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Reloading times

How long do your typical reloading sessions last?
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chris in va
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Depends how many boolits I have, or whatever powder is left. Sometimes 2, 3 movies worth or a couple football games.
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Chris, I like your time measurements.......I'll bring a reloading small bench into the living room, especially if there is a soccer game from Europe on,, that is a two hour time frame
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I should drag s tv into my reloading room, otherwise I get bored.
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I break mine down into sections. I load 100 to 300 at a time. One night i will size and trim,chamfer, Next night I prime,Next night i powder and load. Depending on how many I am doing,somewhere between 1 to maybe 3 hrs.
I am doing something with the loading aspect 7 days a week,but only for a hour or 2 or3 a day. This morning i was downstairs at 5 AM ( work at 8 ). I got 100 22-250's and 200-223's primed and ready to load.
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David Bachelder
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I'll spend a say casting, sizing and lubing. The bulets dry overnight, or longer, and I spend the time reloading. I guess I spread it out to a little every week or so.

I do keep a reasonable ammo inventory so there is always something to do.
David Bachelder
Trinity, Texas
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retired so I spend a couple of hours each day minimum doing something. Pistol ammo is done in batches as I feel like it. I may do a 2 hour session or just 30 minutes here and an hour there doing small tasks. I have enough pistol and .223 loaded to do several range sessions. LR rifle I tend to load as I need, but I am always tweaking the performance of one or the other
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serf 'rett
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15 minutes to 15 hours.

The 15 minutes is to prime a 100 cases. The 15 hours is when I crank up the wet tumbler for a day - actual "working time" is about 10 minutes to load/unload the tumbler every 1.5 to 2 hours.

With batch loading, I tumble, sort by headstamp, size, expand, count, ZipLock and store. With all the prep work done before loading day, it's fairly easy to load about 100 rounds in the first hour on single stage, even less time for the next 200 to 600.
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Magnum Wheel Man
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1st off... never a TV on in my loading room, when I'm actually reloading... maybe during some meanial case prepping session, but actual reloading gets 100% of my attention... stereo is the only thing on during reloading...

I typically load 100-150 rounds at a time ( on a single stage press )
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It depends, but usually I load up 100-200 at a time on the progressive and maybe 50 at a time on the single stage.

I'd much rather do this every night or every other night than sit down and try to load up some massive quantity in one sitting - even though I love reloading, it can be very monotonous and I don't want to get bored, complacent or otherwise in a place where I'm not paying maximum attention. That's when bad things happen.

My last run was a bunch of 5.56 and it lasted over 2 weeks. 100 rounds here, 200 rounds there every other day or so and I put together a few thousand rounds in 30 minute to 45 minute sessions. A side bonus is that because the sessions were fairly short, I didn't get yelled at by the wife for neglecting family time.

With single stage, I typically do one type of prep at a time. First night will be cleaning and prepping primer pockets. 2nd night will be neck turning, next night will be sizing, then priming and loading.

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I spent a little over 45 mins last night reloading 10mm on my LNL AP. I made 250 180 Nosler JHP with 9.4g's of Blue Dot, WLP primers and Starline brass.

Took my time and had to reload the primer feed tube 3 times.

I also spent some time on the Lee Classic Turret making about 75 .223 loads. Not sure how long it took tho.
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"How long do your typical reloading sessions last?"

From 15 minutes to 12 hours, depending on the goal.

Hope that helps resolve the question, whatever the ...?
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I get tired of sitting...after an hour or so ....

....but I'm using progressive, auto indexing, presses for handgun ammo and its really easy to get about 800 rds an hour off of any of my presses.

I shoot about 500 handgun rounds a week...and about 200 shotshells a keeping an inventory with only an hour here or not that big a deal. No little kids living in my house anymore my presses are permanently setup and ready to roll, in my shop.

I was bored this am before I came to the office I loaded about 250 rds of .357 mag on my press in 15 or 20 min...listening to the radio..../ case gagued everything and boxed it up ( I shot 5 boxes on Sat / so just replenishing the inventory). I usually keep 10 - 50 boxes, per caliber, in inventory ...

I have about 40 boxes of .357 mag in inventory ....and I noticed this AM, I'm down to about 12 boxes of I'll get the press cleaned up and lubed, and converted to 9mm this week, and run 40 or 50 boxes of 9mm in 3 or 4 hours this week.../ so I don't need to spend half a day reloading...just an hour or so here and there...
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Usualy 2-4 hrs. , and I'd rather watch corn grow , than watch European (or any other soccer for that matter) .
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Watching paint dry better than soccer....
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