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Reloaded Ammunition Storage

Now that I have my reloading presses setup and getting ready to load several hundred rounds this weekend of .38 Special and .45 Colt. How does everyone store there reloaded ammunition? Just looking to see what methods others are using for storage of ammo.

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plastic ammo boxes on a shelf.
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I mostly use plastic MTM ammo boxes; 50's and 100's, but mostly 100's. Also I have a 1-gallon paint can full of my favorite .45 Colt load (well, it's only 1/3 full right now) and a 1 pound peanut can full of .38 Specials.

GI ammo cans are probably the best way to store hundreds of bulk rounds. The plastic boxes I think are the best way to store 50 or 100.
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Look at the thread "usual colors for cartridge cases"

I don't know how to link to it
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serf 'rett
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Berrys plastic ammo boxes, reused factory boxes/trays, plastic cartons (from which I've eaten the baked beans or potato salad), Ziploc bags, coffee cans, Cool Whip containers, quart or pint plastic freezer containers... you should be getting the general idea by now.

ALL containers are labeled or have cards with load information
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Misssissippi Dave
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My ammo doesn't last very long to really need to worry about storage. For .357 Mag I normally put them into Zip-loc freezer bags and remove as much air as possible when closing them. They normally have 200 per bag. These go into a plastic dry box that looks like a 50 cal. ammo box. I write with a marker on the bag the power used and the amount along with the bullet type and weight. It makes it easier to identify what it is. You could also add a date and primer type as well. You can put a pretty good amount in one of those cans. They do get heavy too. Stored this way they should last a lot longer than I will. I also keep them in the house since it is climate controlled. When I get the box filled I move on to another caliber to load up next.

A lot of times I just reuse the original factory boxes and put a lable on them with the load information. I also have several tupperware boxes filled with ammo I loaded. Those also get a label or if it is a load I commonly make I write on it with a marker.

Basicly any method you can come up with to keep them sorted and labled will work if you only want to store them for a year. A climate controlled building storage and you can add a lot more time. Sealed container in a climate controlled building will allow you to store them for a very long time.

Remember to keep the load information with them no matter what method you use. Many new loaders will go through several different loads to find what works best for them. Knowing just how it is loaded might help you determine later if you want to shoot it or just pull it to change to the load you currently prefer.
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Most of the people I know use coffee cans and so do I. For large numbers of rounds I also use .50 caliber ammo cans.
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I like to hold onto my empty cerdboard boxes from factory loads. I also like the plastic 100 boxes.
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If you pick empty paperboard ammo boxes out of the trash barrel at the range, you can take them apart and the side seam and turn them inside-out and make nice plain gray (or tan) boxes. Just tape your own reload label to the top.
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I use the 100 rd MTM plastic boxes for rifle. Used to use the little ones for pistol but got tired of placing the rounds one by one so I switched to a 50 cal can for the little stuff I load in volume. (.45 and 9mm) Incidentally, a .50 cal can will hold about 1200 .45 rounds or 1700 9mm rounds. Gets pretty heavy though.
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I use the plastic 100 cartridges per box. The same cases go back into the same boxes to keep track of reload times. .45 Colt and .45ACP are in Red boxes, Green is .44Mag, Blue is .44Spec. .357 I don't care as it is a smaller box and don't shoot .38s. Just my system. Then store ammo in a cabinet that sits on the floor (ammo is heavy),
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I toss them in big jugs them cheese balls come in from Costco. I dont eat em, but my friends all got kids that eat them things like they're the most important thing on the planet. I also use ammo cans and just fill them up. All my loads are basically the same though, and when I run a caliber I usually load at least 1,000 of them just so I dont have to switch calibers as often. I dont really think there is a wrong way to do it. I've used factory boxes, plastic boxes, it just works out for me to bulk store them.
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I use the MTM and J&J products in the 50 rnd size then pack'em away in a .50 cal ammo can.
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There are always plenty of good factory ammo boxes in the trash at the range. I label them up good with my trusty Dymo label maker.
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How does everyone store there reloaded ammunition?

I haven't a clue how 'everyone' stores loaded ammo but mine goes into original factory or plastic boxes and sits on my ammo shelf.
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