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Quote JGCoastie
The only safety that counts is the one between your ears. Keep your booger hook off the bang switch (and out of the little loop around the bang switch) until you're ready to go bang. Simple enough as is, no need to bring any other complications into the mix. Too many people rely on the external safety of their firearms to make them "safe". JMHO.
That's my take on it too.
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+1 on the "safety between the ears"

You beat me to the draw (I've wanted to type that on TFL for a long time.) I say let the 1911 guys worry about safeties. With my two P-229s I say: Safeties? We don't need no stinkin' safeties.
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As others have posted, no manual safety - just the long DA pull. I guess the gunvault is a sort of safety, but that's a safety to protect the kids.
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Old April 10, 2009, 06:16 PM   #29
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i just want to add my support for the no need for a safety on a defensive handgun, or any gun that is strictly a defensive gun. the dang thing don't go off unless someone pulls the trigger........after all, a gun is a lifeless piece of material, it has to be manipulated to work.
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the only safety i use is my finger the safety is disengaged when i take my finger off the slide and put it on the trigger
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My HD handgun does not have a "safety". I use my brain.

My HD shotgun has a "safety" and it comes off as soon as I have a firm grip on the weapon.
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Old April 13, 2009, 08:58 AM   #32
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My dedicated bedside gun is a Springfield XD - the safety is off as soon as I wrap my hand around it. Stays by my bed chambered and ready. If I have to engage with my carry gun, I will disengage the safety as soon as it clears leather. Either case, proper trigger discipline = no ND.
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Old April 13, 2009, 11:00 AM   #33
The Great Mahoo
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Most of my defense guns do not have safeties. I keep my finger off of the trigger and outside of the guard until absolutely needbe. Thankfully, that's never happened yet.

For DA/SA guns, they remain in DA mode. The only time I fire single-action is on the range. Hopefully, that is the only time I fire, regardless of action.
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Old April 21, 2009, 05:59 PM   #34
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I am inclined not to trust a mechanical safety, thanks to ol' Mr. Murphy. While it has never happened to me or anyone I know personally, I have heard tales of weapons firing on safe and of weapons being 'stuck' on safe. I utilize them when traveling and the gun not on my person (i.e. locked in trunk) but otherwise rely on positive control of the weapon as my primary safety. At home I also choose the condition 3 safety off pump shotgun for many of the reasons listed here.
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No manual safety to worry about on my Glock and my revolver, which are loaded and ready to fire (these are my "go to" guns).

My shotgun is an over/under and is kept unloaded.

My CZ does have a manual safety but I keep it with a full magazine, but no round chambered, in a desk drawer.
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there is no safety on either of my .357 revolvers which are both HD guns.

one is snub nose (2.5 in barrel) and the other is 4 in. barrel.

they work every time and do not work or go off unless I pull the trigger pretty
hard (unless choosing SA shot).

No safeties, no clips, no "is one in the chamber", no "wait a minute BG, my ammo failed to feed", no sound give away to put one in the chamber, also have either SA or DA shot choice, no worries about the magazine springs, or whether the aftermarket magazine is sufficient, no clips falling out because under stress I did something wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I will not criticize any one for their personal choice. If one is very confident and adept with their HD weapon then that is the key.

Under HD situation if I have taken hold of the HD weapon, I want to be more focused on protecting life and if need be making good repeated shots on target. I want no issues AT ALL with other thoughts or even the remotest
possibility of malfunctions. Or thinking about when I disengage a button or does it go up or down, or is it already up or down in the dark.

Yes, I am aware of all the "revolvers malfunction too" stories. Neither my Colt or the Smith have ever mis fired or mis fed and as far as I know, I can
pull them out of the holster and they work. HD dictates nothing less.
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The safety on my Rugers are rarely on, I carry one for work and the other is at home for hd. My #1 safety is my finger I don't put it on the trigger until I know I have to shoot.
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