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Old September 17, 2011, 12:25 PM   #1
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Remington 5mm Magnum

Hi everyone, I have been reading TFL for a long time but have never posted. I can usually find the information I am looking for without posting was looking for a little more than I was able to find this time. Thanks in advance for any and all help and comments on the subject.

Went by my local gun shop this morning and they had a Remington 591, 5mm magnum. Looked to be in very good shape and alot of extras like the conversion bolt head to convert to 5mm Craig, reloading dies and brass.

I searched through previous post regarding this caliber and found alot of information on it. Does anyone have an idea what the rifle sold for originally and what it would be worth today?

I already have several varmint calibers 22 mag. 204 ruger, 223, and don't really have a need for this one but I love obscure calibers and think this would be one that would be fun to shot and reload for. As I have seen on the forums many times in the past, it comes down to want vs. need.

I know that ammo can be hard to find but with brass and dies that should not become a problem.

Would love to hear any comments regarding this caliber since most of the information I have read from actual gun writers came from what they read. It seems most of them never actually tested the round since it had such a short life span.
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Old September 17, 2011, 12:30 PM   #2
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Centurion is now selling new production 5mm rimfire ammo.***7547***
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Old September 17, 2011, 12:42 PM   #3
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Yeah, I have friends that have 5mm rifles and it was crazy there for a long time trying find any ammo for them. People were willing to pay $25 a box and still couldn't find it. So there was a collective sigh of relief when new production ammo came out.

I know we all like the 17 HMR but now that 5mm ammo is being made.... I'm curious why nobody is making a rifle for it? .22 WMRF is very popular in windy OK and I bet a lot of those shooters would be willing to try a 5mm if they were convinced the ammo situation would remain stable.

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Old September 17, 2011, 12:54 PM   #4
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I bought and often hunted with a Rem 5mm Magnum new from my local dealer 40 years ago.
It was the 1970-1971 timeframe, maybe a year or two earlier. I loved it as it had a good knock down punch. I roamed the farms shooting woodchucks. A big fat one would stand up, I placed the cross hairs on it and it fell right there. I had an agreement with the farmers: they allowed me to shoot woodchucks, and in return, I was permitted to pick apples, peaches, cherries, and grapes as I pleased. I can't say exactly, but it seems to me the cost was somewhere around the hundred dollar figure. Maybe not much less and maybe a little more- but in that ballpark.
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Old September 17, 2011, 12:59 PM   #5
Hunter Customs
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Reminton made these guns for three years I believe, 71, 72, 73, I believe was the years.
I had one of each model the 591M and 592M, I traded the 591M for an LC Smith shotgun.
Aguila of Mexico is making ammo for the 5mm Magnum under the Centurion name.
The Centurion ammo I have has a 30gr HP bullet and does not seem to have the punch the original Remington 38gr HP load has.
I sure wish Remington would make another run of the original ammo.

I loved shooting these little rifles,mine were very accurate rifles and that 38 gr bullet sure played havac with anything you shot with it.
I've head shot a couple of coyotes with the original load at a little less then a 100 yards, it would bulge their eyes right out of their head.
I used to use mine for all types of small game hunting, however make sure you get head shots or it ruins a lot of meat.

They are the best frog rifle I ever used. That fast little bullet zipped right through the frog, opened up in the mud under them which in turn always blew the frog out on the bank.
I never once got my feet wet frog hunting with the 5mm.

If you can get the rifle at a good price I would grab it.

I believe at the time I bought my rifles they were selling for around a $130.00, but I'm not sure, that was a long time ago.

Best Regards
Bob Hunter

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Old September 18, 2011, 12:00 AM   #6
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I finally bought a 591 just this week, after looking for several months. Prices generally are running in the $300-400 range as far as I have seen.
(Now that aguila is making ammo again the prices have been going up.)

I have found the best prices for aguila ammunition from cheaper than dirt and ammo to go. The shipping can be kind of high, but if you buy quite a bit the price per box isn't too bad.

If you want more info on the 5mm, check out the and

The first site has lots of great information, plus videos and stories about users and their 5mm rifles.

The second site is run by Lowell Kenney. He has a company in WA that does a lot of work with the 5mm. Right now he is working on new magazines for the 591. If you have watched gun broker lately the old Remington (4 round plastic) ones are going for $60+. He has tested a prototype (5 rounds and metal) and is setting up for production.
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Old September 18, 2011, 02:40 AM   #7
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I sure wish Remington would make another run of the original ammo.
If they ever do, buy a box and shoot a couple of those pesky flying pigs.
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Old September 18, 2011, 08:42 AM   #8
Mike Irwin
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"People were willing to pay $25 a box and still couldn't find it."

That was the problem.

The people who were willing to pay 25 a box were losing out to the people who were paying 75 and more a box for the ammo.
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Old September 18, 2011, 09:40 AM   #9
Hunter Customs
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Location: Osborn, Missouri
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If they ever do, buy a box and shoot a couple of those pesky flying pigs.
I hear you natman.
I always felt Remington did a big dis-service to a lot of loyal Reminton customers by building a couple of sweet little rifles and then dsicontinue making ammo for them.

I've seen original ammo at gun shows priced at $50.00 to $125.00 a box.

Thank you Aguila for bringing back the 5mm ammo and reviving the interest in a fine little caliber.

I plan on using my 5mm this year to hunt coyotes during the firearms deer season, as I'll have to put away my centerfires until deer season is over.

Best Regards
Bob Hunter
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Old September 18, 2011, 07:21 PM   #10
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Nice to know that 5mm ammo is available again. T/C made a run of octagon Contender barrels back in the day, of which I have one. Back in the day it seemed like the 5mm ammo just disappeared. At least with a Contender, you could change the barrel to another caliber and shoot on.
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Old September 18, 2011, 07:54 PM   #11
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Location: Texas
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It seems even though this was a short lived caliber it was very popular for those that did shoot it. I have been searching and have not been able to find any brass so whatever comes with the gun it looks like that is all I will have to reload for awhile.

For the conversation kit, dies ($100 alone), brass, I don't think it is a bad price. Plus my boys will get a kick out of shooting it and I always love that question at the range asking what I am shooting and giving them the opportunity to shoot it. Although I will probably never be able to get my money out of this rifle, who cares I have only sold 2 guns in my entire life and I still wich I had those back.
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Old September 18, 2011, 08:09 PM   #12
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I would leave it as a rimfire and just buy a large stock of ammo. The conversion to a centerfire was drivin by the unavailability of ammo.
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Old September 19, 2011, 10:53 PM   #13
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I know of two places where your can get centerfire brass. Eagle view arms. This company was the purchaser of the 5mm craig company and he still fully supports the 5mm Craig and is in the process of building a new rifle for this chambering. From what I understand it is going to be a rimfire/centerfire convertible.

Steve Schroeder out of California also builds a centerfire conversion kit for these rifles. His is called the 5mm Schroeder. He forms the brass for the 5mm Schroeder from 22 hornet cases. And I talked to him a couple of months back and he still fully supports the 5mm schroeder.

Because the outer dimensions of the cartridge are the same, either company's brass will chamber and fire in your rifle. The problem you may run into is that Schroeder brass may not size correctly in the Craig dies and craig brass may not size correctly in Schroeder dies. Because Schroeder forms his and Craig brass is actually lathe turned from brass stock.

You'll also need to find short ogive bullets. Schroederr makes two for the 5mm, and I believe Calhoun from Montana also makes one. Bergers also work I think. Hornadys and Noslers are too long and the loaded cartridges will be too long for the magazine. These 5mm bullets are build for the .204 ruger. They would work but they would require you to single load them.

Check out the 5mm Forum. lots of info on these rifles and the 5mm cartridge. Also don't shoot the rimfire grade steel targets. The 5mm will drill a hole right through them.
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Old September 20, 2011, 01:25 AM   #14
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got one

I received one as a christmas gift early in the production, and if I recall, they were less than $100, I'm thinking $80. Ammo sold for under $5 a box, I may have an early box marked $3.50.

I kept the rifle and a supply of ammo, but never shot it once it went out of production. Now with the Centurion available, my 5mm is back and hunting.
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Old September 23, 2011, 12:32 AM   #15
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tws: some of those Rem. 5mm rifles were "iffy"; a guy I work with actually owned a 5mm back in its day, and he just rolls his eyes and shakes his head when I ask about it. Many thought the 5mm was gonna make a comeback and were clamoring for a re-intro, but I believe the economy put the brakes on it as much as anything. There were rumors C-Z was bringing out a 5mm, and I'm curious why NEF couldn't (theoretically) simply and cheaply chamber their break-barrels in that cal. and get the drop on everyone else; now that Remington owns them it would be even more appropriate, but the conglomerate that bought them is probably clueless and out for the quick buck then sell what's left after they've picked it clean, but that's another story. At any rate - and not to endorse another forum - check the one over at for numerous 5mm discussions.
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