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7mm mauser to 7.62x54r conversion

I've got a 1895 chilean mauser and the ammo is gett just a little too expensive and i was wondering if a possible conversion to the cheap mosin 7.62x54r would be expensive or even posible. Replys are appreciated and thank you.
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Anything is barrel, bolt and magazine mods...the 54R is a rimmed cartridge...and is .311-.312 caliber, not 8mm.

Even with price increases, you can still buy a Mosin for $ if you want cheap high-power fun, just buy one and a spam can of ammo.

Along with one of my Mosin-Nagant stocks, of course
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I think samco global had 7mm mauser for pretty cheap recently. May look there for cheaper ammo.
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Look at the design of the Mauser vs Mosin Nagant. The MN is purpose designed to feed and function with the oddball 7.62x54 cartridge and modifying a Mauser to work right would be a nightmare.
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Thats what I thought. Well thanks for the repsonses anyway.
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Some buyers of Samco's surplus 7mm ammo were unhappy with the ammo in recent reports.
Much of it seems either not to fire on the first strike, or not at all.

There must be a good reason why it is priced so low by Samco. Apparently the concern is widespread.
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Why don't you...

get a replacement barrel?

I believe that the case head in the same diameter as the 7mm Mauser (& .30-06 / 7.62 family of cases).

You have a great light action and keeping it in the 06 family you have a selection of calibers to select from, e.g.: 25-06, .270. 30-06, .35Whelan.
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IIRC the 95 action is not suitable for the higher pressures of the 30-06/308 family of rounds. Do a little checking before you spend a bunch of money. I reload for the 7x57 and when I couldn't find brass in stock I bought a case forming die from RCBS and made my brass from 30-06 and 270 cases. I also make 8mm the same way.

The 7x57 is a really good round even with the original low pressure loading. I have some old loads from 1938. They don't always go off but they are very accurate. I have been pulling the bullets so I can reload them with new cases and primers. I will stay with a load that duplicates that old load.

I would love to have an old 95 in good condition to play with.
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I'm with tobnpr on this one. Retire the '95 and just buy a M/N.

You are potentialy looking at close to a $1000 bill on that '95 conversion. The barrel $300 and reamer $100 (plus all the barrel work the smith needs to do and reaming the chamber) are going to get close to knocking on $500. Then there's the work on the bolt ( I don't know of one which will work "off the shelf" since it's a rimmed cartridge.) The smith is going to have to machine the face larger, rework the extractor. Then there's reworking the magazine so it will feed, unless you just want to go with a single shot insert.
Finally, you're looking at bluing or some type of finish ... plus a bunch of "incidentals" I didn't mention.

Now don't mis-understand; I've had my favorite smith build me a couple dozen rifles over the years and since I'm not dead yet, we aren't done building rifles. But, if you are bothered by the "expense" of 7 X 57 Mauser ... you're "carrying coals to Newcastle" with a custom build. Just buy a nice Mosin-Nagant in 7.62 X 54R and enjoy yourself. You can buy the rifle and more ammo than you can carry for the price of that custom build.

Maybe someday you'll find some more 7 X 57 at a good price. Maybe you'll get into reloading and then you can have all the 7 X 57 you want for a reasonable price. Buy the Mosin-Nagant and be happy. (Hey, if you can find a nice Finnish Model 39 ... you can't possible do better. Great rifle, great sights!
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