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In the spirit of this new forum, let me endorse in the most positive and enthusiastic terms. Our TFL archives contain LOTS of evidence that Eric the Ammoman provides exceptional quality, selection, value, and service. I have purchased from him many times (usually, thousand round cases) and have never been even slightly disappointed. Ammoman’s quality and service are unequalled (IMHO) among Internet-based ammunition sellers. I also particularly like the fact that all Ammoman prices are fully inclusive -- there are no additions for shipping, handling, signature delivery, credit card use, and so forth.

By the way, I am not a shareholder or employee of Ammoman, just a very satisfied customer after many excellent experiences.
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No doubt Ammoman is great, but lately, Eric had to raise his prices and so his prices are not competitive right now for comparable ammo. Even I find the same exact brands and models, in many cases he isn't currently competitive there either. Sometimes the margin is close, sometimes not.

Ammoman has always provided excellent service. I look forward to when prices are more competitive for what I am shooting so that I may do business there again.

By the way, the convenience of having Ammoman's prices as inclusive are great for figuring costs. There is nothing better than to know X ammo will cost you $X to arrive at your door. It isn't $X + shipping and handling.

And while his prices are all inclusive, the are slightly high. You can save 3% if you send Eric a check as opposed to using a credit card. Just something to keep in mind.
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UPS's shipping charges vary according to distance. The "shipping included" price means that the customer who lives 200 miles away pays the same price as one who lives 2000 miles away. Since the cost for shipping is included in Ammoman's price, I've found that Natchez's delivered price is usually lower than Ammoman's for the same or comparable ammunition. On my last order, I saved at least $80.
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Another vote that Ammoman is totally reliable to do business with. As for my preference, I would rather pay a bit more and know that who I am doing business with is trustworthy.
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Old January 13, 2002, 04:43 PM   #5
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In some cases, I might agree with you, jadams951, but there comes a point when you are just throwing money away for piece of mind...and if you are charging via a credit card, that is totally unnecessary.

Right now, most of my ammo is provided by . Their prices do not include shipping. Shipping on 1000 rounds of .45 acp, however, runs about $25. I know this, knew it before my first order was completed. I did not the total bill and there were no surprises.

For example, I can get Blazer for $7.30 per box, or about $170 per 1000 rounds. The stuff feeds fine and since I don't reload, there is no reason to pay for brass for someone else to reload.

Or, I could go with S&B if I wanted brass. They are running $8.29 per box right now, or $166 per case, plus S&H, about $190.

The cheapest bassed ammo right now at Ammoman is running $219, shipped. So, for brassed ammo, I could pay $30 more per 1000? That just does not make good sense. The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that I don't need brass so I can get good ammo that does not deposit lacquer in my barrel (like Wolf) for $50 cheaper than what Ammoman has to offer. That is hugely significant.

If you do want Wolf, it will run $180 per 1000 from Ammoman. For me at Natchez, it is $7.10, or $142 per case of 1000, about $167 after shipping, a savings of $13.00.

Take Hydrashok Premium in .45 acp. Ammoman has it for $29 per box of 50 and he wants you to mix or match a miniumum of 5 boxes of Hydrashok ammo or there is a $5 freight fee. I can get the same box of ammo from Cheaper than Dirt ( for $16.99, about $20 shipping to my place, and only one box is required. So, Ammoman's price would be $34 for one box versus $20. That is hugely different.

Natchez and CTD have never done me wrong either. There isn't another bit of ammo that I would order from CTD, but for Hydrashok in .45 acp, they seem to be the way to go.

Remember that suppliers such as these that I have mentioned count on customer loyalty. There is an oxymoron or sorts. Why should a customer be loyal to a company that doesn't provide the best price and offers no other actual advantage over the competition? Loyalty is a two way street when it comes to money. Eric the Ammoman and the other dealers don't know me from Jack Sprat. I have never actually met any of them either. Loyalty should have nothing to do with it since this is nothing but pure business.

If you get piece of mind by spending $20 extra for the same product that is delivered reliably, that is great, but as in the cases noted above, it is not a sound business decision. Those people are in business and that is all there is to it.

Now if Eric and I were buddies, or maybe our kids went to school together and were friends, I might be inclined to do more business with him at higher prices because I actually knew the guy and had some sort of non-business relationship, but that ain't happening, at least not yet.

Think Eric might fly me up to his place to watch the Superbowl?
"If you look through your scope and see your shoe, aim higher." -- said to me by my 11 year old daughter before going out for hogs 8/13/2011
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Old January 16, 2002, 06:04 PM   #6
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I think shipping costs must have a lot to do with the price differences. I recently did a comparison between Natchez and Ammoman for .45 ACP. The price for similar ammo, including shipping, was about $10 higher at Natchez. Also, I don't like the fact that at Natchez you have to go through the complete process of filling out forms for an order to find out what the shipping costs will be. It took me a good five minutes to do this only only to find they were higher. Yes, I occasionally buy ammo from other online retailers, but the first stop I make for a price comparison and often the one I end up going with is Ammoman. Their service is ALWAYS consistently first-rate.
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Old January 18, 2002, 06:23 PM   #7
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I second Natchez for ammo.Most of their case prices for the ammo I shoot is cheaper than Ammoman by $10-$30 after shipping costs.
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Old January 18, 2002, 07:37 PM   #8
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Another vote for Natchez. I usually shoot .357sig and I reload that. Just bought a G36 .45 and don't want to reload for that right now. I started looking and I can buy cheaper at Natchez and they have a bigger selection than AmmoMan. Now that I have found their site I may buy some 357 rather than reload.
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Old January 24, 2002, 11:40 PM   #9
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Ammoman has great service will give you your money back if the ammo is not to your liking. So he told me on the phone, at least.
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Old January 27, 2002, 07:04 PM   #10
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Also, I don't like the fact that at Natchez you have to go through the complete process of filling out forms for an order to find out what the shipping costs will be.
I agree this is a huge pain. My ammo-buying plans are simple: for everything but 9mm or anything Blazer. You can get 9mm cheap at real stores and, for some reason, Ammoman doesn't carry Blazer, so if that's what I want, I'll go to Natchez.
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Old February 1, 2002, 08:33 PM   #11
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Ammoman has been fair to me... especially since I'm on the west coast and can use shipping being included in price.
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Old February 19, 2002, 10:11 PM   #12
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I check ammoman before I look anywhere else.

Even if his prices aren't the lowest, his service is unsurpassed and he keeps me supplied with reasonably priced MILSURP ammo.
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Old November 2, 2006, 08:28 PM   #13
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"" scam


A couple weeks ago I bought some .223 ammunition online.
That is how simple it started. It was 1000 rounds of .223
military surplus for $250. The price was right so I jumped on it.

Well the next day I was looking at my bank statement and I was
charged twice $500.00. So I contacted him and he said he would address this issue.
He never did. Then about a week later a package was left on my porch.

UPS left a package on the porch without a signature.
It just so happens it's 500 rounds of 45 A.C.P. So I call UPS
and they say Eric did not say to have it signed for on delivery.
So UPS is just doing there job.

When I spoke to Eric he said I got what I ordered. I sent every single
thing I could to prove him wrong. Now he is mad and will not pay for me to send him back the .45 ammo. And he will not credit my bank account. So he puts in a claim in to UPS. and said he was going to file a claim with the police. That I was scamming him. That's a long story short. He also is blocking my emails and phone calls.
So I can't contact him.

What do you think I should do? He is in New Jersey. If I send him the package back
and he doesn't credit my account. Then he has my $500.00 and I don't have squat.
I can't help but wonder if he did not know what they sent me.
It could be possible he sent my package to anywhere land.

I was pretty sure you had to sign for Ammo. just to prove you got it and you are of age. Had he asked for a signature
the pistol ammo. was NOT what I ordered And just not accepted the package and sent it back.

As of 10/28/2006 VISA has managed to get my money back
I had to prove every single thing. From his P.O. all the way to me sending him back the .45 ammunitionc tracking order.

He claimed to file a police report on this matter. I just wanted you to know my side. I think Eric at should be audited
for having the correct paper work. from what a person buys
online. What kind of ammunition that person was
shipped. If it was recieved and the order was correct. And if the person was of age.

Well after 3 weeks of dealing with this crap I got things straight.
As suggested I went to my bank, UPS,New Jersey police and the

It was a bitch providing all the documents I kept from the purchase
through the very end of this mess. After proving to all the people and places that I infact ordered 1000 rounds of .223And I never ordered 2000 rounds. Then I had to prove I never ordered 500 rounds of .45 ACP.

I even used the very same documents he sent me confirming the order.
Bank statments, UPS tracking codes and ALL the emails of ammoman
and myself going back and forth. Including the email block he put me on.

Then I sent him back the .45 ACP I never ordered.
I needed that tracking number from UPS. My credit union got back all
the money and credited my account. I can't tell you how much B.S.
this took. That deal is over!

I can't tell anyone where to shop. But for the record HELL will freeze
over before I deal with and Eric again.
If you do keep every single thing from start to finish.
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Old November 2, 2006, 10:45 PM   #14
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I do buy from Eric, I have returned mags to Eric with no problem, but I have also read more than one post like the above. Does make me nervous.
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Old November 10, 2006, 07:34 PM   #15
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I bought ammo from Eric for many years without any cause for complaint. I liked the fact that shipping was included in the price (no surprises) and my orders always arrived promptly. But then I had occasion to use his customer service.

In a word... it stinks.

He's arrogant and condescending. Simple (and reasonable) questions seem to set him off. If all goes well with an online order things are fine. If there are any glitches... well, suffice it to say I'm buying my ammo elsewhere these days.

You want my money - you treat me with respect. If that's too much to ask I'll give it to someone else.
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Earlier this year there was a HUGE flap involving AMMOMAN over at the ar-15 forum.
Bottom line...AMMOMAN got banned from that site!
I would think it would take something drastic to get banned from ar-15.
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Old November 11, 2006, 08:18 AM   #17
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IIRC the flap at had to do with a Chinese SKS a board member bought from Eric. The rifle was touted to be a Vietnam bringback with no import marks. Upon arrival it turned out to be a beat Norinco import... clearly marked as such.

Eric has a strict "no returns" policy on firearms, and refused to refund the board member's money. Such a policy is understandable if an item truly is as advertised. In this case it was clearly a mistake on ammoman's part or a deliberate deception.

When the board member pressed the issue, Eric lawyered up. I don't believe the issue was ever resolved.

This is but one reason I won't do business with them any more.
When did ignorance become a point of view?
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am I the only one who noticed...

that four years, 8+ months elapsed between posts #12 and #13?

Wow, that's digging deep in the archives for material...
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Old November 11, 2006, 11:02 AM   #19
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May just go to show that some things never change.
Criminals thrive on the indulgence of an understanding society
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Old November 11, 2006, 03:34 PM   #20
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Wow, that's digging deep in the archives for material...

If somone starts a thread about a topic that has been touched on before (which is about any) they get flamed for not searching this guy does use the search and he gets flamed for using it.
Will work for brass.

I apologise in advance for spelling errors.
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Old November 18, 2006, 04:22 PM   #21
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Posts: 14 "bad ethics"

I had problems with an order I placed with on the internet.
Everything started out fine.

Then he sent me a box of ammunition via U.P.S.
He did not have U.P.S. sign for the delivery. I ordered 1000 rounds of. 223 rifle ammunition.
He sent 500 rounds of .45 pistol ammunition.

If he would of required a signature, I would of
Simply had it shipped back to Eric.

Eric also charged me twice, I only ordered 1 box. Even his purchase order shows a quantity of 1 box of 1000 rounds of .223. He claimed I got what I ordered, I did not.

Now he said he was going to get the police and UPS involved. And accuses me of a scam.

This is a long collection of the emails sent back and forth from the beginning to 10/21/2006.
So I've sent the following emails for proof
of this messed up deal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I do appreciate it





Part Number #223-GTSS109GT-1000
$249-1000 Rounds.


This is your CONFIRMATION COPY of your order at AMMOMAN.COM, If you see any errors please e-mail IMMEDIATELY with the problem or feel free to call us at the numbers listed on the website

Once again Thank You for your ORDER..
Eric, John, Rob, Casey, Tyler, Steven, & Bambi

Order Number : 8966
Placed : 10/04/2006 19:17:36 Eastern Daylight Time


Code Name Quantity 1 Price/Ea. Total
223-GTSS109GT-10001000-223 LAKE CITY SS109 GREEN TIP SP 1 $249.00
Shipping: FREE SHIPPING: $0.00
Sales Tax: $0.00
Total: $249.00

I took a picture of what I got from ammoman, when I received it from UPS. Eric would not believe they sent me
500 rounds of .45 pistol ammunition. The best way to prove him wrong was to take a picture of it. He even admits it. When I first got the package he did not believe me, that is why it took 6 days. Eric finally realized I was
telling him the truth.

Email from Eric to me.

Take a picture and show us what you got with the label from us on it.
We don't believe you after 6 days of saying you never got anything.
Now tell us how you can't take a picture.
Your scams are anticipated.We are one step ahead of you and all because you claimed for 6 days to have received nothing.
Who can believe you now???????????????

Hotmail acct?
Restricted phone number?
Didn't get a thing until we called the police and now you claim it was a case of 45, you received instead?
We are starting to wonder about this scam.

----- Original Message -----
To: Dan
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2006 5:15 AM
Subject: Re: returning Ammo I did NOT order

This is great.
We finally after 6 days got you to admit you even got what you ordered.

----- Original Message -----
To: Dan
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2006 5:27 AM
Subject: Re: returning Ammo I did NOT order

Email from Eric to me.
You got what you ordered. I ordered 223-GTSS109GT-10001000-223 LAKE CITY SS109 GREEN TIP SP 1 $249.00, I called UPS and the Police also.

Email from me to Eric.

----- Original Message -----
To: Dan
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2006 5:51 AM

This is my point of view on the simple deal that
went very bad.

Eric does not do business professionally.
I wanted 1000 rounds of .223 rifle ammunition.
He sent me 500 rounds of .45 ACP. pistol ammunition.

Then he is trying to charge me twice for the original of .223 that I never received.

He can't prove he sent me what I ordered 1000 rounds of .223 rifle ammunition.


I spoke to UPS and in order for me to send the .45 A.C.P. back
to Eric I need a return authorization number. He would not give me.

UPS said Eric didn't require UPS to get a signature for it.
I do NOT need to pay to have it sent back to you. I need an authorization number
from you Eric!
I never ordered .45 ACP and Eric can't prove That I did.

Eric never sent ANY .223 ammunition and can't prove that he did.

I don't know if Eric even knew what he sent me, and Where he sent it.

My view of the scam he accused me of.

In my opinion- people order ammunition off his website
Then he charges them 2 times. Then he sends whatever he wants to the customer.

After he gets his money. The customer calls and complains about the double charges.
He claims he will fix it, he don't.

Then the customer calls and complains.
Not only did Eric send the wrong ammunition it was only 500 rounds.

Then he threatens the buyer with police reports, and UPS reports.
Claiming he can make it so UPS will not deliver to me again.

At that point UPS is at fault or I'm running a scam "In Eric's mind".
Next he accuses me of a scam.

For this scam to work.
I would have to order 1 box of 1000 rounds of .223 rifle rounds. Hoping to get charged twice?

Hoping that I get something I did not order or want. I have nothing to gain by doing this.

To top it off it was only 500 rounds of Wolf .45 A.C.P pistol ammunition. For a dollar a round! Why would I run a scam like that?

So Eric at ammoman would get my $498.00, and I would end up with
$100.00 worth of ammunition? That would make NO sense at all...

Email from me to Eric.

I see no need for your attitude. Take a second and look at this from my point of view.
I'd like to see the purchase I made and your people screwed up simply fixed.

And I do stress your people screwed up. Please deal with me in a professional manner and respond. If you don't I'll just wait for the police and cancel the 2 transactions of $248.00.
I did not want it to come to this, the choice is yours ERIC.

I can't believe this is not US mail fraud. Or legal for that matter. I want my fellow firearm owners to know something.
I'm not trying to change a law about signing for ammunition.

I feel very strongly about laws that slowly chip away at "the right to bear arms" away from law abiding people.

For example the bayonet lug law.
I don't believe that law was put into place because of too many
drive by bayoneting. It was simply one more law that made it
more of a pain.

If laws like that were to continue. Slowly but surely our right to bear arms
would be in jeopardy.

I don't want that...
I just feel that Eric (
uses this as a way to place the blame for his mistakes,
and crapy way of doing business on the customer.
Eric tells me the customer you got what you ordered!!!

And claiming the customer (me) in this case, for running a scam.
I have stated that this so called "scam" of mine would only work in Eric's favor.

Just a coincidence! I don't think so.
It gives Eric at ammoman a way to send what ever he wants
to. Even if it's NOT what he advertises. That is usually in Eric's favor.
When confronted by the customer. He will threaten you with police reports. He even told me he would file a report with UPS.
And then UPS would never deliver to me again.

That my friends is a powerful scare tactic of Eric's.
I'm sure a majority of the people simply think "it's just not worth it"
So he gets away with it. And some poor customer gets burned.

I just want future customers to use caution when purchasing
from him. I wish I would have seen something like this posted
when I bought from him. I would not have taken the chance.

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Why does he claim that you waited 6 days without receiving anything? Can't UPS verify when it was delivered? If not, why'd you wait 6 days to say your order was mixed? And why not take a picture of what you received?

I orderded the exact same thing and it was received correctly and on time. Only bad part of the transaction was having to pay that much for ammo...

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Old November 19, 2006, 04:42 PM   #23
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yeah I don't do business with ammoman any more either. heard and read too many negative things about them lately ( double charges, not as advertiesed, etc..) . Last order I put in was all messed up. Ordered 500 rds .223 green tip Lake city surplus, 500 rds Wolf FMJ 7.62X39, couple boxes .303 brit FMJ and couple boxes .30 M1 carbine, plus some other assorted stuff. Ended up getting wolf 223, wolf 7.62x39 and a case of .303 birt and mi carbine. He messed up in my favor for the majority of the order so I didn't complain too much about getting wolf instead of Lake city surplus. Never mentioned the other errors when I talked to them, but they did offer to either refund me the difference or send me another case of the wolf 223 at a discount. Just wanted my difference in the money back and he gave it back (took a couple of reminder emails to get them to refund it though).

Now I buy all my stuff from Natchez or Midway or just load it myself. If they can mess up an order as bad as they did mine (or yours) and not even notice it, then I don't want to take any more chances with them and wonder what I will get next.
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Sorry about the double post, but I had a great experience with Ammoman. My guess is that he got a little overloaded with the rush.
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I ordered some 9mm speer gold dots from ammoman a couple of years back in those 250rd loose cartons and one of the cartons was missing 50 rds! I emailed them about it and they told me to go file a police report - pretty much saying I'm lying. I emailed back nicely saying I purchased from you, I go to you with a problem, the package wasn't broken into so I have no business with the police. They credited me back for those 50 rounds (basically prorated from 250rd) after that, but that experience left me feeling rather uneasy about them. I probably would order again because they have some good deals sometimes, but given an alternative with similar prices would not.
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