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Untrue for property crimes, numbers are more than double from 1960-2010.
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I used to have some crime stats comparing 30-40 yrs ago with today.

But they were stolen.

Sgt Lumpy
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Are the days of the gun cabinet over?
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Are the days of the gun cabinet over?

I guess you could make a nice metal one with bullit proof glass. Might be a market for it ?
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I just got mine about 3 months ago.They are still made by the hundreds. They have also gotten very fancy.
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Are the days of the gun cabinet over?

Originally Posted by 4runnerman View Post
I just got mine about 3 months ago.They are still made by the hundreds. They have also gotten very fancy.
Post some pics. There's a few nice ones pictured here

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Garycw Mine is just your run of the mill 8 gun cabinet. I got it used from a guy in Pine River MN. 2 doors on bottom and glass front door. I wanted to make one (still might). But he only wanted $50.00 for it. Security is moot with me. A vary large ugly dog runs the house when we are gone. The bark alone will make you wonder what it is .
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While violent crime has gone down over the years, property crime has not. Plus you have to understand the statistics are just that, ie percentages. The percentages may be down but there are many more people in the country these days. I have a friend that used to live in Silsbee, Texas. He had some friends over one day and decided to show off his guns which were buried in closets and out of sight. The next day they were gone. He wonders which of his "friends" came back. It makes it hard to trust anyone these days.
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usually once removed... friends of friends... still sucks, no matter who takes them...

I have a buddy that is capable of making guns from scratch & built a very nice custom 45-70 revolver before he retired... now that he's retired, he started giving some of the guns he built ( that would have sentimental value ) to his kids. The 45-70 revolver went to his daughter... last summer ( they are seasonal campers ) someone broke into their house, they took all the guns, all the ammo, & their silver ( coin collection )

I'd been wanting a walk in gun safe since we inherited my FIL's collection... over the years, I've about double the amount of guns... since my buddy's daughter only lives a few miles from me, that was the straw that broke the camels back, & put me in motion... I now display all my guns by hanging them on the walls... of my solid wood paneled concrete & steel walk in "safe room" between the worry of the old farm house burning, & the threat of our country house being broken into, the safe room just needed to get built... now a 3" thick concrete & steel door protects our valuables from both theft & fire, & I can go back to displaying those guns I'd locked away all those years ago, again
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I grew up in a rural place people had gun cabinets, kids got a wooden gun rack for their bedroom when they got their first 22. and most pick up trucks had gun racks.

When I go back their now days it is poverty and meth. Gun collections get stolen and traded for a couple hundred dollars worth of meth.

Times change.
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Gent I shoot with at range we're members has a walk in vault in his reloading room of his home. He has quite a quantity of very nice rifles, shotguns and etc. Me, I converted an antique amoire clothing cabinet that's in an unused bedroom to hold my small collection of rifles, hoping it'd fool anyone who broke into my home.
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At the OP- As a kid my dad always kept our guns in a large gun cabinet at the end of the hall. Nice way to display the guns, somewhat of a status symbol IMO. I dont know of anyone who does that now. If your not concerned about fire rating then make one and use 3/8" lexan (bullet proof glass) for the glass with some bracing. Heavy wood or steel reinforced doors would be a nice touch. If you need some specialty locks, hinges, hardware check with I order industrial products from them all the time. If they dont have it, it probably doesnt exist. Prices are high on some stuff like lexan panels.
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Our perception of crime being up is driving us all to purchase safes which in turn does prevent more theft of firearms in the event of an actual break in.
And back then, if some cretin stole your guns, you would not be sued (or worse!) for not locking them up.
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I have a gun safe, don't enjoy opening it and showing my guns off. So am planning a gun cabinet that some guns will stand vertical in behind glass. What I am going to do is build the gun rack portion of steel and mount this to at least two wall studs. Then the butt sitting in a pocket and a lock bar that horizontally covers the barrels at the gun rack portion, they will be secure from inquisitive hands (grandkids). They won't be protected from fire, but will be able to be seen and appreciated more. Thinking I will rotate some guns into this rack to be appreciated more.
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Gun Cabinet was one of the approved "big projects" in High School Wood Shop.
I'm not sure which of those two things being familiar makes me more of a geezer...Gun Cabinet or High School Wood Shop.
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Are the days of the gun cabinet over?
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Provided you live in a decent area, keep your house relatively secure and don't hang around questionable people, I see nothing wrong with having a nice traditional wood cabinet for nice traditional wood guns. But I'd keep the AR's and tactical stuff someplace else.

Ironically, I just posted a thread here asking for help in finding a decent storage safe that is light enough to get upstairs to my duplex. I may have no choice but to go with one of these wooden type cabinets.

Oh well... at least it will look nice!

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Now this is a gun cabinet

Keeps things hidden in plain sight, a beautiful and functional piece of furniture full of secrets.
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Herr Walther
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A bit on the impossible side to enjoy viewing your rifles and handguns from the couch.
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Look, perhaps the day of the old wooden & glass gun cabinet is gone. But, you guys really have it all wrong - that is not a bad thing, it's a good thing. The reason why is obvious, but y'all are seriously overlooking it. Clue - it has nothing (much)to do with crime!

Back in the 1960's '70's and before that, you couldn't buy a what we today call a "gun safe". They simply didn't exist, or if they did, they were impossible to find. The first gun safe I remember seeing was in the 1980's, and the guy who owned it thought it was a really big deal having it. You couldn't simply Google "gun safe" and have literally hundreds of models to choose from that could be delivered to your house and set down right where you want it.

Today, gun safes are relatively inexpensive and you can get a pretty good one starting about $1,500. They look nice in their own right, and they are obviously much more effective than a gun cabinet. Plus, they are easy to stash inside of a closet!

Most folks simply can't rationalize buying a gun cabinet over a safe. The gun cabinet was simply displaced by the gun safe, as it is akin to the buggy whip.
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