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Besides, who here thinks state governments are any better than the national government?
There is a VERY important difference. When states are stupid, people can easily leave to another state. When the federal government is stupid, leaving is much more difficult.

When a state government gets stupid, like a particular state on the West coast, people leave. This has been the case in that state for many years. The wealthiest, hardest working, best and brightest leave that state for states that are not as stupid. States that are not as stupid gain the rich and their capital, who then start and grow businesses and make the economic pie larger. The hard working and bright people follow and work for those companies.

The smart government states, like Texas, gain population and tax revenue and grow, the stupid states lose revenue and stagnate. That one stupid state on the west coast is facing a serious budget shortfall because the most productive are leaving.

When the federal government does something stupid, it is much more difficult for people to leave and go elsewhere. The stupidity is not as swiftly and harshly punished.

When the South had their Jim Crow Laws, what did blacks do? Many LEFT the south, for other states where they were not discriminated against so heavily. The south suffered economically because of their stupid policy by loosing a good portion of their hardest working citizens. Other states gained those hard working people and benefited from it.

When the US government got stupid during WWII and interned 110,000 Japanese American citizens, what could they do? They couldn't move to another state because it covered all states. They couldn't move to another country. They had to sit there and take it.

For years we lost a great number of bright and hard working people who would have been invaluable to production, research and development, as well as other sectors of the economy. Would it not have been great had a state said, "No, these people have done nothing wrong and we need them in the economy?"

Remember that the SCOTUS upheld the internment as constitutional too. Showing that the SCOTUS is no help when deciding if the Federal government has overstepped its bounds. Going to the SCOTUS to decide if the Federal government has overstepped its power is like you and I referring a dispute we have to my mother. You see right away that the deck is stacked against you. No party enters into a contract where only the other party gets to interpret the contract.
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The smart government states, like Texas, gain population and tax revenue and grow, the stupid states lose revenue and stagnate. That one stupid state on the west coast is facing a serious budget shortfall because the most productive are leaving.
I'm sorry to interrupt the Ayn Rand tribute , but how then do you account for the fact that Texas is facing a budget shortfall of 21 billion dollars and growing? Which is 50% more per capita than the California budget shortfall?

Almost all the states are in budget trouble because of the economy. One doesn't need to look any farther than that. And last I checked, Wall Street was still located in New York, and Hollywood was still located in California. There's not an overabundance of millionaires moving to Butte, Montana.
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Well, maybe you think it's easy to pack up and leave if you don't like things and move to another state but there's probably a lot of people who might if they only had the price of a bus ticket. There was a time, however, when it wasn't even as easy as you might think. During the dust bowl days when people were leaving Oklahoma, local law enforcement in places like Arizona treated them like foreigners, keeping them moving on out of the state.

And you think people are right-wing today.
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