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Old November 30, 2010, 05:55 PM   #1
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Looking For a Nine

I'm in the market for a good, mid-sized 9 mm pistol, and wondered if anyone out there has any advice for me. I'm familiar and qualified with Beretta 92, H&K USP and my favourite is the Sig P226, but those are all rather large frame and I want something a bit smaller.
I'm looking for something that is concealable, but would feel fine in open carry on my belt. I know that it comes down to what feels good and works for me, but a jump-off point is always nice.
Anybody out there know of something that might fit my needs?
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You might want to check out Kahr's offerings. I've been real impressed with my PM9.
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Old November 30, 2010, 05:59 PM   #3
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Glock 19

I think the Glock 19 would fit your needs perfectly.
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Old November 30, 2010, 06:04 PM   #4
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Don't resist the P226...

OK, if you must resist, have you considered a Walther PPS? or a Walther P99 Compact?
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Old November 30, 2010, 06:07 PM   #5
Uncle Malice
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You'll get more suggestion than you could ever possibly try here

My suggestions...
  • Glock 19
  • XD-9
  • P229
  • USP Compact
  • Walther PPS

The PPS is significantly smaller than the other recommendations and maybe smaller than what you are looking for, but it's a great pistol. The others are, obviously, also good choices.
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Old November 30, 2010, 06:25 PM   #6
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I would have to agree with UM, dont know much about the walther other than holding a few but I love the G19, xd 9 and usp 9 I love. I bought my son the xdm 9mm and I have been very impressed. His is in the 3.8 barrel
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Old November 30, 2010, 06:27 PM   #7
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Since you already know the HK go with a USPc.
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Old November 30, 2010, 06:38 PM   #8
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Beretta 92, H&K USP and my favourite is the Sig P226
These are all hammer-driven DA/SA systems, so I'll stay away from suggesting safety-less striker systems such as Glock/M&P/XD.

CZ-75 compact or PCR or P-01 might be good choices. Small enough to conceal but still of a decent size to practice with comfortably or not look silly on the belt, like a KelTec P3AT would if you wore it on a OWB holster.

HK makes a USP compact. I think they're overpriced and not particularly special in any way, but it's an option if you like USP's.

Sig has the P6 (also known as the P225) which is a single-stack 9mm Sig similar to the P226. Only drawback I've heard is that the older ones can be picky with hollowpoint ammo, but this can be remedied. These are all on the used market as European LEO trade-ins. But, they make for nice, small service sized concealment pistols.

Beretta made a model 92 single-stack pistol back in the 80's. Beretta 92SB-C type M. Smaller to conceal and grip at the cost of less ammo.
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Old November 30, 2010, 06:46 PM   #9
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I agree with the poster above me CZ P-01 (aluminum) or CZ-75B Compact (steel) would have to be considered. CZ calls them compact, but they're really mid sized.

I'm also starting to warm up to the FN FNP/FN FNX pistols. The grip is a little thicker than the CZ and it's about 0.4 inches taller. Otherwise, it's equal in length and maybe 4 ounces lighter than the P-01.
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Old November 30, 2010, 06:52 PM   #10
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if you're willing to wait

get a compact xdm, they have the mag/grip extension that allows you to have a 19 round 9mm. or a compact xd as well. Glock might be a wise choice too.
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Old November 30, 2010, 07:33 PM   #11
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Mid Size 9MM

Sig 239 9MM
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Old November 30, 2010, 07:37 PM   #12
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I'll toss in another vote for the CZ 75D compact / P01, same gun just different designation. Great pistol!! Check it out.
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Old November 30, 2010, 07:39 PM   #13
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Best CCW pistol now made, in my very biased opinion, is the CZ PCR. If you want a rail, get the CZ P-01. Another option, slightly larger but lighter with more rounds, the CZ P-07, which can also be switched from decocker to standard safety by the user.
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Old November 30, 2010, 07:40 PM   #14
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And I still love my P7...Does it all.
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Old November 30, 2010, 08:05 PM   #15
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I love the small, light single-stack 9's... If you could possibly get ahold of a Kahr CW9 and a Walther PPS together at a range, you'd have lots of fun. Many people have trouble deciding between them. Both reliable. The CW9 is less $.
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Old November 30, 2010, 08:15 PM   #16
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Plenty of great choices have been mentioned. I don't know if the Walther PPS is too small for what you're after, but I recommend it very, very highly.

Take a look at the Beretta PX4 Compact or PX4 Subcompact, also.
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Old November 30, 2010, 08:17 PM   #17
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If you are willing to look for a used pistol, the 3rd Generation Smith & Wesson pistols would rock in this role. Especially a single stack, like the 3913.

Sadly, they don't make 'em any more.
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Old November 30, 2010, 08:25 PM   #18
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since you like the p226, might i suggest the Sig p239 or p225
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Old November 30, 2010, 08:29 PM   #19
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If you like the Sig P226, then consider the Sig P239 which is their single stack compact. Comes in 9mm, .357 Sig. and .40 S&W. Very reliable and accurate. It's about the same size and a Glock 19. The DA/SA Autos do have a lot to offer. Follow it up next year with a Glock 19 and 1911 and and some revolvers and you will be set. Well, maybe there are a few more you will need. I hope you enjoy your new gun, which ever you choose.
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Old November 30, 2010, 08:45 PM   #20
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Glock 19, Hk P30, M&P, FNX
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Old November 30, 2010, 08:48 PM   #21
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Glock 19, without question.

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Old November 30, 2010, 09:07 PM   #22
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Most professionals in the business will say that the Glock 19 is the most versatile pistol ever created. I tend to agree and have since my first one in 1991. I now have three and they are the staple of my handguns. I have 1911 models and a few 30s, which I also love, but the 19 is the best all arounder made.
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Old November 30, 2010, 09:58 PM   #23
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Based on my experience and preferences:

CZ75 Compact or P-01
SIG P239
HK P30
Glock 19
Walther P99

I would pick from that list, personally. Already have one of them
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Old November 30, 2010, 10:10 PM   #24
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+1 for the SIG P239 in whatever caliber you prefer. You can get the same DA options on it as on the P226, and it takes down in similar fashion.
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Old November 30, 2010, 10:20 PM   #25
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1. Sig P6/P225 - most concealable but 8+1 only.
2. HK P2000, USP compact, P30.
3. Sig P228, P229.
4. Walther P99.
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