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revolver for personal protection /home security-for sure

I have come to the conclusion that for me, I absolutely feel more confident carrying a revolver for personal protection,home defense.

My reason for believing this so strongly is from numerous trips to the range with my Smith and wesson model 67 revolver and My FM Hi Power semi auto ,and me Ruger Mark II semi auto. I have had numerous issues with either semi auto with either a failure to feed,eject,at times from both semi autos. I believe that most or maybe all of these issues were related to the ammo itself. But,it doesn't seem to matter which brand of ammo you are using. All brands of ammo tend to have a bad rounds mixed in from time to time. Apparently there just is so much ammo being made and quality control is just not strong enough to prevent a bad round from being made from time to time.

Semi autos just seem to have issues when that bad round is used in the weapon. Since revolvers are far less dependent of the round being perfect to function without incident, I feel alot more confident that it will fire when I need it to.

What I have found as far as faulty rounds are rounds with burrs on them ,causing feed or ejection issues,small imperfections in rim area,rim being either little thicker or thinner from round to round,etc.

Of all rounds I fire between my 2 semi autos and my revolver,I have had numerous issues with my semi autos,and only one issue with my revolver. The issue with the revolver was the rim area of the round was a tiny bit thicker than normal which caused the cylinder to not spin freely. That so far was the one and only time my revolver actually would not function until that particular wound ws removed.

I do keep all my firearms very clean and properly oiled.I believe all my handguns are in good working order and of very good quality and workmanship ,but when it comes to semi autos vs revolvers for protection ,due to the inconsistency of ammo,revolver is the way to go.

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I can't remember the last time I had a problem with one on my full sized Simi Autos.

Never owned a "small Frame" Simi... I just figured that what a Snub nose revolver was for
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I've had no problems from my semiauto guns that was not the direct cause of poor ammunition. However, if you want a a revolver then carry one. Most of us have both semi-autos and revolvers in a variety of sizes to fill specific needs or preferences.
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Terry A
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I'm a tried and true semi man, BUT, if you're comfy with the wheel gun, by all means, THAT is the right choice for you. I know of several good tactical men who prefer revolvers for their primary. I would feel safe w/ my GP-100. But for me, I feel more at home with the semis.
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357 Python
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There is nothing wrong with a good revolver for defensive use. On the job I have to carry the issued Beretta 92FS but when off-duty I am alllowed to carry personal choice. My choice is usually a revolver. Most of the time I carry a 4" Colt Python 357 Magnum, 4" S&W model 28-2 357 Magnum, or a 3" S&W model 65-3 357 Magnum. Every now and then just for the fun of it I will carry my 5 1/2" Ruger Vaquero 44 Magnum. When I do carry a semi-auto off-duty it is my personal Beretta 92F 9MM, Sig SP2340 40S&W, or Colt Series 70 MK IV Gov't Model 45ACP. If I could choose my own duty weapon I would choose my 4" S&W model 686 357 Magnum, a government issued Sig 226 40S&W, or a government issued Sig 220 45ACP.
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My view on this issue is that reliability ultimately depends on the individual gun, especially with semiautos of course. My own defensive semiauto, an M&P40, has been as reliable as any revolver I've used so far (zero malfunctions, thanks in part to having fired no defective rounds of ammo through it), although not all of them are. I've even seen and heard about "lemon" Glocks that needed a lot of help to shoot reliably, if they ever did at all, and everybody has heard about the quality control and general reliability of Glocks (well deserved overall, in my opinion). While revolvers are still definitely more reliable as a type, some semiautos, on an individual basis, can just about match them in this regard while providing their own set of advantages.

That said, there are also psychological factors (usually based on one's own experiences) that cannot be ignored. If you simply have more confidence in revolvers, then that could be a bigger deal for you than capacity, for example. In that case, I wouldn't fault anybody for favoring revolvers over semiautos for personal/home defense.
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I would discount the Mark II. I know that its a semi but with all of the really bad 22 ammo why count it?

So I would use your FM Hi Power as the standard for the auto. How much jamming are you getting from it and have you used premium bullets? If it jams on all types of ammunition you might consider having a gunsmith inspect it for defects. Like the others here I have very little with my autos. I can shoot them all day long without FTF or FTE's.

All of that said if you fell better with a wheel gun use it. My wife hates autos because she has problems pulling the slide back. So we have a wheel gun just for her.
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While I certainly can't fault your logic (I also prefer a revolver), I am curious as to what type of 9mm ammo you've been using. I've shot a lot of different types of 9mm ammo, and the only one that ever gave me such gross quality control issues was Silver Bear 145grn JHP.
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I've found imperfections on many different ammo brands . Enough to make me hesitant to use any semi auto for protection.Federal,remington,winchester,Blazer,mostly
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I have come to the conclusion that for me, I absolutely feel more confident carrying a revolver for personal protection,home defense.
My reason for believing this so strongly is from numerous trips to the range with my Smith and wesson model 67 revolver and My FM Hi Power semi auto ,and me Ruger Mark II semi auto.I have had numerous issues with either semi auto with either a failure to feed,eject,at times from both semi autos.I believe that most or maybe all of these issues were related to the ammo itself
Well, if you have an auto that's had "numerous issues" then a gun that actually works makes sense.

However, there are many thousands of shooters, some on this thread, who have semi-autos that work with monotonous regularity and go thru thousands of rounds without a malfunction. Hate to see you choose the revolver based on the unreliability of YOUR semi-autos.

Consider that overwhemingly (to the tune of nearly 100%), LE agencies at every level have gone to the semi-auto and it wasn't because of a willingness to trade more ammo capacity for less reliability.

In some respects, revolvers are more fragile than autos. In others, they have advantages.

Now if you just like revolvers, that's fine. Choose on that basis.

Lecture over:

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Use whatever you're most comfortable with. Confidense goes a long way in winning.
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Amin Parker
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A revolver is reliable and basically maintenance free if kept as a SD weapon.

I love my autos and revolvers and have to agree that a good revolver is hard to beat.

My mom and dad have Taurus 85 stainless snubs that they have been carrying for the last 20 years, they know very little if anything about maintenance but the other day i took them out and as predicted those snubs never missed a beat.

Im not sure it would have been as the same if they owned autos
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I think a lot of revolver users have come to a similar conclusion. Over the years I've seen numerous malfunctions with a few models of automatics, but I've only seen one revolver fail to fire. It was attributed to a dud .22.

My only gripe about revolvers is that the small framed ones are harder to quickly load or unload than mid-sized ones. Still, if it absolutely must fire, I prefer a revolver. They're currently my gun of choice for concealed carry, as backup to a shotgun at home, and backup to a rifle while in the woods.
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I own a bunch of revolvers and a couple of semiautos, including a 1911. All of mine function flawlessly. I wouldn't keep a handgun that malfunctioned.

That having been said, the simplicity of operation of a revolver is definitely an asset. Essentially, all you need to know is to point the gun and pull the trigger. Note, I didn't say "simplicity of design." Revolvers are actually fairly complicated pieces of equipment, no less so than most semiautos. Their operation may be somewhat simpler than semiautos, but their engineering/design is not.
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Most of the time a revolver is my main hd and carry piece. Usually a speed six or a j-frame depending on where I am headed and what I'm wearing. However. the only gun I ahve ever had to totally lock up and become useless was a revolver. The firing pin spring on a Taurus 85 unltra lite broke and the pin jammed the cylinder. So it can happen.
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I have 4 semi-autos a 1911 RIA ,a S&W 6906 ,a Ruger P97 and Glock 23, I'd trust my life with any of 'em...

But in saying that, I have 8 revolvers...2 of'em 45acp , 5, 357 mag , and one 38 spl. and i trust them more....

Taurus Tracker 45acp

Ruger Police Six 357

Ruger 50th Anv. 357 mag

Taurus 608 DAO 3in barreled 357 Mag 8 shot

Ruger Sp101 357 mag

S&W Brazilin contracr 45 aco DAO 3.5 in barrel 45acp

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Taurus 627 Tracker 357 mag 7 shot compact frame

Taurus 85UL 38spl

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I too have carried many various firearms, on and off the job, to include but not limited to: Browning HP and Colt 1911A1 in USMC, Beretta Model 70s, Beretta 92, Sig 226, Glock 17, S & W 4506, Ruger P-90; S & W Models 10,19,66,27,28,38,29, and Colt Detective Special, Agent, Cobra, and Official Police, and Ruger Security Sixes, etc.
Out of all of them I found the two Browning designed autoloaders to be the most ergonomic and reliable in my hands (and the Beretta 70s is an absolute jewel but very limited in its employment), BUT I have always felt more comfortable with a revolver and nothing has ever felt as good or responded as naturally for me as the Model 10 w/ factory grips and Tyler adapter or Colt Detective Special w/ same.
If I had to live with only one gun, it would be hard to give up my 1911A1, but if I did, it would be for a revolver.
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Over the last 40+ years I have had both semi-automatics and revolvers fail. Use the one you trust the most.
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IMO comfort with a particular firearm comes down to what you have used(trained) with the most. For someone that hasn't or doesnt train much a revolver could be considered better. I think most people that fit that bill aren't planning for a reload and get away from the failure to fire with another squeeze of he trigger. A little bit of training goes along way with both types of hand guns. I love them both and enjoy training with both. Just my 2 cents
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Revolver For Home Defense

I don't have a choice for home defense, because my wife is not intrested in shooting at all. She will shoot a few rounds every 25 years or so. I'm not joking. She is an excellant shot when she shoots, and she WILL shoot in a SD situation. The revolver is the answer, just point {aim }and press the trigger. We have a few and ther'e all loaded. I don't feel under gunned at all. Best, Lyle

If you can't shoot faster than the other guy, shoot straighter. Chic Gaylord
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I've had a host of various malfunctions with autos from stove pipes and fail to fire to FTE and not going completely into battery. As much as I enjoy shooting the 1911, from my experience it's the luck of the draw getting a good one. I had a Combat Commander and a 1991-A1 that wouldn't jam no matter what. On the other hand, A SA I once had would consistently fail to feed on one or two out of 100. I even sent it to Les Baer and it still would fail to feed on one out of 100. It nearly soured me on 1911's for a long time. They're more finicky and if you don't tune the extractor tension right when need be and have the barrel throated properly, you're going to have problems.

That said, my Glocks have never given a problem. Neither has my S&W 4506. that pistol will feed every thing from green beans to the old 200 gr Flying Ashtray. It just won't jam.

Still-I feel more confident from a reliability standpoint with a revolver. I suppose it's because I've never experienced any sort of malfunction. the only time I did was my fault when I first started reloading for the 357 and didn't crimp the case good enough. the third or fourth round, as I recall, had the bullet creep forward enough to tie the cylinder up. I learned after that it just needed to be crimped more.

Either a good revolver or my 4506 and I would trust my life to either.
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One disadvantage of semi-autos that doesn't get much play when it comes to HD situations is the operator.

Wake up out of peaceful sleep to confusion, noise or just the spouse waking you up. Grab gun and very rapidly discover the need to actually use it. But your body is about 2 minutes behind the curve. Your strong arm is partially asleep from laying on it -- or because of the awkward position you're in, you don't get your wrist locked before firing. Potential jam from "limp wristing" or allowing your arm to move backwards. Heck, even a struggle with the intruder in CQB could cause a stoppage.

The above can also apply to you if you're down sick, even for a day or two. I've been sick with bronchitis bad enough that it was an effort to just to pick up a gun, much less use it.

This is one reason I keep a wheelgun next to the bed. Even in a debilitated state, I know I can cock the gun with the off-hand and fire it SA. And it doesn't care if I limp-wrist it, fail to provide any resistance to recoil, or even what angle or attitude it's fired from.

There are a good many reliable autos out there in the world. Many of them reliable enough to use as a bedside gun. But after a few years where I had several bouts of bronchitis I realized that it'd be bad enough to defend yourself while feeling so badly, but worse, I wouldn't have the strength and speed required to clear a malfunction in a semi... thus the wheelgun wins in this role for me.
BillCA in CA (Unfortunately)
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My self defense handguns
1. S&W M10 4 inch
2. S&W M13 4 inch
3. S&W M66 4 inch
4. Ruger Police Service Six 4 inch
5. Ruger GP100 4 inch

Anyone of the above I would trust my life with.

My handguns I use at the range but would never use for self defense.
1. S&W 5903
2. S&W 40VE
3. Hi Point C9

I think this reveals what I prefer.
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I use a SW Model 65 as my bedside gun for many of the same reasons BillCA mentioned. Simpler to use and simpler is better at 3 a.m.
Jim's Rules of Carry: 1. Any gun is better than no gun. 2. A gun that is reliable is better than a gun that is not. 3. A hole in the right place is better than a hole in the wrong place. 4. A bigger hole is a better hole.

no guns = might makes right
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