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Old March 22, 2009, 11:57 AM   #1
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Can you shoot in your back yard?

Can you shoot on your property? What is your range set up? I might be helping build a shooting range for a friend in PA and I am kind of looking for ideas.

Oh and if you can shoot in your own back yard, I hate you.
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No I can't shoot at my home. Range set up is easy. Just do it just like the formal shooting ranges. Make sure you have a backstop at each primary target distance; example 25, 50, 75, and 100 yds. A bobcat can make pretty short work of creating a backstop. Build a shooting bench. Picnic tables are okay to start with, but a regular bench set up is much better. Then keep the grass mowed.
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I can't at my place (Toledo,) but can at the in-law's place in Michigan. We took the huge, cut up stumps from a maple that fell in their yard and stacked 'em, 2 deep and 3 high with layers of old scrap plywood in front of that. We shoot mostly 12 gauge, .45. 9mm, .40 S&W (Hi-Point carbine) and .22. When the weather gets nicer we're moving all that and stacking the tires we've been collecting and filling them with sand. 8 tires high, 2 deep.

I agree - if you can shoot in your own back yard, you're a lucky man (or woman. )

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I have a backyard setup. My range is designed for mostly pistol use. From the front of the backstop to the end of the range is only 75 feet so not ideal for rifle but great for handguns.

These steel targets have been recessed into the back stop since the photos.

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The string can be adjusted to accommodate the sizes of the targets.

The backstop structure is 8 feet wide, 6 feet deep, and 6 feet tall.
HK45, HK45C, P30, P30L, P7M8 AH
S&W Model 41 .22 / Winchester Speed Pump 12 / Buckmark Rifle Bull Barrel .22 / LWRC M6A2 5.56 SBR 10.5''
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Okay, I'm calling for a party at HKChef's place... nice setup!
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Be careful when you do though! Gunsmith in Indiana charged with killing a neighbor from stray bullet.


Charges of reckless homicide and criminal recklessness resulting in serious bodily injury have been filed against the man who fired the shot that killed Jason Breisch while Breisch was asleep in his home.

Morgan County Superior Court I Judge G. Thomas Gray signed a warrant late Wednesday afternoon for the arrest of John Graf. The judge also signed a “special condition” request from Morgan County Prosecutor Steve Sonnega that “Graf refrain from firing firearms in Morgan County.”

The reckless homicide charge is a class C felony, which, if convicted, could bring a jail sentence of 2 to 8 years in prison.

Graf, 24, lives at 6364 North Kivett Road, which is within 1,000 feet of the victim’s home at 6598 Whispering Court.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed by Morgan County Sheriff’s Department Detective Sergeant Dan Downing, during the late morning of March 9, Breisch was asleep in the bedroom of his home when he was struck by a .45 caliber bullet, allegedly fired by Graf.

According to Breisch’s wife, she and her husband thought he was having a heart attack and called for an ambulance. After medical crews arrived, they discovered that Breisch had have what appeared to be a gunshot wound. Authorities were called to the home. Breisch was transported to the Gregg Township Fire Station to meet a medical helicopter, but he died of his wound. Breisch was struck in the upper left chest area directly under his armpit Downing said. He said the wound was “approximately the size of a nickel” and there was not much bleeding.

Downing said investigators found a dime size hole in exterior of Breisch’s home.

He said investigators were told that an active shooting range was at a house off of Kivett Road. That house was identified as Graf’s home.

Investigators went to the home and found a white male, identified as John Graf there. Graf admitted to investigators he had been test shooting a .45 caliber weapon. He said that weapon belonged to a Plainfield police officer who said it had been malfunctioning. Graf, who is a licensed gun smith, said he was trying to repair the weapon. Graf said he had replaced some parts on the weapon and was “test firing” it by shooting into the ground behind his residence.

Graf said he was not shooting at anything like a target or tree, but was just firing the weapon into the ground.

Graf said he had numerous weapons in his home, which was confirmed by investigators.

Graf went to the sheriff’s department where he gave Downing a statement. Downing said Graf described the actions he took while test firing the weapon. He said at one point, the weapon “double fired” but at all times, the weapon was pointed in the ground. Graf said he fires 14 rounds at a time during his test of weapons.

Graf stated several times that he felt it was not his weapon that killed Breisch.

Downing said the weapon Graf was shooting was taken into evidence.

During an autopsy completed at the Marion County Coroner’s Office, a .45 caliber bullet was recovered from Breisch’s body. The forensic pathologist said the bullet passed thought Breisch’s spleen, pancreas, and diaphragm before lodging in the spinal cord. Downing said the Indiana State Police Laboratory was able to determine the bullet that killed Breisch came from the weapon fire by Graf.

Downing said surveying was done to determine the distance from Breisch’s bed to where Graf was shooting. That distance was recorded at 311 yards. Breisch’s home is about two feet above the area from which Graf was shooting .

Downing said he was told by family members that Graf has retained an attorney.

When Graf is booked into jail, he will have to post a $5,000 property or surety bond and $600 cash for his release.
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Many municipalities have ordinances against discharging a gun within the city limits. Many counties have ordinances against discharging a weapon in a neighborhood. And there's always the catch-all - reckless endangerment.

Check your local statutes.
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When I get old and crazy, I'm moving to the woods for this very reason
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Yep, me too:


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Old March 22, 2009, 05:40 PM   #11
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On the surface of it, that gunsmith that was shooting a gun that had a doubling problem sounds kinda foolish. He should have built a berm or something to make a proper backstop if he was in the business and had to test fire guns. Now his **s is grass and some lawyer is coming with a big John Deere riding mower. Can't see saying whoopsie, just an accident for him.
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Have two homes, primary residence is definitely out of the question.....but our farm get away is pure heaven.....50-100-200yd range. Grandkids love it.

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Boy am I jealous .
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Damn AKCHEF. That's a beautiful setup you have there!!!
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Old March 22, 2009, 06:28 PM   #15
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G'day. As a teenager many years ago I was able to target shoot in the back yard. The yard was flat for about 75m then went up a big hill. sometimes I could even shoot rabbit in that spot.
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Back yard, front yard, side yard. Don't matter.
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Old March 22, 2009, 09:27 PM   #17
tony pasley
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I am a front yard shooter.I have 6 hanging targets 2 sets of spinner targets,a drag line target and 2 one on one drill targets. Rifle up to 100 yards. Just helped a friend build a range at his farm.
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Starting car heading over to your yrds,I will bring the burgers,dogs,and ribs for the grill.Heck I will even bring the grill.I'LL hold up a big Firing Line forum member sign when I get there So please dont shot.You guys are lucky No Range Fees and can shot just about anything you like and when you like.I hate you to.LOL
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I am out in the wild country -- the answer is "HECK YES"!

I used to use my mini14 to shoot my cousin's toy duck in my old man's pond.
( man...were they ammo's cheap??....)
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room for a range is going to be a prerequisite when i buy my house.
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Yep all 80 acres of it. I have room for 300yd shooting. Dont be a hater.
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Years ago when I was growing up we could shoot out in the back but then the subdivision was built and there are now houses where the field used to be so no more shooting.

By the way, HKCHEF its not fair how cool your backyard range if you ever plan to sell your house send me a PM.
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my house no. inlaws property within 8 miles, yes. i'll go there if the state range is too crowded,especially if i'm not shooting clays. i'll take my .22 rifle, m/l rifles or my shotgun there. no fancy tables,leadsleds,benches or rests. just a dirt burm as a stop. i'll sit up agaist a tree,or lay prone using a dufflebag as a rest. i made a cardboard spread paper/target holder. last time i measured i have 140 yard range. furthest i've shot was 100. been using it the last few times to shoot for turkey spreads. going good so far.
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Old March 23, 2009, 08:01 PM   #24
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I'm jealous guys cant shoot in my 50ft back yard
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Those are some very cool ranges!

I used to have a great place to shoot at my father's house. Big rolling fields, etc.
Then the neighbor (cool old man) died and left the his property to his a-hole son. Within 2 weeks of him taking ownership, he sent certified letters to all the surrounding property owners saying that if they were caught on his property he would prosecute. We all used to share the land around us and fish and shoot wherever. Heck, my dad even let this guys relatives drive through the bottom of our yard to get to the river.
Now, the guy put a horse right in the middle and none of us can shoot anymore.
So I joined a club with a range. No big deal, I guess.
I tried to shoot a .22CB short in my back yard this weekend and the neighbor lady came out of her house, ran back in, and I guess called the cops. A cop car rolled by really slow about 10mins later. These freakin' people are so stupid. All I was trying to do was get a rat!

They also come out with a broom anytime I mow my yard and sweep any grass clippings back into my yard that were carried into theirs by the wind, and they keep telling me I need to buy a bagger and bag all my clippings because it looks "terrible".

So, like a good boy, I went to the range this weekend with one of my .223s. I was the only person on the outdoor range, and made about 100 shots or so. Then the damn state cops show up. ***? They didn't even stop, but still. You know some paranoid idiot, with nothing better to do, called them just because they heard shots. This range is at the end of a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, so I doubt that the cop was just passing by...
How could you call the police when you live by a RIFLE RANGE!?

What the heck is wrong with people?
I grew up around here and gun shots were an everyday occurence. You almost had to worry if you didn't hear gunshots.
Very different now, I guess, with all the city folk commuters and such.
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