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training at home

I'm looking for firearms training I cant afford the big schools but still want to learn how to carry draw and shoot safely with more consistent hits I'm not to interested in defense or combat tactics although if we pick that up along the way that is ok. I have no intention of ever competing but that would be the closest category to what I'm looking for . I have a mini 3gun course that I shoot mostly because it's a fun way to practice . Mostly I just want to learn to shoot be safe and have fun doing it. Any suggestions on dvd's online videos or whatever. I know there is a bunch on YouTube but I would like a more professional approach to teaching . Mostly looking for handgun training but also rifle and eventually tactical shotgun. Thanks
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I really like the Travis Haley videos by Panteo, you can also check out him and Chris Costas Magpul videos. They have them for handguns, carbines, and shotguns. Starts out real basic then progresses into more advanced stuff. I downloaded them all free, but if that's not your thing you can buy them online.
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You dont say where you are located. Lots of good trainers around the country. We might be able to point you at a lower cost course then the "big schools"
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Do you practice at a club/range? If so, maybe you can ask if anyone is willing to teach you the basics for free/cheap.

You really want to make sure you start with good habits, as unlearning bad habits takes a lot of time.
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I am in northern utah I shoot by myself on my own range
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Jerry Miculek has plenty of videos, both from his web site and on youtube.
He shows how to use all kinds of weapons.
Also Matt Burkett's books and videos:
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In order to train ... you'll need to pay for ammo and range time.

Instead of buying 1000 rounds over some period of time ... buy 500.
Then use what you saved to pay for a class with a 500 round requirement.

This is a MUCH better investment of time and money.
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Old February 19, 2015, 05:19 PM   #8
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Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch has some good DVDs.
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4V50 Gary
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Practice your draw. Go slow, make it smooth and pick up no bad habits. As you get better, increase your speed.

We had one kid training another at the range last week. All speed, no accuracy. The trainee will have a lot of bad habits developed that needs to be unlearned.
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Invest in a good quality airsoft gun that is as close as possible to your real gun. Airsoft ammo is super cheap and reusable. This will allow you to practice drawing and firing from concealment quickly and safely.

I would then practice getting on target as quickly as possible. Once you develop the muscle memory, the gun becomes and extension of your hand and should point naturally. That is why it is imperative to buy an airsoft as close in shape and weight as your carry gun.

After rapid target acquisition, I would work on engaging multiple targets. While this is rarely going to occur in real life situations, it is the next step of getting on target quickly. Besides, a bad guy will most likely not stay stationary, especially if you pull a gun on him.

If you have a blow back airsoft pistol, you should then move on to rapid fire. While the recoil feels very different from live ammo, the idea is to feel when the gun is back on target rather than depending on your sights. I call this my "reset" position. You will need to practice with live ammo at the range to get the real effect, especially with the more powerful cartridges.

After you work on that, the next step should be shooting while moving. This is pretty hard for most people and is impossible to do on most ranges unless you are shooting IPSC or something similar. It is a vital skill though since a stationary target (you) is easier to hit than a moving target.

The hardest skill is shooting at moving targets while on the move. You can practice with helium balloons outdoors with your airsoft.

Even though you are only shooting airsoft, be sure to wear safety glasses. Be aware of what is around and behind your target. Pick up your pellets or create a good backstop. A beach towel that hangs into a carboard box works great since it won't ricochet and the pellets drop into the box. This is obvious, but don't do anything stupid while you are outdoors or else someone may mistake your airsoft for a real gun and call the cops or pull their own gun.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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I've been doing that for years.
Airguns in general are an excellent way to keep up skills.
Unless ya' have a range in the back yard, a never ending supply of ammo, and don't mind constantly cleaning guns, it's difficult to get enough trigger time.
Air guns really do help.
And they are definitely not your grandpappy's airguns anymore.
Lock the doors, they're coming in the windows.
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Old February 21, 2015, 02:26 PM   #13
T. O'Heir
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"...have no intention of ever competing but..." Go join a club that shoots IPSC/IDPA anyway. Neither have anything to do with reality but you will learn how to carry a firearm safely on the mandatory black badge course.
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4V50 Gary
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Agree with airgun. There's a Japanese Olympic Champion who practiced with an airgun until he went to the Olympics. It paid off for him.

The principles of marksmanship are the same for the airgun and a rimfire or centerfire gun.

BTW, I learned archery before I learned handgun shooting. Arrows are slower than BBs or pellets and archery taught me follow-through.
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Old February 23, 2015, 09:36 AM   #15
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This is a pretty good practice regiment.
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I use an air gun as well
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Agree with airsoft, you'll need a timer as well.
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At the end of next month the drain ditches will again have water so when I visit the folks I will be shooting floating targets in the deep drain ditches behind the folks place.
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I think the air soft thing is all fine and dandy and defiantly can help on certain drills to pick up speed. However what I have found and having conversations with Rob Leatham the bigger issue is the lack of intensity when doing dry fire. What I mean is when people do dry Fire they grip the gun much lighter and not use nearly with the same intensity when doing live fire, the result is when they do live fire there is no direct transfer of muscle control. In other words in dry fire if you are at 50% of your true or live fire grip strength doing trigger manipulation, what are you working on that will transfer? Nothing! If you treat dry fire as a physical workout where you are training for muscle control and grip with 100% you will develope proper muscle control where it will directly transfer to live fire muscle control.

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