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Al Norris
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As the announcement says, all discussion, endorsements (good or bad) should be made in this thread.

We fully realize this is political and we are making this an exception to the general rules of this forum.
National listings of the Current 2A Cases.
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Joaquin Jackson, NRA Board.. Say NO!

This guy is presently on the board of the NRA.
They are voting right now for Board Members.
DO NOT vote for this guy.
How in the world did he get on the board in the first place?

Watch this video

He sounds pretty good until the end of the video.
Prepare yourself.

Spread the word.
Guns don't kill people, Jack Bauer kills people.
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Old Grump
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What? You don't believe a man who thinks certain classes of guns should be restricted to only police and military doesn't really believe in the 2nd. He says he does, and the 1st and the 4th, well with certain exceptions of course to be decided upon by wise people like him. It's for our own good you know. Leave all that evil semi-auto stuff to the professionals and boogermen. We can all stick to Grandpa's single shot shotgun and SAA colt revolver. (loaded with black powder of course)
Good intentions will always be pleaded for any assumption of power. The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern will, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.
--Daniel Webster--
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NRA BOD candidate...

Ken Hanson for National Rifle Association (NRA) Board of Directors, include content from article but specify you are not Ken by including your name or a disclaimer:

Ken has gotten on the ballot for the upcoming election for the NRA BOD. Ken is the executive chair of the Buckeye Firearms Association, and works hard for second amendment rights. He submitted an Amicus Brief on the Heller case which was insturmental in that landmark Supreme Court case. Please come on over to the BFA website and research it for yourself to make an informed decision.
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Great - I'll start it off with this:

How is this guy on the board? (Joaquin Jackson) I would like to see him not get re-elected - there are plenty of great people that do support our 2A rights as our founders intended. I'm sure one of them can step up to fill this guy's role.
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Bartholomew Roberts
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I notice Steven Schreiner of Englewood, CO made the ballot; but is once again not one of the 30 recommended by the nominating board. Does anyone know anything relevant about Mr. Schreiner?
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Old March 6, 2010, 01:29 PM   #7
4V50 Gary
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I'm curious as to the selection criteria used by the nominating board. Certainly internal politics that we are not aware of comes into play. Neal Knox (dec.), who was very scrupulous (and accountable with any money), was very much out of favor by the board.
Vigilantibus et non dormientibus jura subveniunt. Molon Labe!
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It has been my observation that anyone that bucks the NRA's present EVP will not be recommended.
USNRET '61-'81
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I will second support for Ken Hanson. He has done really well with BFA. I am a member of that group and his influence on the NRA might convince even me to join.
$0 of an NRA membership goes to legislative action or court battles. Not a dime. Only money contributed to the NRA-ILA or NRA-PVF. Second Amendment Foundation is a solid alternative.
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Old March 6, 2010, 10:55 PM   #10
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Steven Schreiner of Englewood, CO is a great candidate for the NRA Board of Directors.

A VietNam Veteran, Steve was the Founder and lobbyist for the Firearms Coalition of Colorado...the original Colorado Gun Rights Organization.

He is a no compromise guy on 2nd ammendment issues and would be a great representative who knows how to get things done .

He knows how to organize grass roots workers and works many Colorado Gun Shows handing out up to date information on firearms legislation that has been proposed, pending or stopped.

He got my vote and I strongly recommend you consider supporting him.

I would also say no to the former Texas Ranger and to the Convicted former Senator from Idaho. JMHO
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Mr. Davis
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Joaquin Jackson, NRA Board.. Say NO!
This guy is presently on the board of the NRA.
They are voting right now for Board Members.
DO NOT vote for this guy.
How in the world did he get on the board in the first place?

Watch this video

He sounds pretty good until the end of the video.
Prepare yourself.

Spread the word.
For those who don't want to watch the video, he says that no civilian should be able to own a gun that carries more than 5 rounds (because when you're hunting, you only need one shot if you're a good shot), and that "assault weapons" should only be in the hands of military and law enforcement.

Fudd Alert.

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Old March 27, 2010, 06:09 PM   #12
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Second Amendment isn't about hunting. Hasn't Joaquin read that somewhere? I liked his books though.
Life Member NRA, TSRA
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