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What new 9mm should I buy?

Post Edited - has all information summarized, and purchase decision. Please, keep adding suggestions - they are appreciated!


I like standardizing my calibers, so I only shoot .22 and 9mm in handguns. I have enough .22s, so I am fleshing out my 9mm collection.

So far, I own:

Glock 26 (Carry gun)
Steyr S-A1 (Carry gun)
Glock 17 (first handgun)
HK USP SD (Bought this week, interested in accuracy potential)

I had a Steyr M-A1 a while back and loved it, but I just accumulated some extra cash and wanted to buy a new 9mm - 6 choices are below, with my commentary. What do you think?

Initial 6 Options:

Sig P226 - Have always liked the way it felt in my hand - it "feels" right. However, I shot a Sig .22 Mosquito and it was a jam-o-matic... I don't know which way to go on this one.

Walther PPS - This would be another "carry gun", with the advantage of being thinner than my current 2 options. It feels great in my hand, and I have heard good things about it.

Caracal F - I love the Wilhelm Bubits' designed Steyr M & S series, and he is the designer of these new 9mm handguns from Caracal (U.A.E.). They are imported by WaffenWerks in the US... but totally unknown. Thoughts?

Steyr M9-A1 - I used to own one of these, and I loved it. It is a proven commodity, however, and I thought perhaps I should try out other handguns before buying another one of these.

Glock 19 - This one made my list for the Goldilocks effect - "just right". The Glock 26 is tiny, and the Glock 17 is fine, but a tad largish - so this would fight right in the middle "sweet spot." (similar size as the Walther PPS) -

HK P2000SK - Another "carry gun" - has an advantage over the Glock 26 in that I can squeeze all my fingers on the grip, without a Pearce grip, and is slightly smaller than a Steyr S-A1. - Just bought an HK - looking to broaden my gun range.

There you have it - any thoughts/opinions/suggestions are appreciated. I practice regularly with my handguns, and am fairly proficient (even with the Glock 26, which I was horrendous with accuracy-wise when I bought it).

Forum Recommendations:

CZ 75B - A solid favorite among replies to this thread - I love the Browning Hi-Power, and will buy one next year. Would this be two of the same gun, or two different animals altogether?

FNP-9 - I added this one. I've always liked FN's - and this one is dirt cheap. $475 out-the-door (taxes included!). Feels great in my hand, and has good feedback from other users. Any thoughts?

Some Eliminations:

Caracal F - I decided that this gun was too new, and as yet unavailable to the US market for it to be a serious consideration. WaffenWerks/Caracal USA is the importer, has the stock in hand, but is waiting for the insurance certification. Will consider this probably in about a year.

Steyr M9-A1 - This option was eliminated because I recently owned one and loved it, but I am trying to diversify my options. Being that I already own 2 Glocks and 1 Steyr, I figured that another Steyr was overkill. I will, however, buy one, but later this year/early next year.

Glock 19 - This one was pretty much a gimme - I already have 2 Glocks, so getting a G19, albeit a cheap one through the GSSF program, is pretty far down my list.

HK P2000SK - I removed this one for a variety of reasons - #1 was cost, as it is in the $800 range, once shipping & transfer costs are included. Also, I just bought an HK, and I wanted to try something else.

Final Selection

Sig P226 - A lot of fellow members liked this one - It is a bit expensive, however, and I wasn't sure if I was ready to take "the SIG plunge."
I tabled it for further discussion, and decided that I would put it on my "buy" list, but further down the road.

CZ 75B - Wow... I don't know what else to say. The forum response was overwhelming in regards to this handgun. Obviously, CZ has a good product on their hands, and I seriously considered it. However, I just sold an all-steel Hi-Power clone to make room in the safe for a genuine Browning Hi-Power, so I ended up decided against it for my next purchase. A definite must get early next year, however.

Walther PPS - I'll cut to the chase quickly - I ended up buying this one. Honestly, coming into this decision, I had no idea I was going to buy this - I really thought I would end up with the HK P2000SK. However, the positive forum responses, and the fact that this offered me something I liked (carry option) and something I didn't have (slimness) meant that I took a long, hard look, and decided it was the right choice for me.

FNP-9 - This was a late addition - I wanted one a while back, and my gun store is having a blowout sale on them at $475 out the door, so I thought about this one really hard. On the advice of some members here, I decided the deal was too good to pass up, so I am placing a down payment on this pistol later today and will pick it up in early November.

Final Thoughts:

Great responses from the forum. I normally don't post very much, and I was pleasantly surprised by all the responses, which were thoughtful, well written, and honest. I really do appreciate that, and please keep giving me more suggestions, as I still want to purchase a few more 9mm's in the future (I honestly have no interest in .40 S&W or .45 ACP).

I'll make sure I post pics sometime this weekend. I am going to the range Sunday, and I am going to take my Walther PPS and give it a thorough workout. Range report to follow.

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Amin Parker
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You have not considered the Cz75?
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I heartily recommend the PPS. Its concealable, and shoots extremely well. Best carry gun that I own.
I also like the Steyr, although they aren't very popular.
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You have plenty of polymer for now. SIG 226 is much better than the Mosquito, don't judge SIG by that.

I also second CZ 75.

Also try Beretta 92?

Browning Hi-Power?
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I just tried a Springfield XD subcompact. That will be my next purchase. I did better with it than the new XDM. Both were 9mm, but the subcompact just felt better.
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A full-size CZ75B would give you a good range/HD gun (and I find it neither too big nor heavy for carry). It would allow you to carry DA/SA, or cocked and locked, depending on your preference.

If you like a decocker, you can get CZ75 in that flavor, too.

Since you seem to like DA pistols, and also seem to be looking at the mid-size types, I'd recommend the CZ75D PCR.

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from your list-- p226.
what about a 1911 9mm?
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No new design but the CZ-75B. You need some all steel in your collection!
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Mr Lucky
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Starting with the .22.

The Sig Mosquito is probably really the only big mistake Sig ever made. It does not like most types of ammo but will usually feed CCI mini-mag.

I would highly recommend the Walther Sp22 4". It is a great little .22lr, feels good in the hand, 10+1 rd, mags. are inexpensive.

For 9 mm:

I own and carry a 9 mm PPS most of the time. 6,7, or 8 rd. It is well made, fairly small, ultra slim, accurate and reliable. The only downside I can think of is that factory mags are quite expensive, about $54 ea.

The CZ 75B would be a great addition as others have mentioned.

I also like the CZ P01 w/ 14 rd. capacity.

There is nothing like a SIG. I would not hesitate to recommend the Sig P239.
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+1 Pilpens

A 1911 9mm would definitely be cool, but from the list I'd be really tempted to add the Glock 19.
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Hk P30
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Uncle Malice
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I would vote for either the P226 or the Walther PPS.

The PPS has replaced all of my other guns as my daily carry. I will switch off once in a while if i feel like carrying something a little more substantial, but for the most part.. the PPS is the sweet spot.

Since you don't yet own a Sig, I would also recommend that. The way a lot of these rabid fan boys are about their 1911's.... that's how I am with Sigs.

You really can't go wrong with either. It just depends on what you're more 'in the mood for' I suppose.
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Originally Posted by Mosin44az

You have plenty of polymer for now. SIG 226 is much better than the Mosquito, don't judge SIG by that.

I also second CZ 75.

Also try Beretta 92?

Browning Hi-Power?
Along with a HK P7M8 or P7M13 these would be my 9mm's of choice.
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chris in va
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I've sifted through a lot of handguns the past few years, but the one that is still my go-to range shooter is my CZ 75bd.
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Wow - a lot of good replies here, and I'm glad you guys are offering new suggestions as well.

I've eliminated the Caracal F (too new) and the Steyr M (will buy in a few months) and added the CZ 75B. I like the Browning Hi-Power suggestion - I owned a clone, the Arcus 98DA, and loved it - I sold it so I could replace it with a Hi-Power down the road.

That being the case, does it change anyone's suggestion of the CZ 75B, being that I am planning on purchasing a Hi-Power sometime in early 2011?

It looks like the Walther PPS is leading for me - and a lot of votes for the Sig 226 as well. The CZ 75B is in the running as well, based on replies.
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CZ75B for a full size or CZ P01 for compact. I have the P01 and it is a fantastic pistol, it has somewhat of a long trigger pull but you quickly get used to that due to the fun of shooting it so much.
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No 1911?

I understand, though: The trigger would ruin you with respect to accuracy with the other pistols.
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Another vote for the CZ-75B,,,

I searched for a long time to find what I considered to be the perfect Wonder-Nine,,,
I can't say the CZ-75B is perfect but so far it has performed flawlessly.

It's just a joy to shoot.

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That being the case, does it change anyone's suggestion of the CZ 75B, being that I am planning on purchasing a Hi-Power sometime in early 2011?
It sounds like you wish to diversify your collection, and that you are worried about having two guns in your collection that are too similar. Is this correct?

If so, you can check the Glock 19 off the list right now since you already own two of the same gun in different sizes. You can't get any more similar than that

It will be interesting to see if you like your H&K as it has a very different trigger than your other striker fired pistols. If you don't, then adding a Walther PPS or even a P-99 with a QA trigger will provide you with a similar trigger experience that you are already used to.

But I feel that variety is the spice of life so try another DA/SA trigger to see if you like the difference.

As you are inclined towards the fit of the 226 you might just go that route. Although, beware, for many the CZ 75 (such as myself) fits much better in the hand.

The 75 and Hi-Power have similar properties in that they both have Browning style actions and are all steel. No more similar than your Glock and Steyr having similar actions and polymer frames.

There are certainly enough differences, features, and history behind behind both the CZ and FN to justify owning both IMO!
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Jim - I have limited experience with a 1911, and I think that is something that I'm not ready to get into yet. Nothing against a very fine Browning design - and I'm sure I'll get very familiar with it in the future.
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It sounds like you wish to diversify your collection, and that you are worried about having two guns in your collection that are too similar. Is this correct?
Got it in 1! I have more or less eliminated the G19 - I am a GSSF member, so it is so doggone cheap, but I am not seriously considering it as much as the other options.

I like the idea of a DA/SA pistol - hence my USP purchase. Gun will be at my FFL tomorrow, range trip to follow. I'm very interested to see how I like the USP, and how I shoot it.

I'm very interested in a Walther PPS as it would be another carry option (can never have too many choices). The Sig P226 and the CZ 75B would both be range guns, (need those too!), and also serve to diversify my SA/DA choices.

I shot extremely well with the Hi-Power clone I had (Arcus 98DA), so I think I am partial to a SA handgun.

Dangit - can't I just buy them all?
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I've got two suggestions... I'm adding these because both of these are on my own personal "to do" list. One has been mentioned already and one has not.

HK P7M8 or PSP. For a few reasons... first reason is that you own NOTHING like this. As a matter of fact, anyone that doesn't have a P7 of some sort owns nothing whatsoever anything in the world like this pistol! It's a completely different animal and if something different is what you want, I dare you to find a 9mm pistol that is as much different from all the rest at the P7.

The reason I want to try one is because I hear nothing but great things about how they shoot, how accurate they are and how much fun they are to bang away with on a range day.

They aren't cheap and they aren't building any more of them, so you end up forking over new gun money for a used gun. Magazines and holsters are expensive. For me, it would be a range toy that sees a lot of action, not a carry gun. But I still want one.

The other one I'd suggest is the EAA Witness Elite Match. For the money these go for, it just seems like a heckuva lot of gun. I've played with one in a gun store and the trigger is wonderful. It's a CZ patterned pistol, but this one is single action only. Gotta be to have that sweet trigger. EAA customer service is suspect, but the gunmaker (Tanfoglio) is not new to this ballgame. I've been stewing over one of these for maybe almost two years. Built and designed like a CZ-75 but doesn't look too much like them.
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Of the ones you listed my vote goes to the CZ75B; however, you should look at Beretta and Ruger's P95. If you go with Glock make sure it IS NOT a Gen 4. Good Luck.
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I will also reccomend the Walther PPS 9mm. I have 1500 rounds thru mine with not one FTE or FTF. I have put 400 rounds thru it at a 6 hour class. It ran flawless. It is the most accurate 3 inch barrel i have ever shot.

The trigger is a self defense trigger at 6.5lbs, short travel, crisp break and short-noticable reset. I love the trigger.

It is thin and light. I can carry it all day with no issues.
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9mm , sig , steyr , walther

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