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Concealed Carry....

On many weekends, I am travelling with others to various destinations thru various states other than my own. I hold a concealed permit and all of these states have reciprocity, and want to know, if in a situation where I'm only a passenger, and my buddy gets pulled, how do I handle this? Do I speak up and produce my permit, or don't speak until spoken to? In my state of North Carolina, I am required to inform if I'm the driver, so I wonder how that would apply to me as being a passenger?
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Keep your trap shut.
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Silence is golden.

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Not every state requires you to notify the officer during a traffic stop. In those that do, I believe it only applies to the driver.

Notifying the officer without any requirement to do so is entirely up to you. Some officers might appreciate being notified, others may be complete jerks and insist on seeing your permit, then argue whether your permit is valid in that state. In either case, keep your hands visible.
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I would not volunteer the information.... if you need to do so,

you'll know the right time.
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As a passenger, I would only tell them I was carrying if they asked all of us to get out of the car, so they can read us the riot act for doing donuts in a parking lot, on a snowy friday evening. If that were to happen anyway.
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Not every state requires you to notify the officer during a traffic stop.
That is certainly true. I'd research the states I'll be in and find out exactly what the laws are. If you still are unclear, you can always call the DA of that state. breaks down CCW laws by state and I believes also lists state contact information if you have questions.
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My wife and I were pulled over in NC while she was driving. The pretty imposing state trooper came up to her window explained why he was stopping her. Here is the fun part, I agree with posters who said that as the passenger I don't need to say anything, but here is a twist; the trooper states that NC law says that in a traffic stop if there is a female driver and a male companion then the male needs to accompany the trooper back to his vehicle so the trooper can review how he determined the driver was speeding. This is to avoid any chance he can be accused of an impropriety. He asked me to step out of the car and go with him. Here I am sitting in his squad car with with all the gizmos and displays and he proceeds to explain to me how he timed her and how at the right speed she should have been here but was there. Meanwhile my heart was pounding because I had my concealed firearm on me. I am amazed that I even heard what he was even talking about. I was so happy to get out of his car and back on the road.
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misnomerga, I'd probably need a new pair of drawers if I had been sitting in the cop's car, WITH my gun, and got away with it!
I've been a passenger with my gun on a few occasions when the driver got stopped, of course there were no tickets or searches or anything. Been lucky so far, I guess. This has simply been a 'gray' area that I wanted the answer to for a long time. I reckon it will be as advised here, don't volunteer anything. Thanks for all the replies, guys.
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I was reading the link that kreyzhorse provided. It looks like if you are the driver you would need to comply with this ordinance. My question is what about me, as the passenger, and being approached to go sit in the patrol car?

To possess a concealed handgun in North Carolina, you must:

* Carry your permit and a valid form of identification with you at all times.
* Disclose the fact that you have a valid concealed handgun permit when you are approached or addressed by any law enforcement officer in North Carolina.
* Inform the officer that you are in possession of a concealed handgun.
* Present both the permit and valid identification at the request of an officer
NOTE: You should not attempt to display either your weapon or your permit unless directed to by an officer.
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