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Executive Solution
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Basic through advanced weapons and tactics in South Florida.

Weekly classes.
"There is no problem so great, that a well placed .308 will not cure"
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Defensive Shooting Training

Precision Defensive Shooting School will be having a BAILOUT discount on their Level I course in July. $30.00 OFF regular price $225.00 = $195.00
Check out their web at for what the course covers.There is a short video also. Excellant training for the real world.This is not target practice shooting. Classes are good for your CCW.
Location: Colorado Springs,Co
1-719-659-9858 = Ed
1-719-391-1543 = Al
Other courses are available.
Lev II is a faster pace with Force on Force with (Airsoft) Gets the Adrin and the ticker pumping.
Tactical Carbine Lev I and Lev II
Military training tactics.Patroling,Ambushing,Raids and First Aid comming this summer. THIS IS NOT TRAINING FOR TERRORISM. We are working for approvel from the Sheriffs Dept
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DCJS Instructor
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Basic tactical pistol course


July 25, 2009

Prerequisite: None
Class Size: 15 Students Max
Instructors: Tom Perroni & CCJA Staff Instructors

This course is designed to develop safe firearm handling skills. The student will learn the basic fundamentals of shooting and how to safely draw their weapon out of the holster. The student will also develop a solid foundation of shooting skills. The student will quickly gain experience, confidence and increase their skill level with their handgun. The following topics will be discussed during the course:

• Safety (4 Rules)
• Draw (5 Steps)
• Fundamentals of shooting (Grip, Stance, Sight’s, Trigger Control)
• Malfunctions (Tap, Rack, Fight)
• (1) handed shooting & reloading
• CQB / close in fighting with a handgun
• Low Light Shooting
• "FATS" Shoot / No Shoot simulation (Time Permitting)
• Virginia Concealed Handgun & Firearms Law
• Golden Rules of Deadly Force in Self Defense (Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy and Preclusion.)

Ammunition Requirements: 300 rounds (minimum) of ammunition.
we will be selling ammunition at this course. Call for prices.

Gear List: Pistol, hip holster, three magazines, magazine holders, sturdy belt, wraparound eye protection, ear protection, Baseball type cap and a flashlight. (Surefire Type)

we welcome revolvers in class with (2) speed loaders at a minimum.

Course Cost:
$150.00 tuition fee, which includes 8- 10 hours instruction, and a certificate of completion. And the CCJA Basic Pistol Course Book.

The Classroom portion of the class will be held @ 1380 Central Park Blvd Suite 208 Fredericksburg, Va. 22401. 9:00am. For more information or to register for this course contact Tom Perroni: (540) 322-3000 or (540) 846-7088

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Rob Pincus
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Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Development, October in Minneapolis

We are going to run a 4 day CFSID course in Rice County, Minnesota this October 12-15th.

The course description and registration info can be found at: I.C.E. Website.

Also, I just posted a BLOG about the switch from the 3 day program to a 4 day offering that includes information about last weeks CFSID Course in VA:

Down Range Blog
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9 Micky Mouse
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Ken Hackathorn, will be in Atlanta, Oct 29, 30 and Oct 31, Nov 1st
work 770-487-1010
moblie 678-333-8560
fax 678-669-2059
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ustc instructor
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Up Coming Armorer Courses

Upcoming Armorer courses listed at this URL.
If you have any questions on the training pm me and I will be more than happy to answer any and all questions.
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ShivWorks PUC/ECQC1&2,Dec.4-6, Texas

ShivWorks will be offering their PUC and ECQC 1&2 class on December 4-6 at a private range near Bastrop, TX.

Friday evening the PUC (practical unarmed combat) class will be held from 6-10 PM.
Saturday & Sunday the ECQC 1 & 2 class from 9 til about 5 PM.

There are class outlines, training requirements, & gear requirements in the training section on the ShivWorks site. You may take the PUC class as a stand alone class. The PUC class is part of the ECQC 1&2, so you must take PUC if you sign up for ECQC 1&2.
The PUC class is $100 and the ECQC class is $400. If you sign up for both, it's $450. You can secure your slot by mailing in a 50% deposit. Contact me for the address

SouthNarc will be teaching these flagship classes, so don't miss a chance to train with this outstanding instructor. The concepts taught & practiced in these classes are very practical and directly applicable to CHL holders as well as law enforcement personnel.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask away, PM, or e-mail at glockfan AT comcastDOTnet



PUC class.

The ShivWorks Practical Unarmed Combat core concepts module is a 4
hour fundamental block of instruction that introduces the student to the
parameters and context of criminal assault. The student will learn how criminals
actually assault citizens in the real world and will initially focus on strategies and
tactics for challenging and preempting the potential assailant. The instruction will
then shift to immediate action procedures for spontaneous assault and how to
regain initiative with non-stylized basic tools.

ECQC 1-2 class.
The ShivWorks Extreme Close Quarter Concepts I & II (ECQC 1&2) course is a
20 hour block of instruction which focuses on a multi-disciplinary approach to
building functional, combative handgun skills at zero to five feet. The course is
designed to instill core concepts of seamless integration and provide the platform
for aggressive problem solving during a life or death struggle. A heavy emphasis
is placed upon commonality of body mechanics between skill sub-sets, which
means that all combative software is reinforcing. Once the student’s skill sets are
initially ingrained, the participant will be stress inoculated with force on force drills
utilizing man-marking cartridges and protective equipment.
The class size is limited to ensure a quality learning experience.
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Link to several good classes, with more to come, in the Wilmore/lexington Ky area.
Corey Estill My youtube videos
USPSA: A-57351 IDPA: A26629
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DCJS Instructor
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Handgun 1 Course 12/27/09


This course is designed to develop safe weapon handling skills. The student will learn the basic fundamentals of shooting and how to safely draw their handgun out of the holster.

Prerequisites: None (OPEN ENROLLMENT)

Cost: $150.00


• Safety 4 Firearms Safety Rules
• 7 Fundamentals of Marksmanship Focusing on Front Sight & Trigger Control
• Malfunctions Type I, Type II, Type III
• Draw (5 steps)

Ammunition Requirements: 300 rounds

Gear: Pistol, holster, three magazines, magazine holders, belt, wraparound eye protection, ear protection, Baseball Cap, weapons cleaning kit, clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

For more info or to register for this course contact:

Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy
(540) 322-3000 Office
(540) 846-7088 Cell
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NJCSD Right To Carry Road Show/Jersey City,NJ

The NJCSD is proud to announce the next Right To Carry Road Show will be held to celebrate the Grand Opening of NJ Firearms Academy's new training facility and storefront!

Saturday, January 2nd
174 Danforth Avenue
Jersey City
Starting at Noon (12PM)


Located right next to Caso's Gun-A-Rama, the NJFA grand opening will be a day filled with food, libations, and lots of special promotions. There will be a book signing by Caitlyn Kelly to autograph her work 'Blown Away - American Women and Guns', among other exciting things going on. A number of celebrities and activists are invited and we hope they'll attend. It's sure to be a good time for all, so stop down, say hello, and get your FL permit!

For those of you who do not already have NRA Basic Pistol or know someone who still does not have a training certificate, NJFA is offering a special promotional price of $200 for the NRA Basic Pistol and BOTH the RTCRS FL CCW and UTAH permit processing! (link below)

Even if you do not already have a training certificate but want to apply for your CCW, you may attend the RTCRS and still have 30 days to you earn your certificate and postmark the envelope to Florida.
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Ohio Shooting Sports
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FIGHT! Home Defense

February 20, 2010

The question is are you willing to bet your life and your family’s lives on what you THINK you know about protecting your home? For more info go to:

Home invasions are on the rise in the United States. Truth of the matter is that over two million homes are broken into EVERY YEAR! The reality of it is that in a ten year period you have a one-in-five chance of your home being invaded. In a twenty year period, you pretty much have a 50/50 chance of your home being broken into. Statistically speaking the most dangerous place for you to be is in your home!

OSS feels that it is extremely important for people to learn how to properly setup their home and how to protect those you love.

We will provide you guidelines for developing a home invasion plan as well as how to enhance your current plan. As with anything else, Home Defense BEGINS AND ENDS WITH MINDSET!

Most people have a false sense of security when it comes to personal safety and home safety. One reason that a lot of people don’t have a home invasion plan because they don’t think that “it will happen to them”. If you don't have a plan or execute that plan ON A REGULAR BASIS WITH THOSE YOU LOVE, then HOW do you expect to execute that plan when your lives may be in danger?

Now, whether or not guns are present in your home doesn’t mean there are not other tools available in the home to defend yourself with. Most of the information is valid whether or not you have a gun or guns in your residence. One of the most important things you can learn how to deter burglars from choosing your home.

Our Home Defense Course is designed to deal with three situations that you are likely to encounter.
1. The first one is that you are awakened in the middle of the night due to some sort of odd noise.
2. Secondly, you come home and find your home broken into.
3. Lastly, you enter your home unaware there is an intruder.

Home Defense Course Curriculum:

• Four layers of home defense.
• Discuss the three types of burglars.
• Communication: with loved ones and intruders
• Light intimidation (including the use of handheld tactical lights)
• Setting up your home for tactical advantages (including furniture, mirrors, etc.)
• Items needed in a safe room and how to position your loved ones in the safe room to reduce the likelihood of them being in the line of fire.
• How to effectively search your home with a handgun, shotgun, or carbine.
• What you need to take with you when searching your home.
• How to move quietly throughout your dwelling.
• The role of the “significant” other in a home defense plan.
• Audio and visual target indicators
• Gun retention techniques for handgun, shotgun, and carbine.
• And much more…The Group Home Defense Course is an 8 hour course.

The question is are you willing to bet your life and your family’s lives on what you THINK you know about protecting your home? Even if you learn just a couple of things that you didn’t know, it was well worth the price of the course which is a mere $110.00.
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Ohio Shooting Sports
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FIGHT! Defensive Knife

March 9, 2010

A large number of people carry knives on a daily basis. This course is designed to learn the basics of how to use your knife in a life threatening situation. Since knives are legal most everywhere this course is a must for those who carry a knife on a daily basis.

Fighting someone who has a knife is a very dangerous thing to do. Your opponent does not have to be skilled with a knife in order to inflict serious injury upon you. Contrary to popular belief, you are more likely to die from a cut or a stab than from being shot. Many people believe that if you cut or stab someone “in the right spot” they will die instantly. Truth of the matter is that they may have up to 90 seconds to injure or kill you although their wound may be fatal. Are you willing to bet your life on what you think you know about how to use a knife in a fight? This course is a must for anyone who carries a knife for self-defense purposes.

We will cover stance, cutting patterns, blocks and deflections including empty hand defense. You will have the opportunity to spar with others in order to practice your skills.

This course is a one day course and costs $125 Course length is 8 hrs.

Course Curriculum.
• Mindset
• Discussion regarding the elements of the fight.
• Understanding the limitations of the knife in a fight.
• Understanding how most life threatening situations really take place.
• How to properly deploy your tool into the fight.
• Fighting postures
• Proper grips
• Targeting
• Distancing
• Timing
• Angling
• How to deal with multiple attackers with knives or guns.
• And much more…
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Ohio Shooting Sports
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FIGHT! Unarmed Combatives - April 10, 2010 -

Most people cannot carry a gun legally everywhere they go. Therefore, it is important that you know how to defend yourself unarmed because odds are you may very well find yourself without a firearm when you are confronted by one or more assailants.

Fights almost never take place how most people think they do. That is, a fight is never fair and you will probably find yourself reacting to the situation very quickly as opposed to being able to think things through. Unlike most martial arts systems which rely on speed, power, and stamina, we will teach you how to defend yourself using natural body dynamics using the least amount of effort possible with maximum results.

As we get older our bodies do not move the same, and quite honestly some of us get out of shape. So, what are our options for defending ourselves? Well, that is exactly what this course is about. Participants are not required to be “physically fit” although it is an advantage.

In addition, a fight is not a toe-to-toe event. It is unlikely that you will be able to pull off some fancy technique that you may have learned in some martial arts system. Ideally you want to end the fight as quickly as possible. Our unarmed combatives course is designed to accomplish that goal. However, it is important that you have good fundamental skills to build upon.

We will teach you body dynamics that you can potentially knock someone back several feet and end the fight literally with one blow! In other words, all of the “flashy” things you may have learned in a martial arts system probably doesn’t work in the real deal. If you don’t have any martial arts background… GREAT! We will train you from the ground up - literally.

Course Curriculum.
• Mindset
• Understanding the elements of a fight
• Rituals of attack
• How fights really take place.
• Fighting postures
• Distancing (close, medium, and long)
• Timing (relative to distancing)
• Angling (Directions of movement)
• Punching and kicking effectively. No fancy kicks here!
• Elbow strikes
• Balance points and how to break someone’s balance
• Falling to the ground safely and getting back up.
• And much more…
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Pistol Class

Frederick, MD

Basic Pistol Class and Marksmanship training. All pistols (8 types, 4 calibers) Ammo, meals, etc provided (or you cna bring your own.) Includes a video of your shooting. 3 Hrs of classroom, 1 day (8 hours) of shooting time at the range. NRA Basic Pistol Class and the start of the Pistol Marksmanship program. Two shooting days to choose from- Jan 9 or Jan 10. Outdoor range with a Heated Shooting House.

Contact for details.
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Aim Fast Hit Fast with Todd Louis Green at the OKC gun club May 1-2

I'll be hosting Todd Louis Green at the OKC gun club on May 1-2,2010.
The class will be Aim Fast Hit Fast.
You can contact me at my Email, .
This is going to one fun class!!

Class Announcement
Dates: 1-2 May 2010
Cost: $375
Non-refundable deposit of
$200 due by 1-Apr-10
Instructor: Todd Louis Green
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Range: Oklahoma City Gun Club
Range fee: $25 for non club members

Class size: maximum 12

Class Description: Aim Fast, Hit Fast is intended to pick up where most marksmanship
training ends. All shooting involves a balance between accuracy and speed. Off the
practice range, a shooter does not get to choose how much time he will get to break a shot
… shooting becomes reactive and speed is determined by the situation rather than comfort
or habit. The goal of this class is twofold. First, to understand the critical balance
between accuracy and speed for each individual shooter. Second, to improve each
shooter’s ability to deliver accurate, rapid fire in shorter timeframes to maximize his
effectiveness shooting a pistol under stress. Skills to be covered include marksmanship,
presentation from the holster, reloads, multiple targets, and shooting on the move.
Prerequisites: This is a fast-paced class suited to shooters who have already achieved
proficiency with a handgun. At a minimum, prospective students should be capable of
performing the following drill(s) on demand:

• Fire and hit a 3×5 card at 5 yards on demand (both double and single action as
• Draw, fire 1 round, reload, fire 2 rounds (3 hits on 8” circle) at 7 yards in eight seconds

Individuals who cannot meet these requirements at the beginning of class will not be able to
keep up with the fast and demanding pace of instruction.
Equipment Needed:
• Reliable semiauto handgun
• Duty, range, or concealment holster with suitable gunbelt
• Enough magazines, pouches, etc., to carry a minimum of 50 rounds to the firing line
• Minimum 1,000 rounds of ammunition (1,200+ recommended; bring more, shoot more)
• Wrap-around eye protection; ear protection; brimmed hat
Instructor: Todd Louis Green has worked in the firearms industry since 1998, including
instructing for the NRA Range, Beretta, and SIG-Sauer. He has over 1,000 hours of firearms
and combatives training from such prestigious trainers as Ken Hackathorn, Ernest Langdon,
Larry Vickers, SIG Academy, and Blackwater. A 3-time “Advanced” rated shooter at Rogers
Shooting School, Todd is also a graduate of the NRA Tactical Pistol Instructor Development
program and a 3 division Master-ranked IDPA competitor. Todd is a certified SIGARMS,
Beretta, and Glock armorer; certified Simunition force-on-force instructor; and certified
Emergency First Responder. He is also a long time member of IALEFI, IDPA, and USPSA.
Please contact Spencer Keepers (
with any questions or to reserve your spot for this course.
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CO/WY - Tactical Pistol Class May 22/23 2010

Upfront disclaimer, I don't work for CSAT, nor is CSAT teaching this class. I simply passed their tactical pistol instructors course in October, so I'm offering this as a CSAT certified instructor.

There was a thread kicking around on pistol courses over on AR15 a few days ago and I chimed in. There were some posts and PMs expressing interest in me teaching the course that I learned at CSAT in October. I'm thinking probably in either the Mar-May time frame. This will be held in the north Denver area, approximately 160th and I-25.

Some of this is to test out new equipment (video) and a couple of other things, so the cost will be minimal, (under 100.00, mostly to cover targets, materials, etc). You'll have to have modern, functional equipment and a fair amount of ammo (700 - 1000 rds). An important part is that unlike previous range sessions, this will have to be 2 consecutive weekend days, so if you can't commit to that, please don't speak up.

Approximate gear list will be:

- Pistol with 3 magazines (5 or more suggested)
- Belt with holster and magazine pouches (quality Kydex such as CompTac, Raven Concealment, Bladetech suggested)
- Weapon cleaning kit (cleaning rod, bore brushes, patches, rags, cleaning & lubricating oil, toothbrush)
- Hat, Rain or inclement weather gear
- Wraparound Eye and ELECTRONIC Ear protection (electronic ear pro is under 50.00 now)
- Water / Snacks (we’ll take an hour lunch break around noon, but we do NOT LEAVE THE RANGE)
- Sun Screen (non-greasy or water resistant recommended)

I suggest that you wear comfortable shoes, and clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Here is a list of folks currently signed up. Due to range size and limited personnel resources, we're limited to ten folks per class. The first class is full, but I'm building a standby list and we're already discussing a second class. Please let me know if you're interested andif so, send me an email so that I can put you on the distro list.

1) Wulf202 (in person)
2) Parf (in person)
3) mah827 (AR15 01-01-2010 13:19mst)
4) BadShot (COAR15 01-01-2010 14:38mst)
5) HBARLeatherneck (AR15 01-01-2010 15:30mst)
6) Rampy (AR15Armory 01-01-2010 17:24mst)
7) Vern23 (AR15 01-01-2010 19:04mst)
8) jim02 (AR15 01-01-2010 18:48mst)
9) longrange2 (AR15 01-01-2010 22:33mst)
10) thedave1164 (AR15 01-02-2010 20:33mst)

Standby list:
11) Ridge_Runner_5 (AR15 01-02-2010 20:33mst)
12) Batteriesnare (COAR15 01-02-2010 21:35mst)
13) +1 Standby for MAH827 (AR15 01-02-2010 22:30mst)
14) lowbeyond (AR15 01-03-2010 15:21mst)
15) 9mmJ (AR15 01-07-2010 09:45mst)
16) RedBlueLitez (AR15 01-07-2010 22:58mst)
17) ar15shooter (COAR15 01-08-2010 08:36mst)
18) trlcavscout (COAR15 01-10-2010 21:11mst)
19) jz2008 (COAR15 01-11-2010 0943mst)
20) peon roach (COAR15 01-11-2010 21:14mst)
21) razor11056 (AR15 01-13-2010 13:45mst)
22) welkers (COAR15 01-13-2010 16:06mst)

Please feel free to let me know what comments/questions you have by PM or email so as not to clutter up this thread. Thanks!
Kelly H
Cool no bs gear & gun reviews -
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New Training Technology

Hey everyone,

I'm currently a student at UCLA's business school and I'm doing some research for an idea in competitive shooting training. It’s a new technology developed in cooperation with the Marines near San Diego to train recruits and accelerate their marksmanship skills. It monitors EEG, EKG and breathing rates to help a user identify the optimal moment to take their shot.

Proven successful in research, the Marines have recently implemented it into Private level and upward training. We think it has potential in competitive shooting and law enforcement training. What we need is a little market research to gauge interest.

So we developed a short questionnaire (that does not require nor collect personal information) but will tell us a little bit about what the average shooters are interested in. It takes less than 5 minutes and has pictures of the product. I appreciate anyone who can take a moment to answer it.

The link:

As a side note, this is a legitimate request for an education based research project. If you are not interested, please disregard. But thanks in advance to anyone who can contribute.

Rob Rubio
UCLA Anderson School of Management
Class of 2010
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CCJA (2) Day Tactical Handgun Course February 6-7, 2010

CCJA (2) Day Tactical Handgun Course February 6-7, 2010

The below referenced courses can be taken together or separately!

CCJA will be offering (2) days of Handgun training: Day 1

February 6, 2010 starting @ 9am This course will focus on building a solid foundation of the proper shooting fundamentals and build solid firearms handling skills.


This course is designed to develop safe weapon handling skills. The student will learn the basic fundamentals of shooting and how to safely draw their handgun out of the holster.

Prerequisites: None

Cost: $200.00


• Safety 4 Firearms Safety Rules
• 7 Fundamentals of Marksmanship Focusing on Front Sight & Trigger Control
• Malfunctions Type I, Type II, Type III
• Draw (5 steps)

Ammunition Requirements: 300 rounds
Gear: Pistol, holster, three magazines, magazine holders, belt, wraparound eye protection, ear protection, Baseball Cap, weapons cleaning kit, clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

CCJA will be offering (2) days of Handgun training: Day 2

February 7, 2010 starting @ 9am This course will focus on the use of the handgun in a combat/tactical environment. The course will start where you left off in Handgun 1.


This course is designed to develop skills for the student who uses his/her handgun as a primary firearm in a tactical environment. The course will start where you left off in Handgun 1. You will soon advance to skills that will reduce your reaction time, allow you to shoot faster with higher degree of accuracy, and increase your confidence with your handgun.

Prerequisites: Handgun 1 or equivalent course

Cost: $200.00


• Safety and handling
• Combat Mindset
• Gear placement
• 7 Fundamentals of Marksmanship Focusing on Front Sight & Trigger Control
• Recoil management Proper Stance & Grip
• Drawing and firing techniques
• Reloads and Malfunctions
• Multiple targets
• Firing positions and barricades
• Shooting on the move
• Shooting positions
• Strong hand only shooting
• Support hand only shooting
• Low light shooting techniques

Ammunition Requirements: 300 rounds
Gear: Pistol, holster, three magazines, magazine holders, belt, wraparound eye protection, ear protection, Baseball Cap, weapons cleaning kit, clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

The Classroom portion of the class will be held @ 1380 Central Park Blvd Suite 208 Fredericksburg, Va. 22401. 9:00am. For more information or to register for this course contact Tom Perroni: (540) 322-3000

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Bill Jeans Rifle Course: Boise, Idaho May 21-23

Bill Jeans (Morrigan Consulting; )will be teaching a battle rifle class near Boise May 21-23, 2010. The class will be held in Emmett, Idaho, about 30 miles from Boise. Please contact me for further information: benglandcom.2 AT

This intense course will supplement the student’s existing self-defense capabilities with the ability to strike a solid decisive blow at distance through use of the full-caliber battle rifle. The carbine, shotgun and pistol all have their place, but the full power rifle is the Queen of Battle. Course includes practical marksmanship, ballistics, gunhandling, continuity of fire, malfunction clearance, mental conditioning for combat, and more. Suitable rifles in this category include but are not limited to the M-1 Garand, M1A, FN FAL, HK 91, etc. Iron or optic sights are acceptable. Bolt action rifles are permitted, but not recommended. This is not a competition oriented course but is focused primarily on the use of the semi-automatic .30 caliber battle rifle for defensive purposes and is equally suited to law enforcement and private citizens. Most of the training will be at distances of 0-100 yards, but firing will extend out to 300 yards if rifles and sights permit. Carbine-class rifles (AR-15, 5.56 NATO, 7.62x39) are welcome, but call if in doubt. Pistol transitions will be employed.

Course fee is $500. Ammunition requirements is 400 rounds rifle, 50 rounds pistol MINIMUM.

Bill Jeans is a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran, long-term law-enforcement officer, and SWAT operator. He has been a firearms instructor since 1980 and is a former Rangemaster at Gunsite, besides teaching at Thunder Ranch.
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CCJA Tactical Shotgun 1 Course 2/20/2010

CCJA Tactical Shotgun 1 2/20/2010

SHOTGUN Training:

February 20, 2010 starting @ 9:00a.m.


Starting with a review of safety and the fundamentals of shooting, the course will quickly progress into instruction on shotgun patterns using different ammunition, use of cover, and other skills critical in the tactical environment. Student will practice learned skills through challenging practical drills to improve the student's ability to effectively engage threat under a variety of conditions. This will develop the student’s ability to effectively employ the shotgun in a tactical environment

Prerequisites: None (Handgun1 or similar training recomended)

Cost: $200.00


• Safety 4 Firearms Safety Rules
• Fundamentals of Marksmanship Focusing on Front Sight & Trigger Control
• Patterning and Ammunition Types
• Slug sight-in
• Multiple shoots / multiple targets
• Tactical reload / Combat reload
• Transitions from Shotgun to pistol
• Malfunctions
• Shooting positions
• Shooting on the move
• Barricades/Use of Cover

Ammunition Requirements: 100 rounds of bird shot, 25 rounds of 00 buck, 20 rounds of slug, 100 rounds pistol ammo.
Gear: Shotgun, sling, ammunition holder, wraparound eye protection, ear protection, Baseball Cap, weapons cleaning kit, clothing appropriate for climate and conditions, Pistol, holster, three magazines, magazine holders, belt.

To register for the course or for further information contact:

Tom Perroni (540) 322-3000
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For anyone who is interested in understanding the mental preparation needed for self-defense I'll be hosting a free lecture on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 6pm-7:30pm at the Gander Mountain in Aurora.

In this lecture, I'll be covering some of the following materials:

° Leadership and Training for the Fight - MSG Paul Howe (Ret)
° Principals of Personal Defense - COL Jeff Cooper (Ret)
° Priorities of Survival - Massad Ayoob
° On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs - LTC Dave Grossman (Ret)
° OODA Loop - COL John Boyd (Ret)
° Confrontation Progression
° Systemic Thinking - Peter Senge
° Historical context and lessons (various authors)

As stated above this class is free, simply SHOW UP. We'll be in the Lodge (classroom) of Gander Mountain. I'll be there at about 5:30 to setup, anyone who wants can join me to help setup is welcome and appreciated.

14000 East Jewell Avenue
Aurora, CO 80012-5651
(303) 750-0055

Afterwards, there are plenty of restaurants around for anyone that wants to get liquid refreshment and something to eat. Classroom is limited to about 40 people, so please let me know if you're interested.

Thanks and hope you can make it out.
Kelly H
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2010 Off the Reservation Courses

We’d like to welcome you to take a look at your summer schedules and see if you can join us for 2 or 3 days of practical training at the beautiful NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM. Our Off the Reservation Courses are destined to be an experience that you will not likely forget. We are going to take you off the flat range and put you in an environment that both fun and challenging. Just because we are off the range doesn’t mean that we sacrifice our instructional methods. We create a dynamic training environment that will never be the same twice. Off the Reservation is a unique blend of outdoorsmanship and practical shooting scenarios that will leave a lasting impression for many years to come.

We require a 50% deposit to hold a slot in a course with the remainder due 30 days prior to the course start date. All meals are included in the tuition and we provide a course packet outlining the 2 or 3 day instruction, along with the required and suggested equipment for the course. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, along with Check or Money Order.

We hope that you come Off the Reservation with us this year. Give us a call or email today and reserve your slot for the next course date!
Jon Weiler
Professional Marksmen Inc.
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Tactical Point Shooting Class/Indianapolis, August 7

Matt Temkin and 7677 will be in Indianapolis at Eagle Creek Range on Saturday, August 7th for a one day Tactical Point Shooting class. Matt and 7677 have posted on numerous firearms forums promoting point shooting (threat focused) not as an alternative to sighted fire but as an important complementary skill set. Cost $175. For enrollment details and lesson plan contact me at

Start and End Time: 8:30am – 5:00pm

Be on the range by 8:30am to load your ammo, gear up and make ready, we start shooting right at 9am both mornings.
30 minutes for lunch

Equipment to bring:

Eye and Ear protection mandatory
Pistol with minimum of 3 magazines, 5 magazines are recommended
Holster & magazine pouch
500rds of ammo (minimum)

As we all know, ammunition is becoming scarce and more expensive. If you have a reliable .22 pistol (with a corresponding suitable holster) OR a .22 conversion kit (e.g. an Advantage Arms 19-23LE kit), feel free to bring and shoot it. We strongly recommend that you shoot at least 150 rounds from your carry gun.

Link to new Paladin Press release SHOOT HIM TO THE GROUND.
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Israeli Combat Training. South Florida

Internet forums are a hard platform to get a point across as people have no feel for the intensity, the training or the combat mindset involved with Israeli Combat Training.

I invite and challenge anyone who has an interest in taking what they know about tactical shooting and combat mindset to a level that will allow them to push through the extreme psycological and physical stress of an attack. I train you to attack your attackers at every opportunity and to never give up.

Israeli Combat Training is not focused only on making sure you survive a fight.

Our focus is to train you to the point where when everyone else is running away from the active shooter attack, you are running towards the attack in order to prevent further killing of innocents. Not Rambo training...not hero training. Combat Training based on Israeli counter terror techniques.

If this is a level of mental and physical training you are searching for, please contact me for additional details.

Money tight? Don't pay me. If you like the training session, we can work out payment details for months to come. I do not care about immediate payment and I trust in your honesty.

This is my passion and this is what I do best.

I spent the better part of my adult life in Israel working with the security establishment (IDF infantry and Israeli Border Police.) That alone does not mean I am worth a damn but that is my experience.

Again, I challenge you to test me and I expect you to train hard and fight for your life.

Come and visit my website. Ask questions.

Ben Goldstein
Founder & Head Instructor

Training sessions offered daily in the evening as well as on Sundays all over South Florida. Training is also offered every 2 months near Memphis TN.
Ben Goldstein
Sgt (Res.) Israel Defense Force
Head Instructor & Founder - Israeli Combat Training
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Steve Fogleman
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Awerbuck Stage II Handgun, June 4-6, mid Atlantic region-WV

Louis Awerbuck of Yavapai Firearms Academy, Ltd. (“YFA”) will hold his Tactical Handgun-Stage II class at the Anvil Rock tactical range near Lewisburg, WV, June 4-6, 2010, (FRI.-SAT.-SUN.). The class is not a basic course and requires his tactical Stage I handgun course or the equivalent as a prerequisite. There are numerous other courses from several good instructors that can satisfy the requirement. The YFA website is for more information on Awerbuck, his training philosophy, course description, often imitated moving target systems and more.

All Awerbuck courses are defensive fighting with a firearm instruction, not solely shooting oriented. Tactical Stage II handgun uses a relatively high round count in YFA classes, and it encompasses practical marksmanship, gun-handling and tactical thinking. This is an opportunity to refresh your skill set for CCW carry, improve rusty skills from prior training and going beyond the basic level in tactical training within the Awerbuck training philosophy and technique.

The class costs $550 per space with an application and deposit of $325 received six weeks before course start. The ammunition guidelines are 800 rounds for the primary handgun and 150 for your back up handgun. Depending on the individual participant, some may expend a total of 800 rounds with primary and back up; others may shoot more or less. The range is an excellent facility for this kind of training and charges a daily range fee of $25.

Class sign up is through the class coordinator who can be reached at or go to the website schedule section for more information at . Awerbuck is excellent at diagnosing and remedying shooters’ problems in equipment and/or technique.
For those interested in the tactical Handgun-Stage I, the prerequisite for any more advanced classes, there will be a tactical Stage I handgun at this same facility September 10-12, 2010.
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bob marvel 1911 course

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