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Civil War Life
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Accurate bullet for M-4

I am looking for an accurate bullet for my M-4 carbine. Looking for a 55 grain FMJBT with a crimping groove. I checked the reviews on all the bullets offered by Midway and they all sound pretty bad, variances in diameter and weight. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Why do you want a crimping groove?
(Why do you think you'll need to crimp?)

Either way, put a Sierra 55 FMJBT #1355 in it--no crimp--and call it a day.
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Twist Rate

Depending on the barrel twist rate you should be able to use any bullet weight from 45gr to 77gr.

1 in 9 twist rate, bullets between 45-62gr should work well, however the 62gr bullets may not stabalize fully.

1 in 7 twist rate, will work better with bullets from 55-77gr with bullets 62gr and heavier working better.

Even if your bullets don't have a cannalur (crimp groove) you need to put a good crimp on reloads to prevent bullet setback, which could cause a over-pressure problem.

If your reloading for a bolt gun crimping is not as critical and may not even be required.
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I've loaded I don't know how many thousands of 223s I loaded over the last 40 years and I have yet to crimp, or need to put a crimp on a 223 bullet.

As far as what's the best bullet for your gun, you have to know the twist, faster twist will shoot lighther bullets better then a slower twist will shoot heavy bullets.

Best thing, pick the weight (actually length) that matches your twist, then buy as many different kinds as possible and find one that fits your gun.

I could tell you what works in my guns, but it would mean nothing, you're not loading for my guns.
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Hornady or Sierra 53 or 52 grain match hollow points will be the most accurate and it won't mater what you twist rate is they will stablize with a 1:14, 1:12, 1:9 or 1:8 twist rate.

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Hornady or Sierra 53 or 52 grain match hollow points will be the most accurate and it won't mater what you twist rate is they will stablize with a 1:14, 1:12, 1:9 or 1:8 twist rate.
Correct, I've found the 52-53 range match bullets in a 223 consistently are more accurate in my rifles including my AR however I only target shoot mostly slow fire. I don't crimp but if I loaded large quantities(223) for storage or rapid fire I would crimp and would use a 55gr with groove to prevent setback.
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plus one for KRAIGWY's post
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Acceptable Accuracy, what's your target?

FMJ = bulk shooting
BTHP = bench rest shooting
V-Max/A-Max or anything that is special tip = hunting
SP = hunting

At least that's what I read.
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The priemier accuracy that I have attained from .223 in AR Platformed rifles. Twist varied from 1 in 7 to a 1 in 14, and all of the inbetweens. Has been a 55 grain Hornady V-Max. That bullet gave the best groups with a wide variety of powders in mixed cases with which ever primers I could find. Next in line behind that is 55 grain FMJBT Winchester. Cheap, and effective. No they do not give the accuracy that the VMax do. Though they get fairly close for about 30% less in cost
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Experiences do vary - the best 55 gr bullet I have found, since loading for 223 from 1976 forward, is the Hornady 55 JSP, followed closely by their 55 FMJ. The Winchester 55 FMJ was poor. The 52-53 gr match bullets are also good but don't beat the 55 JSP in my AR's or Mini-14. Majority of my loads are with H335 or AA2230.
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I've had surprisingly good luck with 55g Remington PLHP. 1" groups @ 100yds in my 16", 1/7 twist m4gery. 1/4" groups at 100yds with my 20" 1/8 heavy barreled AR. And I do crimp. I've had too many problems with uncrimped bullets getting pushed back in to the case. Luckily they caused feeding problems and didn't make it into the chamber.
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Hornady, Sierra, and Speer 55 FMJ shoot quite well in mine. Stay away from Armscor.

Remington and Winchester can be a little spotty too in construction but are generally OK too. Sierra the best IMO across the board...for accuracy anyway. 69 grain match is the bomb.
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