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Just ducky
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9mm for small handed shooter

I purchased a Sig P250 9mm and the smaller grip to go with it thinking it would be an "thinner grip gun" but regular gun in all other ways. The grip is a little thinner but unfortunately is shorter as well so it is still somewhat difficult to grip. Another thing I don't care for with this gun is the slide is slightly loose which I don't notice with any of my other semi's including my 2 Sig 45's. In fact it won't fire both factory and reloads on a too regular basis (once every 20 shots). Is there an alternative out there for a good quality 9 mm semi that is a regular size gun but with a thinner grip? Thanks for your advice.
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Look at the Kahr series. Kahr makes both polymer and steel-framed pistols, mostly compact, all single-stack. Their steel, full-sized 9mm is the T9. It is fairly rare and would probably have to be ordered but is a full sized 4 inch barrel with 8+1 capacity. Not cheap at close to $700 retail but very nice. Kahr's polymer pistols are considerably cheaper and they make a full-sized polymer counterpart to the T9 and I forget the designation.

Also pricey and none too common but a Browning Hi power with aftermarket grips from Spegel, Hogue and others is a thin gripped double stack 13+1 single-action pistol which fits many smaller hands well.

I hear the Ruger SR9 has a very trim grip.

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Just ducky
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Join Date: April 10, 2013
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Price really isn't a consideration at this point...for the most part. My P250 needs the grip to be about a 1/2 in longer. I just want a good quality double action 9mm that fits my grip.
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Sig P225, P239, or Kahr.
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Old April 11, 2013, 02:11 AM   #5
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CZ 91159 CZ75 SP01 Target 9mm 18RD

CZ75 SP-01 SHADOW TGT 9MM 19+1

Price: $1,132.27

In stock - I just got this email yesterday.
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Old April 11, 2013, 06:00 AM   #6
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You owe it to yourself to investigate an HK P30. It has side and back panels which can be customized at your kitchen table with ease. I have not held a more comfortable grip. I have smallish hands as well. It is accurate, tough, reliable, et al. For very detailed descriptions of the various options, including trigger configurations, visit
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Look at the Kahr cm9, cw9 for a concealable pistols. The TP seies has the same frame grip size just a 4" barrel & full grip length version. CM and CW can be bought for un 400 dollars and TP is around 550 lgs priced.
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Old April 11, 2013, 07:08 AM   #9
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Kahr K9 or T9. Both are single stack 9mm, both have a longer grip and both shoot like a dream.
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The Springfield EMP 1911 is designed around the 9mm cartridge.
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Smith & Wesson Model 3913, if you can find one. Single stack magazine that will hold eight rounds. I use an inner tube grip slip on to enhance my grip in the weapon. The weapon is full sized, but slim enough for smaller hands.
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Old April 11, 2013, 12:29 PM   #12
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Just ducky, My wife's hands are six inches long - enough for her to have a comfortable grip on the CZ75 SP01 Shadow Target. I hope this is of some help to you.
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Sometimes, how a gun feels in the hand is not entirely indicative of how it will shoot.
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Old April 11, 2013, 12:52 PM   #14
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Sig 239 .....or a 1911 in 4" or 5" 9mm are both good choices.

The base pad on the mag on the 239 ...extends it just enough to be comfortable to shoot - for shooters even with bigger hands.
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Bill DeShivs
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Browning High Power.
Bill DeShivs, Master Cutler
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My girlfriend has pretty little hands. She didn't seem to mind the SIG P226 with or without the e2 grips. But she did say it was difficult to manage the levers.

She was, however..Good to go with the Glock 19 and 26.
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I carry a Kahr CM9 sometimes but would not recommend it to the OP because it has a short grip frame and has expressed a dislike for his Sig P250 for that reason. I would suggest looking at the Smith and Wesson M&P Compact. It has interchangeable backstraps for different sized hands. I have small hands and feel comfortable with mine using the smallest of the three backstraps. It has a proven track record and, even though it is a double stack, is small enough to conceal carry wearing most clothes. It is striker fired, similar to double action only.

Another poster mentioned the SW 3913 (no longer made). I have one of those, as well, and can heartily recommend it. It is one of the finest compact handguns ever made. The only reason I don't carry it is because it has a slide mounted safety (up for fire) and I am used to a frame mounted safety (down for fire).

I also carry 1911s quite a bit. I only recommend a 1911 for carry if you have some experience with handguns and are willing to do some testing and possibly small tweaks.
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The ParaUSA LDA Stealth model, the SIG Sauer SAS P239 DAK(double action Kellerman), the SIG-Sauer P225/P6(used but in top condition), the HK P7m8 9x19mm, the Kimber Solo 9mm, M&P Shield 9mm.

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Originally Posted by Just ducky
Price really isn't a consideration at this point...for the most part. My P250 needs the grip to be about a 1/2 in longer. I just want a good quality double action 9mm that fits my grip.
There isn't any reason to spend more than what you can buy an SR9 for. It is the thinnest double-stack 9mm on the market, and even as thin or thinner than a 1911. It's not a DA, but has a manual safety so that you can carry it safety on or off. The trigger action is a pre-cock system where the later stage of the trigger pull will complete the rearward travel of its striker, but it is shorter and crisper in comparison to a Glock albeit about 1# heavier. has several trigger reset bar options that will lighten the pull to fit your needs at $20 - $27. Since the SR9 breaks down into sub-assemblies, changing the reset bar is a piece of cake and even at the 3.5# level, they still have an option that's rated tactical or for LE use.

I have large hands with long fingers and generally prefer a polymer framed pistol in .45 ACP because of the larger/longer grip dimensions but I have no problem with the SR9 grip being long enough while it is very narrow compared to other double-stack 9mms and the mags hold a very comforting 17 rounds.
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Ben Dover
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My wife has small hands. The SIG P239 fits her well and she is frightingly accurate with it.
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Old April 12, 2013, 09:36 AM   #21
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I have small hands. The CZ75, full size or compact work well for me. I have the BHP as well, nice, but not as comfortable as cz.

My favorite 9mm is a 1911 with the thin grips. I have a Les Baer and a S&WPD. I take my Baer to steel plate shoots and often let women shoot it to see how it feels. Most of the guys hate me because the wife says she wants one just like it, and there goes 2k.

I have an STI commander on order, I will put thin grips on it as well.
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