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Old February 6, 2009, 12:47 PM   #26
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best bang for the buck for me is the G19 or Beretta PX4. Have both, but remember that holsters and accessories are going to be much more readily available. That makes the G19 a much more justifiable purchase.
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Old February 6, 2009, 08:27 PM   #27
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go to a local range and shoot the rentals to decide what feels best and what shoots best at 7,15 and 25 yds. Then go out and make a intelligent purchase based on the results.
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Old February 6, 2009, 08:42 PM   #28
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S&W 3rd generation semi autos (5906, 5904, 6906, etc) are great guns, and the Beretta 92 is another. The Stoeger Cougar is the same gun as the Beretta Cougar with a lower price tag. They can be had new for less the $400. SLightly shorter barrel then 4 inches, though.
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Old February 6, 2009, 09:01 PM   #29
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In an all-metal pistol? New? Probably something from CZ. Great shooters, those. If you don't mind a polymer frame in a pistol that, from all accounts, behaves a lot like an all-metal Sig: The new FN FNP series looks to be a darn good bargain. (If they had a 9mm long-slide version, I might well be tempted by that one. I might anyway.)

I've always been a fan of Ruger wheel-guns, but never been attracted to any of their auto-loaders, for some reason. Well, except for the Mk. I/II/III .22s. Have one of those.
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Old February 6, 2009, 09:09 PM   #30
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Ditto on the Sigma or the Steyr. Both of these guns are equal to their competition but due to lousy marketing their prices are wayyyy below their value. The Steyr newer version has better ergos....if you like finger grips and the trapesoid sights can be easily changed if they are not your favorite. Steyr's should be available for about 300 to 350 for the old model and about 350 to 400 for the newer model.
The Sigma. This gun may not look as sexy as some others but I shot my first and only 10 shot one hole group with my friends Sigma that he paid 225 for.
So as far as "bang for the buck these two have got to be on your short list.

Keep in mind the accessory selection will be lower as wel as holster selection.
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Old February 7, 2009, 12:24 AM   #31
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+1 used Glock 19
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Old February 7, 2009, 12:37 AM   #32
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Did those of yall that are suggesting: Glock, XD, M&P, Sigma and other other polymer frame handgun's not read in the OP where he wanted steel?
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Old February 7, 2009, 07:26 AM   #33
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^^^^^^^^ I dont think they saw that part. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Old February 7, 2009, 07:54 AM   #34
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steel baby eagle
no gun big or small does it all
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Old February 7, 2009, 11:41 AM   #35
#1 Moses
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Find a used Sig CPO ( used) factory reconditioned 226 228 229 220 thats all you need to know, and learn to shoot the new to you sig. good Luck!
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Old February 7, 2009, 04:37 PM   #36
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i believe the barrel is a fuzz longer than your specs, but the sr9 is a good gun.
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Old February 7, 2009, 05:26 PM   #37
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$450 is a tight range. IF you can buy used with confidence, it will add to your range.

However, if not - things to look at - At that range do not expect the sun, moon, and stars. Expect a gun that works and is reliable, but not well known or approved by gun snobs.

Bersa is a good option, as the 9 version of their thunder series is their most reliable, and a good value, bang for the buck (Should be under $400, new models come with picatinny one slot rail for light/laser, round in chamber indicator, polygonal rifling, and two magazines. Sorry, not a steel frame)

In that price range the Stoeger Cougar is another choice.

Generally you should be able to find it for around $450, but the present push to buy may have increased their cost. It is a Beretta design (predecessor to the PX4 storm.) Sorry, not a steel frame.

Steel frame is hard to find at the price range you want. Used would be your best bet. New might be the Taurus 1911B9 (Steel framed 9mm 1911 style) but they may be a touch over your price range, and are 9+1 capacity... My opinion of the Taurus are changing from neutral towards recommending, as they are selling well with little issue. They have had issues with customer service.
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Old February 7, 2009, 05:55 PM   #38
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inB4 the Glock 19 post.
There's no better semi auto out here.
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Old February 7, 2009, 06:23 PM   #39
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I forgot Glock fans are too busy chugging koolaid that they don't have time to read the post. Personally I would go with the CZ 75 but I hear great things about Ruger too. Another one I would consider would be a Beretta/Stoegar Cougar.
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Old February 7, 2009, 06:35 PM   #40
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CZ75 is widely considered to have one of the best "Gun to Money" ratios. It's what I ended up purchasing for myself. Going to be tough finding one new for $450 out the door though. $500 is a closer estimate for actual cost after tax around my neck of the woods, but they had quite a few options available according to taste in that range.
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Old February 7, 2009, 08:57 PM   #41
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I'd look at S&W 3rd gen guns. They can be had for a reasonable price, they work, and problems can be fixed by most competent, local gunsmiths. Summit gun brokers usually have some in stock. I purchased a 6906 from them and I'm very satisfied with the gun and their service.
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Old February 8, 2009, 09:12 AM   #42
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take a look at the Taurus 917cs. i own one and love it. 9mm 19+1 & 17+1 mags 32oz. 4" barrel nice trigger! i paid $430 total w/taxes. very accurate.
has a decocker to safely lower the hammer.

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Old February 8, 2009, 11:18 AM   #43
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I'm a huge fan of the Taurus PT92, but there really isnt a better made pistol on the market than Ruger, so either is a good choice in my opinion.

If you like GLOCK, im sure you can get one of those also, of course a very well built gun as well. I personally like the feel of metal. Both the Ruger and the PT92 have that in spades.
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Old March 3, 2009, 07:22 PM   #44
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Ruger P series. But will take some looking.
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Old March 3, 2009, 07:36 PM   #45
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I'd check out a Glock 17 and a Smith & Wesson M&P9 full size - both great guns. Also with a lot of fans, but I haven't tried them would be CZ pistols.
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Old March 3, 2009, 07:37 PM   #46
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here's my answer: the best gun for MY money may not be the best for your's. I'm a firm believer of "you get what you pay for" (ok guys, start the flaming) so.......get a Walther P99 (9mm or .40, you can't go wrong).
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Old March 3, 2009, 07:40 PM   #47
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$450? Used Glock 19...
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Old March 3, 2009, 07:42 PM   #48
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Posts: 12 has whole sale prices , glock 22 with night sights 349.00 and so on.
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Old March 3, 2009, 07:45 PM   #49
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Used SKS ...
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Old March 3, 2009, 08:00 PM   #50
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Almost forgot this guy - instead of just tupperware guns, take a look at the Stoeger Cougar. This IS the gun formerly sold as the Beretta Cougar. Beretta sold all their production machinery for the Cougar to this Turkish firm Stoeger Industries, just as they introduced the Cougar's successor, the PX4.

Stoger sells the gun for something like 40% less than Beretta did, so it's a real bargain. Beretta is a class act.
“Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think.”
Niels Bohr
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