013, 02:34 PM   #13
Paul B.
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I read this morning that he had vetoed the bill.
I'm a bit peeved with Nevada as well as they voted to recognize Arizona's CCW license and the voted later to not recognize it because Arizona chages some of the rules required to get the CCW.
I took the course for mine when it was a two day course plus shoot a couple of targets. Now it's only a one day course and you still shoot two targets.
Makes me quite angry as I travel to Nevada to visit friends and pass through when I go to Utah to visit my kids from my first marriage. Seems like, IIRC that it was the Nevada Sheriff's Association that pushed that garbage through. They feel that we here in AZ are no longer properly trained to qualify for a CCW.
Paul B.
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Old June 15, 2013, 11:39 PM   #14
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Paul - you are not alone. I live in No. AZ. This decision was made over a weekend by a police association not elected officials, with no time allowed for compliance - putting many people in danger.

Nevada sadly is a state that is out of control. They are working hard to destroy their corporate base with over taxation and the CA liberals and immigrants that have taken over the place will bring CA gun control to NV.

Sadly I have to drive through there to work. I used to have accounts in Vegas but we have decided to simply avoid that hell hole.
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