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Newbi on deck

OK I am brand new to the process of reloading, and need a lot of help as a mistake could be very bad.

I would like to take a class on reloading, I live in the Atlanta area, does anyone know where I can attend such a class?

Any help you can offer would be appreciated

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IDK of any such - anywhere.

BUT - if you google "reloading for beginners", you will find links to manuals, books, videos, kits, & setups - not to mention separate fields like rifle and/or pistol & shotshell reloading.

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Reloading class

The local Sportsmans Warehouse (Loveland CO) offers a free class every couple weeks. If you have one in Atlanta you could give them a call.
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I'he seen some decent reloading video's. I think the one I liked the best was by RCBS.
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Do a search with the NRA.

Load with care,

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James K
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Are you going to buy your loading equipment locally? If so, the stores selling it will have reloading manuals, most of which have a section on basics for beginners, or manuals they can be ordered on-line from book sellers. Plus the equipment itself comes with instructions in its use.

I suggest not getting specific reloading advice on the "net". There is always the possibility of a typo, like leaving out a decimal point, resulting in a problem.

Jim K
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Misssissippi Dave
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You may need to drive a little bit to get there.

NRA Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading Course. Buford, GA 4/15/2013
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Echoing what James K said - read a good reloading manual (I have Hornady and Speer and can recommend both), or a book like ABCs of reloading, which will guide you through the steps and important safety procedures (eye protection, eye protection, eye protection). YouTube is full of stuff that actually shows you people working the equipment, which is excellent, but always go back to the book when it comes to safety and method.

Later, when you're more experienced, you can think about whether you want to try any fancy stuff or push the envelope - but remember, it's YOUR life (and eyesight, and fingers) in YOUR hands, and YOUR responsibility to stay safe.

If you can't take a formal class, you could try finding shooters who reload in your area and watch them at work. Even if they don't load for the exact same calibres you're intending to, being able to learn from someone who's reloading for the same basic type of firearm as yours can be a big help.
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I have also started reloading for the first time. I bought a Lee Turret press and read the Modern Reloading by Richard Lee. Interesting read. Viewed a lot of YouTube videos and then very cautiously loaded my first rounds and before I knew it, I had 50 made. It was a bit nerve racking to shoot the first round! All went well!
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If you don't mind the 2 hour drive to Greenville, SC, Mark Biliki of Aerotech firearms teaches 3 reloading classes. The first in the series is Basic Reloading and covers handguns. The second is Rifles and focuses on accuracy in handloading. The third can be taken any time and is shotgun reloading. Mark is HIGHLY trained by the NRA and has even taught classes to Wayne Lapierre and Charlton Heston. He's a great teacher and, again, is HIGHLY qualified. Send him an email from this link:
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Classes are good getting you started, but reference material is what you also need.

Get the Lyman 49th edition reloading handbook and the ABC"s of reloading there is none better. There are others out there that are very good put out by the bullet making company's.

Lyman is the oldest and the best source for learning how to reload.
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Start asking around. Friends, family, friends of family. You would be suprised at how many people have a coworker, husband or grandpa that reload. Chances are you can find equipment to get started with too.
You could also stop by and meet and greet all your local gun stores. If you buy eqiupment from them they will prob help you get set up. Hope this helps A
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Reloading Class

Check out this site:

I completed a 3 hour class over at Sandy Springs Shooting Range in early March. It was very helpful. The guy who owns The Brass Exchange can tell you where he will be holding his next class.

This board is an excellent resource. The people who contribute are more than happy to help with your questions. Read as much as you can. Check and cross check. Buy your first loading manual and read that. After you make your equipment purchase, practice loading dummy rounds and make sure they cycle (manual of course) inside your weapon.

Good luck.
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I completed a 3 hour class over at Sandy Springs Shooting Range in early March
NRA Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading Course. Buford, GA 4/15/2013
I'm going to guess the OP lives in Lawrenceville GA (zip code 30045) d/t his screen name. These would both be doable, tho Buford is probably easier to get to. Hopefully he's checking back.

Edit: Bullseye in downtown Larrytown lists reloading supplies on their website, might be worthwhile to give them a call too.
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Thank You Everyone

Great advise which I will follow, I hope one day I can return the favor
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Aside from taking a class and doing as much reading/watching video as you can, try to find a mentor. There are so many "Elder Statesmen" in the gunny world that would LOVE to impart what they know, provided you ask, and present yourself well. They are generally full of great stories, and can give a sense of Perspective on everything shooting that is largely absent in today's Instant Gratification World.
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Asking a knowledgeable friend will take a lot worry off your shoulders. I did not go to the range until my friend, who has hand loaded for years, took a look at my work.
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Reloading is not hard or even rocket science, but it does involve attention to details - if you are easily distracted, you will want to go SLOWLY until you gain a certain comfort level
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I learned everything to get started reloading on YouTube. Once I had the basics down, I came here
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I bought my first relaoding equipment by mail order in '65, first press and dies and scale, etc, I'd ever seen in the flesh. Made a bench, poorly, set up my press, screwed the dies in as described in Lyman's #45, lubed a few cases - over lubed actually - and began to load.

Yeah, it's somewhat intimidating at first but the whole process is really quite simple. I know guys with IQs equal to their waist size who reload quite safely, even me; I smell bad at times but I'm not dead yet! IF you have casual mechanical skills and can understand what you read you can do it too.

That said, IF you can find someone who loads and just watch them go through one round you will move faster and feel a lot better about it. Failing that, some of the Youtube stuff is good - but most of it is pee poor due to poor photography, poorly planned and totally unscripted, poorly described processes, lots of majoring on trivials, lousy execution of what is shown, etc. But it beats nothing ... IF you can filter out the crappy stuff done to satisfy the star's ego rather than to be really helpful. At worst you can turn off the sound and just watch as things go together and that will help make your book more understandable!
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Newbi on deck

Originally Posted by BusterValentine View Post
I learned everything to get started reloading on YouTube. Once I had the basics down, I came here
Same story here. Best advice I got was from TFL: read, read, read. Then when you're done with that, read some more Practice with any seasoned reloader whenever possible (especially if and when they're reloading your preferred caliber(s)).
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