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a win for U of Colorado students

The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that the U of Colorado cannot block CCW holders from carrying on campus:

The justices ruled that the states Concealed Carry Act of 2003 had divested the authority of the regents to regulate concealed carry.

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Glenn E. Meyer
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Sort of a drive by but I will let it pass. Oregon just had some kind of negative result for guns on campus. Don't have time to google it, saw a blurb.
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Standing Wolf
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Rats. Just re-posted this with additional info HERE.
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Glenn E. Meyer
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Not so hot for Oregon as I said, here's the link:
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It is to be noted that University of Colorado (Boulder) is the state institution that banned guns.

Colorado State University (Ft. Collins) decided not to resist about 10 years ago. CCW by properly permitted students and faculty has not resulted in daily massacres as the CU folks were sure would happen.

Evidence and experience seems to not count for the antis.

Oh, and don't forget that the City of Boulder banned nuclear weapons back in the '70's (except for governments, of course). Silly people.
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Gary L. Griffiths
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the City of Boulder banned nuclear weapons back in the '70's (except for governments, of course).
Whew! That's a relief! At least one city won't have to worry about nuclear terrorism!

Didn't I see somewhere where CSU experienced a double-digit decrease in crime (during which the rest of the nation was experiencing a decrease, too) but that U of C experienced a slight increase in crime?
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Al Norris
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Here's the link to the Colorado decision:

The Students for Concealed Carry on Campus filed a complaint against the University of Colorado’s Board of Regents and others alleging that the Board’s Weapons Control Policy violated the Colorado Concealed Carry Act and the Colorado Constitution’s right to bear arms. The trial court dismissed, and the court of appeals reversed.

The supreme court holds that the Concealed Carry Act’s comprehensive statewide purpose, broad language, and narrow exclusions show that the General Assembly intended to divest the Board of Regents of its authority to regulate concealed handgun possession on campus. Accordingly, the supreme court agrees with the court of appeals that, by alleging the Policy violates the CCA, the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus have stated a claim for relief. Because the supreme court affirms on statutory grounds, it does not consider the Students’ constitutional claim.
It's a win, but not on constitutional grounds. They could be back in court, should the legislature change the statutes.
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Utah, Colorado, . . . Who's next?
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Utah, Colorado, . . . Who's next?
Indiana I hope.
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