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please recommend a powder for 40 grain bullets in a 22-250

As the title asks, I am hoping for specific information regarding powder(s) suitable for shooting 40 grain vmax bullets out of my 22-250. Most of the powders I have read about seem to be more suited towards the 55 grain range. IMR 3031 has been recommended as a potential propellant. Also H414 IIRC and am also considering IMR 4064. Can someone point me in the most appropriate direction?
Thank you.
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I'd look in the Lyman 49th edition and go with their suggestions. And if memory serves, one of the staff guys on this forum shoots tiny bullets in his 220. His powder choice, if he'll offer it, might be a good one for you, though you'd have to use less powder.
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Old November 13, 2012, 07:02 PM   #3
Brian Pfleuger
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I use Win748 for 35gr Nosler bullets in 22-250 and I would highly recommend it for that purpose. I assume 40gr would be similar.

I get 4,435fps from a 24" barrel and it's at least 2 steps below max charge. 1/2 MOA accuracy at 100, or better, rarely shot for groups but regularly killing woodchucks at 300 or better.
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Colorado Redneck
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Varget is my favorite powder for 22-250. IMR4064 is second. But for 40 gr. Blitz Kings and Vmax it is Varget for me. Look up the load data on the IMR web page.
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What barrel length is it being propelled out of?
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Old November 13, 2012, 08:36 PM   #6
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It will be fired out of a 22" barrel. I have some w748 on hand and have had good results with it pushing these same 40 grain pills out of my 223. I also have some varget on hand but I have read multiple places that muzzle velocity suffered somewhat when using varget in a 22-250 versus other powders. I can't confirm or deny this because I don't have a chronograph.
Peetza the velocities you are seeing are very nice. I would be quite pleased to see 4000 with the 40 grain vmax. I will have to look into it.

I have a few different reloading manuals but it is cost prohibitive and time intensive to buy a pound of each powder to find out whether it works or not. Granted, eventually you have a nice selection of powder to choose from for other projects but I would prefer to narrow it down based on what other people have tried first.
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Colorado Redneck
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Barrel Length

26 inch fluted barrel. Savage 12. The gun is way better than me. Little bitty groups at less than max velocity. A hundred fps faster isn't important, but having a gun that can partially make up for my poor shooting is, so groups are the most important result in my world.
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Old November 13, 2012, 08:48 PM   #8
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That sounds like a nice rifle. I also have a ruger v/t model with the medium heavy barrel at 26" in length. It shoots very nicely but I hardly ever take it out. I love to call coyotes and the barrel length combined with the overall weight of that rifle make it cumbersome to haul around walking in and out of a hide.
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Old November 13, 2012, 11:35 PM   #9
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40 grains of H380 and a CCI 250 primer is what I used to load. Work up as usual.
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Old November 14, 2012, 12:18 AM   #10
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IMR4007SSC takes second.
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Old November 14, 2012, 09:07 PM   #11
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I have a 26 inch barrel on my Remington 700 .22-250 Varmint with a 1:14 twist.

I've tried several powders but so far my Remington seems to like Reloader 15 better than any of them, but that might be the result of the long barrel.
I am about to try Vhita Vuori N140 in the .22-250 because I have had incredible results with my .308 in recent testing.

For 40 grain bullets, I've gotten the best good accuracy loading up into the 3800 fps area when I chronographed them. Best loads average between .3 to .4 at 100 yards as long as the wind isn't too strong.
Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets seem to work the best and they act like a grenade when they hit a varmint.
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The Hornady book specifically mentions the 40 Vmax, and Varget as their favoite combination.
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Old November 16, 2012, 01:55 PM   #13
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Just to be contrary, I got one hole groups with Nosler 40's over 36.5 grains of TAC. Chrono was not working that day, but I'm sure they're pretty quick.
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Old November 17, 2012, 10:21 AM   #14
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4100 FPS with Varget and 40grn Barnes Varminator out of 24 inch barreled Tikka. 1/4 MOA. Makes a mess out of a small varmit or a 1/2 litre water bottle at 600 yds.
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Have used Varget with excellent results. Got my loads off the information in with the Lee Die.
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