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Northslope Nimrod
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Sighting system on AR for close and long?

I want to use my AR for general hunting purposes. Usually I take it Rabbit hunting and will shoot a fox or coyote here and there. I don't do any real long range work. I have a 2x7 scope on it now but I want something for close up shots and the 2x is still a little much. (fast little bunnies running a few yards away)
I'm thinking of mounting some kind of angle mounted red dot sight. Bushnell makes one. I want something I can use with both eyes.

First off, am I on the right track? How would you set it up if you wanted a magnified scope and something for short work as well?

Second, if I go this route, please recommend a mount and sight.
It will be going on a Smith and Wesson M&P..bare bones....except for the magnified scope.
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I use a Leupold VXR 1x4 for hunting on my Bison Armory 6.8.....

Its a great set up, and works very well for close up shots
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I chose an Accupoint 1-4x, but if I was going angled, I'd get this with a quality reflex.

For a little more coin, you can get a 1-6x. The only thing you'd lose over the more complex angled reflex setup would be transitions, which may not even matter in your hunting scenarios.
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I've used 2-7 in the past. A 1-4X made a much bigger difference up close than I thought, and was less of a handicap at longer ranges than I thought. I have 3 AR's set up with different sighting systems including one with a dot sight. I find the 1-4X faster than the dot up close. If I were only going with one sighting system it would be a 1-4x with back up irons.
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Another 1-4 fan here. I just use an inexpensive Primary Arms.
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Ole 5 hole group
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I guess I don't understand? A 2X7 scope is great for close up running shots when dialed in at 2X. I learned to shoot everything with both eyes open - handgun, rifle, shotgun, slingshot, etc. and with or without a scope.

Using both eyes open on a red dot is the same as on a scope - your eyes see the target and you bring the cross-hairs/dot to the target. Long range shooting at prairie dogs - you spot the dog on or close to a mound - both eyes open you bring the cross-hair to the mound you're looking at and the dog will be there. If you try and find that mound without both eyes open - you'll normally spend a little time searching different mounds.
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I guess I don't understand? A 2X7 scope is great for close up running shots when dialed in at 2X. I learned to shoot everything with both eyes open - handgun, rifle, shotgun, slingshot, etc. and with or without a scope.
I used to not understand it either. I've used 2-7 scopes in the past, still have a 2-8X on one of my AR's. I shoot all of my guns, with or without optics, with both eyes open. I used to believe a scope set on 2X was close enough, until I tried one of the 1-4X models. The difference is huge. With both eyes open you don't even realise there is an optic on the gun.

You have a wide open FOV with just a set of crosshairs on the target. They are faster for me than even a dot sight, far faster than irons, plus you can see much better in low light when you move up to 2X or 3X. Set on 4X, they offer enough magnification for most any situation I'll need optics for. Generally much lighter as well. My 1-4X Leupold is only 8 oz. There are some out there in the 6 oz range.
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I have a Burris MTAC that I picked up for $343 shipped from The Sample List. It was in new condition. Get the correct reticle for the bullet weight you typically use. Keep in mind you can check the calibration for different weights and the dot will line up with a different distance.

1-4x for sure, but do take a look at 1.5-6x from Leupold. I had great results from 50+ yards. 6x (actual is 5.5x) made 100 yard shooting easy. However, for 25-50 yards you're going to want at most 1.1x on the low end. 1.5x slowed me down at 5-25 too much; it was decent from 25-50.

Are you going only take shots within 100 yards? What ammunition do you use? What bullet weight? Take a look at ballistic charts and figure out your average distance and which zero has the least delta over +- 50 yds.

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Ben Dover
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I have a Trijicon ACOG, TA31F on my Colt LE6920. I believe it to be as close to being an "all around" optic as can presently be acquired.

It is exceedingly fast for short range work, yet quite adequate for precision shooting at 300 yards or perhaps a bit more.
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