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7.62x39 Bullet Loading Questions

Hello all, Just first wanted to say that I'm new to the forum and i am considering starting to reloading. One of the rounds that I would be reloading is the 7.62x39 Russian and was doing some research and found an interesting question that I can't seem to find the answer to.
Here goes, All the load data that I've been able to find is based on a .311 or .312 diameter bullet. But when looking for purchasing bullets all I find is .310 diameter bullets. Though in the same category, on say Midway USA they have 303 Caliber and 7.7 mm Japanese Bullets in the .311 and .312 diameter sizes. So I guess I need to know what to do, would I need to look more to find load data for .310 or would I use the 7.7mm bullets at .311 and .312 diameter?

Much Help would be appreciated.
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In so far as a size difference of .001-.002, the same load data should be just fine if it's the same bullet style, weight, and preferably manufacturer. Just follow the rule of starting at the bottom and work your load up from there. I would also suggest slugging your barrel to verify the bore and bullet size needed to fit it correctly. You should fine plenty of info on slugging in the bullet casting sub-category.
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go with .311 pills unless you have a mini-30

I load 7.62x39 for a CZ527 Carbine and a VEPR-K.

The .311 diameter Sierra 125 gr (British 303 cal) bullets give me the best groups - significantly better than any .310 or .308 bullets. With H4198 and good brass I can get 1 MOA with both the CZ and the VEPR-K.

Lapua and Sierra make 125 and 150 gr bullets in .311 and I think there are others. Search under 'British 303' on Midway for starters.

For me, Remington and Hornady .310 pills did not group nearly as well as the ones mentioned above.
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dashpilot, what gun are you reloading for? Given you said 7.62x39, I would assume AK or SKS.
My hornady and Lee load books both show data for said caliber, and are for the .310-.311 diameter. As far as midwayusa, you need to re-read the caliber choices: , they have plenty to choose from.
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The short answer is use the .311 load data for your 123 grain .310 bullets. They will expand to the bore size when fired. The only issue is if you gun is a Ruger Mini-30, guns of that make up to 1987 were bore size of .308 and used a forcing cone to bring .311 ammo to the correct .308 size, after 1987 Ruger manufactered the Mini-30 in .310 bore size and you can not use a .308 bullet.

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Hornady & the Lyman #48 & #49 manuals have load data for the Hornady .310 dai. 123 gr. bullets,the data can be use interchangeable with the Hornady 123 gr. FMJ,SP an V-MAX component bullets.

I've also use the 125 gr. .311 Sierra Pro Hunter bullet with the 123 gr. data,as mentioned just use the starting load and work you way up to find a safe and accurate load.

As I recall all the .311 dia. bullets will weigh at least 150 grs. the Lee reloading manual list load data for the 150 gr. bullets. I've used the Lee data with the Sierra Pro Hunter .311 150 gr. SP,Speer HotCor .311 150 gr. SP and the Prvi Partizan .311 RNBT 150 gr.

I've reload for a Yugo and Chinese SKS for several years in both jacketed and cast bullets. Both my bores slugged out at .312 across the grooves,I get the best accuracy for the .310 dia. bullets the .311 dia. bullet shoot well but nothing like the .310's I use them mainly in my Mosin rifles and as a backup bullet in the SKS or for close range bush busting.

308 dia. bullet don't shoot well at all and are a waste of good bullet in my SKS rifles. Now that I'm casting my own bullets for use in the SKS rifle I'm just letting my stash of jacketed bullet sit till they really needed.

My go to powders which are available locally are Reloader#7 and IMR or H4198 for jacketed bullets and Alliant 2400 for cast loads they give me my best bang for the buck as far as accuracy and velocity vs. charge weight. AA-1680 is an excellent powder as well but nobody around here carries it anymore.
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after 1987 Ruger manufactered the Mini-30 in .310 bore size and you can not use a .308 bullet.
Sure you can. The .308 bullet will work just fine in the .310 bore, it may not be as accurate as some .310 bullets, but it will work and it will work safely.
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According to an article in Guns & Ammo magazine, the Feb, 2011, issue, the SAAMI spec for bullets in a 7.62x39 is .310 minus .002. So .308 bullets are within the spec. Therefore you should be able to use the more commonly available .308 bullets in 7.62x39 guns.

Most sizing dies that I am aware of for 7.62x39 come with two neck expanders. One for .308 and one for .310. My Hornady dies came that way. In fact, the .308 expander ball was the one installed by the factory.
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Loading for AK

Yes I was loading for the AK. I did see the .310 bullets at Midway, just haven't found any free data for loading .310 bullets, they are all .311 and .312 as I put in my original post.

Thank you for the help guys.
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The Honrady spire point is .3105. Another option you might not be aware of is Berrys now makes a plated .311 125 grain bullet for the 7.62x39mm. My vz-58 rips it up at operational velocities, but the CZ 527M loves it, loaded to jacketed velocities with no issues.

Get a sample packet of them from Berrys and see how they work for you. If you're just punching paper, they might be a great cost saver for ya!

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