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Need Help Choosing a New .30-06.

So far I've narrowed it down to four rifles. The rifles are the Weatherby Vanguard S2 Stainless Steel, Ruger M77 All Weather, Savage 116 FHSS, and Remington 700 SPS Stainless. I think I'm most likely to go with the Savage or the Weatherby. Accuracy is my biggest concern. Any help would be appreciated.
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I like the Rugers. Only one of those with a Mauser action. Second choice would be the weatherby.
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None of my rifles are stainless, but I own a ruger m77 ( older model with tang safety ) and a remington 700. Both are great guns, but you can't beat the legendary 700. They still make it for a reason.
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I've had the Ruger and the Remington.

The Remington is hard to beat.
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I would choose the Weatherby. I've had one and my dad has one, and we have been pleased with the accuracy. They are not light, but that's OK with me - everything about he rifle is just solid.

They also have a 3-position safety now, which I like. The triggers on the S2 are good too.

I'm a fan of Ruger rifles as well (for many of the same reasons - they're just solid guns). But if I had to buy one rifle today in this general price range it would be the Weatherby.

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I've had a Ruger, Remington's, and a Vanguard S2. The Ruger was accurate, the Remington's were a bit more accurate but not much, and the S2 is a tac driver. I was so impressed that I told a friend who was in the market for a new rifle. He purchased one in 270WSM and it too is a tac driver. I can't say enough about how accurate our S2 are. Mine is chamber for .243 Winchester and if I'm not shooting 1/2" groups at 100 yards, I know the gun can do better because it has. His rifle has shot multiple 1/2" groups using both factory rounds and reloads.
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In that price range I would go with the Weatherby.
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I have been buying mostly Savages lately. For the price I think they are as good as you can do when buying new, but I buy only used gun and prefer Savages because it is so easy to rebarrel and I like to play with wildcats. To tell the truth, you should do good with any of those you named, but I still vote Savage.
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Old January 22, 2014, 07:51 PM   #9
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Weatherby would be my first choice due to the sub MOA accuracy guarantee. Ruger would be my second choice. Durable, fairly accurate, good bang for your buck. I own a Ruger MKII in .270 and it's a great gun, but the sub MOA guarantee from Weatherby is hard to beat, and both rifles are priced similarly, if I am not mistake.

It's also worth mentioning that the Weatherby Vanguard 2 is made in Japan and Rugers are made in the US, if that stuff matters to you. It's probably how Weatherby gets away making a sub MOA gun for about the same price as the Ruger, which are also capable of shooting sub MOA, but it's less likely to do so with factory ammo. Ruger has no accuracy guarantee, other than if the rifle can't shoot for spit, they'll take it back and look at it.
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Old January 22, 2014, 08:43 PM   #10
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Ruger would be my second choice. Durable, fairly accurate,
Exact reason why it is not a action that even enters the conversation of a precision rifle build.
Remington and Savage have the most after market support for their platforms and both are absolutely proven designs.This is particularly true with their off shelf rifles. I would not settle for anything less very good accuracy that can be built upon if desired.
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I have a Weatherby and it is very accurate and dependable. As someone said earlier, it is heavier than some of the other rifles but that helps with recoil and steady holding.
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My first choice of those named would be the Weatherby Vanguard S2. Remington 700 would be my second choice.
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Old January 22, 2014, 09:59 PM   #13
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My Weatherby 30-06 is almost 30 years old and still accurate. I am a fan, but they probably want people who buy a rifle more than once every 30 years.
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Weatherby is probably going to be the most accurate.

Remington is probably next

R77 is a good hunting rifle but I don't know its a tac driver.

CZ has a good reputation for being accurate so throw another one in the mix.

Sadly no one makes a heavy barrel 30-06 that is intended for accurate target use.
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Old January 26, 2014, 06:47 PM   #15
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Sorry, I'm, too hung up on the Pre-'64 Winchesters. (How about one in 90% plus condition?)
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Weatherby is accurate

The Remington and the M77 Ruger may be. I'd say the best rifle going has to be the savage. The savage is a design that a home builder could fiddle with all day long and never get tired.
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