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What are your guys favorite hand loads for the .30-06, I would like to know the bullet, case, primer, and type and amount of powder. i just got a new Remington 700 and i am trying to find a starting point for a new load. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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It does no good to give you our loads, because yours will be different. All rifles are different. The .30-06 is very easy to load for and I'm sure that you'll find something in short order.

Lots of good powders, lots of good loads in the .30-06. Try 4895 or 4350 (either flavor), or 4064 or Reloader 17, Reloder 19, or Reloder 22. 150 or 165/168 bullets. Lake City cases if you can find them, anyone else's will be fine.

Really, it's not hard to find a good load in the .30-06. Your problem will probably be in selecting between two or three good loads. My current favorite load uses 156 grain A-Max bullets and IMR 4895. Last year's favorite load used RL19 and 150 grain Nosler BTs. The difference between the two loads was the difference between eenie and meenie.
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Concur with PawPaw
The '06 is the most versatile cartridge for the reloader I can think of. I would pick whatever bullet you want to shoot and go from there. I like 165-8 grainers. Case life is very good and the Rem 700 is top of the line for working your own load.
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My old standby 06 load is 55 Gr. W-760 and a 165 Rem. Core-Lokt , Win. WLR primer in R-P or Win. cases . Yields about 2700 FPS , maybe a little more , depending on the rifle .
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Thank you guys for all the help i am gonna try a few different loads and hit the range.
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Try some IMR 4350, IMR 4895, H4350, H4831, IMR 4831, etc....
Ours like the IMR 4350, with a 150 grn B-Tip from Nosler!
Thanks for coming!
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My gun likes Accurate Arms 4350 under a 165gr Sierra SPBT.
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165 grain Hornady SST's with Varget!
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Some 30-06's like a flat based bullet best while some shoot boat-tails fine. My 700 shoots 150gr Hornady SP's and 150 SST's equally well. I like IMR 4350 at around 59 grains. Start a little lower and work up. I use Rem cases and RP 9 1/2 primers.
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My current .30-06's like 165 Hornady spire points pushed by a mild charge of H4350, one really likes Hornady's 180's but I don't. My first .30-06 loved Varget and 4064 but my current ones don't much care for it.
Have no idea what any Remington, let alone yours will like but if we were to ask which powder is best for .30-06 we'd get a dozen different answers...and they'd all be right. Same deal with bullets and I dare say very few of us have the same go-to load.
Some excellent hints above but you'll be well served by letting your rifle tell you what it likes.
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Most folks like the heavier bullets in their 30-06 but I prefer 150gr. gamekings for hunting and 155gr. match for accuracy. I use whatever cases I clean but like winchester, frontier, S&W, and the last batch was remington. My uncle gave me about 1000 old cases he had laying around. I use the really nice stuff and have actually traded some for other brass. IMR-4895 is my favorite powder for the 06.
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As noted, rifles aren't alike unless you are truly lucky.

However, I've had fairly good results with Varget in 4 different rifles in .30-06.

These were a Model 70 copy (MRC 1999), a Garand, a Winchester 1895 and a Ruger #1.

150gr Hornady SST's in everything except the Garand, and I used 150gr Hornady FMJBT's for that. Powder charges varied, but I used Varget for all 4.

I initially used Winchester brass for everything, but now I use it just for the Garand (with CCI #34 primers). Norma brass for the other 3, with WLR primers.

The problem with the .30-06 is that there are so many choices available, you could spend a lifetime chasing a perfect load...
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Mike / Tx
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Well like as has been mentioned, there are more loads that should, could, or would shoot well in your '06, that you wouldn't be able to afford to try them all.

I grew up shooting them in the 03A3 variant, and then in Remington 700's. With the older 03A3's we simply used the mil surp LC 147's for target practice, then pulled the bullet on a box and replaced it with a Sierra 150, and went hunting. They both shot close enough to the same POI out to 300yds, that the deer had no chance. If we needed a bit heavier bullet, we did the same with the 172gr AP, but replaced it with a 165gr Hornady Spire Point. Same O Same O, not enough difference to spit at.

THere were also some tailored handloads which used IMR-4895, but it wasn't until I got a Rem 700 that the real fun began. I played with about 10 different powders all in the medium to slower burn rates, but they all, like mentioned had good results. The most outstanding however was using IMR or H-4350, in the 52 - 58gr range with either 150 or 165gr bullets. Pick your flavor, as the only differences I found were with the seating depth, and with most it was right around 3.250" base to tip, give or take a little.
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Tim R
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I've had good luck with 56 grs of IMR 4350 in a Winny case, a165 speer BT and started with a standard bCCI LR primer. I use this in my Winny '06 Feather Weight. This is a middle of the road load but, as always work it up in your gun. It does kill the heck out of deer.
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Most 30.06 that I shoot is either through the Garand or the BAR so most my loads stay with 147-150 FMJ pushing roughly 2800fps. The Hornady loading manual says the .06 is the most versatile cartridge in the book with so many powders an bullet weights to choose from. The old girl has been around now for 105yrs I figure she will be around for a long time afterwards
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My Cooper likes 165 grn. Sierra's or Barnes TTSX with 59.0 grns. of IMR 4350. 57 grns. of IMR 4350 with 180 grn. bullets.

I have not found an accurate 30/06 that will not shoot well with 150 grn. Sierra's or any other good bullet with 60.0 grns. of H414.

150 grn. bullets with 61.5 grns of H4831 are very accurate, but a little slow.

Varget should work well, along with 4064, H4350, Re19 and many others.

The 30/06 is so versatile that it would be near impossible to not find some good loads.

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Big Yac
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I only load one load for my 30-06 now, its a load I got from much testing and reloading. The gun is my dads old Remington 721 that he bought new back in the day. I like Winchester brass, Winchester primers, Sierra 180gr Matchkings, and IMR 4895. My powder charge is under the max, I'll have to look at it for sure, cant remember the exact charge. This combo works just wonderfully, infact it is the best shooting load from this gun.
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Tim R
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It does no good to give you our loads, because yours will be different. All rifles are different. The .30-06 is very easy to load for and I'm sure that you'll find something in short order.
Paw Paw, I'm going to stir the pot a bit. I agree with you to a point. I have found some loads shoot well in any gun thet are fired in. Look at the High Power guys. My favorite AR match load will more than likely shoot well in your AR. Chambers are cut with better machines today than before. For example, I have 2 match AR's built by the same company with different barrel manf's and different twist rates but a few years apart.

I do keep the brass seperate between the two but I use the same amount of powder, same bullet and same primer with dope settings being simular. The only difference I can see is the older AR's throat is .80 deeper than the newer AR. Since I hold the bullet back the same distance, I could shoot the 80 gr. bullet in both if using the newer AR's depth setting but not the other way around. All the 77 gr. SMK's are held to Mag. lenght. The 80's are loaded one at a time.

To continue my thought on this, find me some one who did not like the results of using Federal Gold Match in their rifle. I've seen M-853 (GI match) shoot pretty darn good in many M-14's gepending on ythe lot. Or how about 42 grs of IMR 4064 under a 168 SMK and Federal match primers in a 700 "P"or 700 LTR.

Having said all of this a wise and smart man still works the loads up in his rifle. I think where the problem comes from is different brass, primers and powder lot numbers.
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My go to load for the .30-06 is the following:

Hornady 165 grain SST bullet.
I like Hornady cases, but I use Winchester as well.
54.5 grains of H380
CCI 250 Primer

Now, some people will scoff at the use of H380, but I have yet to find a more consistent powder for my .30-06 and .270 loads. It just works for me. I have thought about trying some different powders, but why mess with a good load? I chose to go with the 165 grain bullet instead of the 150 grain because of the military use. If it's good enough for the US Marine Corps to shoot 1000 yard matches with, it's good enough for me to shoot deer with.
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