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Sks Help Please

Hey guys well yesterday I found out my dad bought another gun without telling me . When he told me it was an sks I was both happy and displeased because we had talked about it for a while. Anyway I was displeased because I know the 922r compliant law is complicated and I know he is going to want to put tapco polymer mags on it. So my problem is will putting the tapco 10 round mags on the sks make it in violation of 922r or will it be fine and nothing to worry about? Thanks for any light you can shine on the situation.
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Depending on the SKS in question, a Curio & Relic qualified SKS, changing it from the configuration that it was imported, requires it to meet the 922r requirements. Chinese SKS's were imported with their bayonets detached and re-attaching the bayonet was a no-no. To add all the evil features like a folding stock, bayonet, pistol grip and so on does require 922r compliance.
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Have him try it with the fixed 10 round mag first. I really prefer that to the goofy add on magazines. Get a few stripper clips too, they are fun to load the fixed magazine with.
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Its a yugo sks and im pretty sure i've read and heard that they are C&R qualified so thanks for the info blfuller on 922r looks like I got some parts shopping to do. Murrays firing pin is #1 on the list.
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Since your just going to run 10 rnd mags, I would stick with the fixed magaine. Not real familiar with california law, but you might even be able to run a 20 round fixed magazine, if you can find one.

If your going to modify it, tapco does offer a 922 compliance kit that has everything you need without having to buy it piecemeal.
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Have him try it with the fixed 10 round mag first. I really prefer that to the goofy add on magazines. Get a few stripper clips too, they are fun to load the fixed magazine with
I agree, the factory mag is better.JMO
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Your location is California. Is that the "home" of this rifle? If it is, I'd keep it bone stock. You unfortunately have to deal with state law on top of 922(r).

Buy some stripper clips and do some practicing. I'd also buy some 7.62x39 snap caps and put those on the stripper clips so they're the top 2 rounds loaded. It takes some of the fear out of a sloppy reload when you're getting used to using the stripper clips. I'm a big fan of the Tapco 20 rounders, but in order to convert my Yugo, I also had to change the stock and I removed the grenade launcher, bayonet, etc. From what I understand of California law, that configuration wouldn't be legal.

Also, Murray's firing pins are nice, but not needed. Your Yugo, like most, probably went through several years of war with the plain old free floating FP just fine. I had issues with mine until I stopped using Wolf ammo. With Brown Bear or Golden Tiger, I stopped getting popped primers (and a bent firing pin once).
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Its easier and faster to load it with the factory mag and stripper clips then to fuss with those clumsey duckbill mags besides the fact that a 10rd tapco mag is going for $50 and you can buy good stripper clips for a buck. Join the sks survivors board they have lots of folks that know alot about the sks's but introduce yourself first
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Tapco 10 round mags shouldn't be an issue by themselves, at least not federally.

One thing that's confusing about 922r and the SKS magazines is after market US mags claim it counts as 3 compliance parts (Body, floor plate, and follower) but it's actually only replacing two (Body and follower). If the rifle lives in Cali then just leave it original and feed it with stripper clips. Actually that's sound advice regardless. The SKS is what it is and is a great rifle, but it's not an AK and trying to turn it into one with bolt-on parts is generally unsuccessful. If you modify it, don't do anything permanent and keep all the original parts.
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IMO most of the "tactical" sks mods are a detriment to the functionality of the weapon. The fixed 10 round magazine, a 210 round bandoleer with ammo on stripper clips is actually quite effective.

I have practiced with mine extensively and find it much easier to use the stock setup, I really dislike the duckbill detachable magazines.
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put on the tap-co interfusion stock and get as many 20 Mag's that you can.
i have them on mine and no i am not trying to turn it into a AK-47 or any of the like. the rifle to me is easier to use and with the collapsible stock it can be extended for a longer pull,
i enjoy it, i have also modified the bolt to except the magazine with the bolt closed ...(there is a video on that can help with that). i know there are alot of people out here and on that sks forum that say don't change the rifle. i did and i like it alot better ... do what you wish and keep all the old stuff it can always be put back to its original state. as far as the 922r issues google it. the 922r is easy to understand just look it up...simple
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