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Old July 18, 2009, 05:12 PM   #76
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My 700 5R .308

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Old July 18, 2009, 05:16 PM   #77
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no gunsmiths or factory parts ever available?
Wilderness: It would have to be a break action of some sort. Hell, maybe a ML.

Now, in a SHTF where I am more likely to defend myself against moderately well armed two leggers, probably a Saiga AK. IDK that has always been a hard one. I have chosen a mini, but I was not considering years of use without parts. I figure if I got there I would be picking up others firearms. Far more likely to just die than die b/c of a malfunction methinks.
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Old July 18, 2009, 06:18 PM   #78
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no gunsmiths or factory parts ever available?
Wilderness: It would have to be a break action of some sort.
Well you can still have a 5-round magazine with a bolt action, and a mauser 98 bolt action has no parts which can break, much like a break-action.

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Old July 18, 2009, 07:01 PM   #79
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Depending on the environment I was in, I would ask for my AK or my M1A, and would be fine with either of them. Both would get as much maintenence as I could provide them, despite the conditions, and I am confident that it would be enough to keep either of them up an running. Neither of them has ever exhibited reliability problems or required a lot of effort on my part to keep running. So if I expected to be fighting mostly in built up urban areas, I would take the AK. Otherwise, I'd rock the M1A.

I am more confident with the M1A and would generally prefer it, but I know I can hit with the AK out to about 300 yards and so would be fine with it as well in most circumstances, and would actually prefer it if I thought I was going to have to go through a lot of doorways with guns on the other side.

I do own a bolt action, but either of these rifles has proven to be more reliable and robust, so the Rem M700 stays at home.
"...nothing says 'I WILL shoot every last one of you before you have time to reconsider your poor choices in life' like an AK."
~Dave R.

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dpms lr.308 ap4
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High Planes Drifter
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Don't forget to hang a condom over the barrel of your rifle to keep the weather out.
Ribbed , or no?
Plane, as in carpenters plane
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Old July 21, 2009, 12:29 AM   #82
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I would pick my Winchester Model 70 stainless classic in 375 H&H. I have been hunting with this gun for over 10 years in Alaska. It has remained entirely reliable and accurate. It always puts meat in the freezer.
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Old July 21, 2009, 11:26 AM   #83
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My M1903. It was sporterized at least 50 years ago. With a Lyman sight, I can hit anything I point at out to 400 yards. Second place would be my SKS because it's a little more portable.
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My Remington 1917 Enfield in .30-06.
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Old July 21, 2009, 01:20 PM   #85
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In a low threat density situation I would take a mauser controlled feed style bolt action, I am partial to CZ's in a "manly" caliber, .308, .30-06, or something like it. I love their European style Safari Classic in .375 H7H Mag.

In a high threat environment I would go with AK.

But frankly I think that a good bolt gun with decent BUIS and low power scope would do great...hence why I picked up a Savage Scout...I just wish it were controlled feed.

I have to say that I would also trust any of my Mosin's with my life without hesitation.
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Old July 21, 2009, 02:11 PM   #86
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Mike McIntyre
VP Operations
MPI Rifles, LLC
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Old July 27, 2009, 10:40 PM   #88
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I have the same set up (well, almost) a m91/30 and newly acquired wasr2 (still looking for a good mag.....until next paycheck that is)

Renny: that's a nice looking rig there.
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Old July 27, 2009, 10:46 PM   #89
Tucker 1371
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look at Apex Gun Parts, they have some black polymer tantal mags for about $20 a pop, fugly as all get out but they work very well and they're not Promags.
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Old August 15, 2009, 04:10 PM   #90
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Finnish M39 The conditions the M39 was made for is about as harsh as you could find yourself in. Ammo is cheap, powerful and easy to come by.
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Old August 15, 2009, 07:40 PM   #91
Old Grump
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Hands down my simple easy to operate and maintain single shot break action 308 H&R. Also happens to be my cheapest gun and my most accurate. Doesn't say much for my $2100 WBY does it?
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Old August 15, 2009, 10:56 PM   #92
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Probably my M1A. It is pretty much a toss up between the 700 and the M1A, but the M1A would give me a little more firepower.
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Old August 15, 2009, 11:06 PM   #93
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If I had my choice, based on experience, if i was headed into a harsh environment, I would take either an AK variant or an SKS for semi autos, and a Mosin Nagant M38 carbine if I had to carry a bolt gun.
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Old August 30, 2009, 07:43 PM   #94
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Most robust rifle? Hard to say with all the milsurps I own. Should I maybe just go with my oldest that still shoots deadeye accurate? That would be my Austrian Steyr 8X56R.
Some people think I'm paranoid because I have guns. If I have guns, what do I have to be paranoid about?
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Old August 30, 2009, 08:02 PM   #95
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Location: Buffalo WY
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1874 Shilo Sharps # 1 Sporter in 45-100.32" barrel half round half octogon LR MVA Soule tang sight with windage adjustable front sight.Most robust in my safe
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Old August 30, 2009, 08:11 PM   #96
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03-A3 and a 1911.
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Old August 30, 2009, 08:18 PM   #97
red caddy
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Survival/combat? My Savage M-24 (.223 over 20 Ga.) get's the nod.
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Old August 30, 2009, 09:07 PM   #98
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Remington 700 BDL synthetic/stainless in 7mm Remington Ultra Mag.
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Old August 30, 2009, 09:34 PM   #99
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Easy, Weatherby MKV, every other rifle mentioned is a toy in comparison. Virtually unbreakable.
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Old August 30, 2009, 10:15 PM   #100
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my Legacy Puma '92 carbine

.45 colt so anything over 100 yards will be a stretch, but, with the right loadings, capable of taking anything on earth. It's easy to carry, lightweight, easy to shoot and fires faster than bolt actions.
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conditions , robust , safe

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