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Traffic Stop Experience

Just thought I'd let everyone know my experience carrying while I was stopped yesterday for a traffic violation. I am in FL, but I understand many states have the same rule. When the Officer came up to the car and asked for my Registration, License and Proof of Insurance I got them for him and then said, "I believe, Officer, under Florida Law I am require to advise you that I am carrying a concealed weapon." He never batted an eye, said, "Thank you," told me why he was stopping me, and finally asked what I was carrying. When I told him, and offered to show him, he said, "No, not necessary" and walked back to his car. Never even asked to see my CCW card.

He could not have been more matter-of-fact, nor unconcerned, about the entire issue. No big thing evidently!

And, he let me go! Just issued a warning! Good experience with a sensible Officer.
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That's very cool.
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That is pretty cool.

The same thing happened to my brother a few weeks ago. He was stopped for going 43 in a 35mph zone. Although it is not required by law, he did inform the officer that he had a firearm in the vehicle.

The conversation apparently shifted from traffic violations to handguns. The officer never asked to see it, but was quite interested to see how he liked his SW M&P9c They talked guns for a while and he let my brother go with a verbal warning.
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I've heard similar stories from friends of mine here in Texas who have their CHL. I haven't been stopped since I received my CHL, though.
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According to what I have read and also been advised verbally by my CC instructor, you are NOT required to inform the officer in Florida.

In Michigan, however, you DO have to inform
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We aren't required to inform the Officer, but, I do. Mainly because several years ago I breezed through a little town called Freedom in southern IN. Freedom is well known speed trap. I was delivering a Class III weapon to a customer and was late. I was stopped for doing 75 in a 40.. OUCH! I told the Officer that I was carrying he asked what I was carrying I told him. He asked how I liked it. He then asked what was my hurry. I explained the nature of my delivery. I showed him all the paperwork as well as my FFL. He asked what a M-10 costs. I told him I'd sell one to him at cost. He asked for a business card. Told me to slow down. No ticket. 3 weeks later he bought an M-11 and Suppressor. Life is good!
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This happened to me a couple of weeks ago here in Texas. I was on the highway and got stopped by a sheriff for going 10 over in a 70. I had 2 rifles in the backseat of my truck and my Springfield 1911 on my hip. I do not currently have my CHL but you do not have to have one to carry in your vehicle in Texas.

So, when the officer came to the window, I handed him my information and told him I had several firearms in the vehicle along with one on my hip (I'm not sure if you have to tell them in TX but I did so to avoid any trouble). He responded "Oh, don't worry about it," went back to his cruiser and came back and gave me a warning.

By far my favorite LEO to date.
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In Oklahoma you are required to declare,,,

So several years ago I was on my way to school,,,
Saddle-making classes at OSU Okmulgee.

I had several large plastic bins in my car that were full of,,,
Bowie knives in leather sheaths, gunbelts with live ammo, holsters,,,
Replica handguns, and a few Colt & Remington replica Cap & Ball revolvers.

That past weekend I had been a vendor at the Tom Mix Festival in Guthrie,,,
I got in late Sunday night, too sleepy to unload my wares.

An OHP unit pulled me over for a busted tail-light lens,,,
I was driving a crappy old Honda hatchback,,,
He was "fishing for rednecks".

So when he asked the standard question of,,,
"Do you have any weapons in the car?",,,
I should have said "No I do not",,,
because I had no firearms,,,
But I did have knives,,,
So I said "yes".

Next thing I know I'm having a calm but determined discussion with him,,,
As to why I did not want to be handcuffed while he searched my car,,,
That it was in fact NOT for my own safety to be handcuffed,,,
But to give him some feeling of security.

I told him he was welcome to search the car,,,
I had nothing illegal in it.

If he was concerned that I would knock him in the head,,,
I would sit on my hands in the middle of the field,,,
Or he could call another unit to back him up.

But unless he was going to place me under formal arrest,,,
I did not want to stand handcuffed beside the road,,,
Because he was afraid of me.

Two and a half hours later,,,
After he called for a back-up unit,,,
And he pulled out and emptied my plastic bins,,,
And the dog finished sniffing me and my car for drugs,,,
I got a stern lecture from a lieutenant about how I was wasting OHP resources.

Just wanted to relate what I now tell as a funny story.

I drive mostly crappy old beaters,,,
I get stopped every now and then for something broken.

Most of the time the officers I encounter are very professional people,,,
This young officer was far too nervous to be out on patrol,,,
He was pushing his authority to detain way too far.

For my own safety, my aching @$$,,,
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it does varry state i understand in Mi. for example u have to inform the officer as soon as he aproches you or face a fine but in Ky. where i live we only have to inform the officer when asked if we have anything they should know about i havent been stoped personally since i got my ccw good to know you had a pleasant experiance with it
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A few weeks ago I was on my way into work in the morning. I was doing probably 48 in a 35 and got pulled over. A young (probably 25-30) officer approached me and asked for my license/registration/proof of insurance. I told him they were in the glove compartment and he said to go ahead and retrieve them. When I had everything in hand I told him that I wanted to let him know that I was a CC permit holder but was not carrying a firearm at this time. He promptly asked me why I wasn't carrying and what would I do if I got into a situation where I needed it? Kind of surprised me, he was sort of reprimanding me for not having my gun!! I told him that I can't carry the weapon into my workplace and I didn't feel comfortable leaving it in the car all day. He agreed that was a good idea and simply told me to slow down. All in all, a good interaction.
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Cops aren't stupid, there is a pretty good correlation between gun populations, concealed carry and decreases in violent crime.

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Hoss Fly
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but you do not have to have one to carry in your vehicle in Texas.
True- BUT it can NOT be in view --
BTW- I answer questions - I dont offer information
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BTW- I answer questions - I dont offer information
That's a good personal policy. But if you hold a Texas CHL, you have a "duty to inform" if you're carrying. I've had my CHL for two years but haven't had any interactions with the police in that time. I've been told by some who have that the best way to handle it is to simply pass your CHL along with your driver's license to the officer.
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In states with concealed carry, it's become common for that info to be attached to the registration of your license plate. If you're driving your own vehicle and they run your tag before they hit the rollers, odds are they already know you have a permit.
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Louisiana is a must declare state, ive been pulled over a couple of times, never even wanted to know where it was. One guy gave me a $25 seat belt ticket as opposed to a 20mph over speeding ticket.

I however was handcuffed once by a rookie cop.

I was unloading my dirt bike on the road to move it down to state land when a local factory owner(and anti motorcyclist) called on me for trespassing.

When i informed him that "i am carrying a concealed pistol with permit" he said he would have handcuff me for his safety.

He then handcuffed me hands behind my back, took out my wallet, then asked "where is your gun" to which i replied "the small of my back".

He got all red and embarrassed, uncured my hands and re-cuffed them in the front.

He also struggled in pulling my xd from my bladetech holster.

He called in my permit, and uncuffed me and gave me back my stuff in about 5 mins.

I was more amused than annoyed.
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I was more amused than annoyed.
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You should not break traffic laws. Gives gun owners a bad name.
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On a somewhat amusing note...

My wife and I were coming home from a friends wedding and she was driving since I had had a few beers at the reception. She got pulled over for straying across the yellow line (unknown to us at night a trooper was behind us). She mentioned that I had a pistol. When the rookie asked if I had a permit I said "I do". He then asked "can I see it". I asked "the pistol or the permit" - he broke up laughing.

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I have an IN permit and had an encounter with MI county sheriff while recovering my dad's stolen property. Since it is a will-inform state, I informed.

To make a long story short, if I do not have to inform, I won't. The idiocy and drama of the whole situation was ridiculous. At the end of it, I've got my gun in hand and he's got my bullets and won't give them back because he's afraid I might shoot him.
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At the end of it, I've got my gun in hand and he's got my bullets and won't give them back because he's afraid I might shoot him.
You mean cartridges?

I'd like to see a Sheriff use a bullet puller on the side of the road...
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Are you serious you had to be that anal to correct that man? He said bullets they are cartriges but sometimes I call them bullets. Get over it.
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I do not currently have my CHL but you do not have to have one to carry in your vehicle in Texas.
That is correct, but if it's a handgun it MUST be concealed in TX.
I'm not sure if you have to tell them in TX but I did so to avoid any trouble.
In TX, if you have a CHL you must notify the officer.
I've been told by some who have that the best way to handle it is to simply pass your CHL along with your driver's license to the officer.
That's a good way to handle it because that's actually what the law requires. Basically TX law says that if he asks for identification you must provide your CHL (if you're carrying) along with whatever identification he requested.

If you do NOT have a CHL you are not required to notify the officer you are carrying. Yes, I know that's stupid. It doesn't have to make sense--it's just the way the law reads.
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Long story...

Alright, so I've had my CWL for about a year now and just recently got pulled over for supposedly running a stop light. It was a yellow all the way through but still one of those way too close a call for comfort things. I had just left IHOP at 2 in the morning, Officer probably thought I was drunk and was gonna get me. Well he does a U turn, lights me up, and has me pulled over in no time. I have my CWL, DL, and insurance in hand by the time he has made it to my window. I have one hand on the wheel, the other holding all my info out the window as we begin to not so calmly argue (I was calm, he not so much) about whether I ran the light or not. He has been laying into me for at least 60 seconds and still hasn't looked at what I'm holding in my hand (CWL on top). Finally, he looks down at my CWL and goes "Oh... Do you have your weapon on you?" I say yes sir. His mood immediately shifts from griping me out to what kind of Glock I carry and what ammunition I prefer!!! I thought that was pretty neat. After chit chatting for about 5 minutes he says that he should probably go. Didn't say one more thing about why he even pulled me over in the first place.
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For the most part, this thread contains examples of a most positive nature in dealing with LEOs while legally carrying. It's good to hear about those types of events.

Anyone been involved in a similar situation but with negative results??
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I thought that the law had changed in regards to displaying/telling them about your CHL? Not that I wouldn't but the House Bill stated something to the affect of not being penalized for not displaying your CHL with your ID on a traffic stop. Am I misunderstanding this? I'm also kind of iffy on the car carry without having received my physical carry license. One peace officer explained that it needed to be out of reach, which I thought was weird but is it me not understanding the law correctly, or potentially the officer being misinformed? Thanks for any light shedding you might be able to help me with.
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