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357, small pistol mag or just small pistol primers?

do i just have to use magnum primers for 357? can i use small pistol primers? i am using 13.4 gr of 2400 for 357 with a 158 gr SWC cast bullet.
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The short answer is, you can use either one.

Regular small primers usually work better, except with a few hard to ignite powders (like H110, 296, HS-6) or in extremely cold weather. That's when you should use magnum primers.

H110 and 296 require a hot primer. HS-6 is marginally OK with a regular primer.

If the only thing you can find is magnum primers, use them in everything and be glad to have 'em.
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With 2400 stick with regular primers if possible. Primer selection is generally powder dependent. As said above H110 needs a magnum primer. So does IMR 4227.

To complicate things, some powders really don't care what primer you use ... like Unique or Green Dot. A chronograph is helpful here. I've found sometimes while either work, one will cause the ES to be better, or a bit more accurate. Other times I found were using a Magnum primer increases velocity over 100fps.... Wooh, Can you say more pressure? So depends.... but in general the powder you use dictates what primer (regular or magnum) you use.
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Clifford L. Hughes
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I see no reason to use magnum primers for most powders. Maybe H110 might need them. I would try both standard and magnum to find out. Using a standard pirmer with 24j00 or H110 is not dangerous.

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I have found no need for mag primers with 2400, and I have been loading with it for 25 years.
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When you find a recipe in your manual, which primer does it say to use? That's what I'd use.
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Remington suggests you NOT use their small pistol primers in 357 Magnum. So if you are considering Remington get their 5 1/2 Magnum primer.
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i mis-typed earlier, it's actually 13.1 gr of 2400. the lyman manual says to use small magnum primers. i was just curious, i kinda figured it would be just fine with either. but it sounds like most are getting good results with regular small pistol primers. good to know. thanks guys
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I load 13.5 of 2400 with a CCI 500 primer and a Saeco 158 grain plainbase swc. No problem; I use CCI 550s with H110/WW296 tho.
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Most of my manuals recommend standard SPP's with 2400 in the .357 unless, as zxcvbob pointed out, they are for extreme cold weather. A firm roll crimp is just as important as the primer for good ignition.

I read recently where Remington 5-1/2 (magnum) have the same power as their 1-1/2 primer, it's just the 5-1/2 uses a thicker cup to prevent primer flow in magnum loads.
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Simplicity made me give up regular primers for magnum primers across the board. Hasn't changed performance of any pet loads in handgun or rifle. Cost a little more but worth it to me.

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small pistol w 2400 always
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I just had a man unload 900 rds of 357 for me. They had standard small pistol primers they would not ignite consistently H-108 powder. This is a canister powder. AA#9. These were loaded years ago and put away when I had a problem..

I will load them again with a different powder so that I don't lose the primers.

So not all powder will work with SPP.
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357 Magnum-As said above.

Remington tell us to use there 5 1/2 in the 357 magnum. Not the 1 1/2.

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Once upon a time, I just used Federal small rifle primers for everything that didn't need a large primer.
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Try Remington Small Rifle Match

I was going crazy trying small pistol and mag primers with no real consistency. Then I tried Remington Small Rifle 7 1/2 primers and they were the best ones.
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