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17 hmr vs. 22 mag

I was thinking of buying a .17 HMR but, a friend of mine was trying to talk me into buying a .22 mag. He is telling me it is more effective on coyotes out to 100 yards. Any opinions from experience? Thanks guys looking forward to some contrversy
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Old January 3, 2009, 04:00 PM   #2
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I cant say much for effectiveness on yotes, but my 17 will do under an inch at 100 yds all day for 3 or 5 shot groups.

Not to mention up here 17 is cheaper than 22mag

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I would say that the .17HMR is a little weak at 100yrds for a yote. Sure it can be done with good shot placement but your more than likely going to have a runner. .22 mag is probably a better choice at 100yrds but still a little less gun than I would bring.

.17HMR is a good all around round for smaller varmints and such. Its plenty effective on the smaller critters out to 100yrds. If your area is limited to Rimfire only and coyotes are your primary target then I would go with the .22 mag. If not limited to rimfire I would look into other calibers like .204, .223, and the list can go on.

Edit- this is all my personal opinion and I am sure some people hunt yotes with .17HMR with no problems as well as .22 mag. Just not my choice of calibers for the job.
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If you must use a rimfire I would go with the 22 WMR. I have never used the 17 HMR but I have used the 22 WMR with great results to just over 110 yards. I use and would suggest that you use FMJ loads for this purpose as shot placement is not as critical as when using hollow points.

I just dont know if I would trust a highly explosive 17gr bullet to bring down a dog that may go over 40lbs.

Like previously stated I'm sure there are guys that do it (use a 17HMR for dogs) but I would not.

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No Doubt

I remember when the 17 HMR came out. I just had to have one. However I did not buy one, I bought 3 different ones. 2 shot well, one shot pretty bad.

Then the problem started. CRAWL OFFS. My favorite thing to do is ground hog hunt. I normally spend 60 or more days a year hunting ground hogs.

Sometimes I hunt in smaller barn lots where a 100 yard shot would be the longest shot. My go to rifle was a Kimber Model 82 in 22 magnum. The 22 magnum planted the ground hogs. When I switched to the 17HMR I started to have crawl offs. And crawl offs are unacceptable to me. After 1 full season of giving the 17HMR a try, I went back to the 22 magnum for short shots.

I am not a big coyote hunter. I only shot 4 last year. However with the difficulty the 17HMR had with ground hogs, I would not even try shooting coyotes with it. Tom.
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I have both calibers and use my 17HMR far more often than my 22mag. My 17HMR Savage is considerably more accurate at 100 yards than my Marlin 22 Mag. The farthest yote I've killed with my 17 was at around 75 yards. I shot it in the neck, it dropped like a rock. With a rest I could easily take head shots at 100 yards.

When I know that +100 yard shots will be possible, I use my 223 just in case.
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Brad Clodfelter
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I had 3 17HMR's at one time, and 1 was a Cooper 57LVT 17HMR that would shoot around .5 or less for 5 shots at 100yds. But if your wanting to shoot coyotes out to say 100yds, I would strongly recommend using the 22Mag over the 17HMR. It just has more bullet and will simply kill better at that distance. A 17HMR will work on coyotes, but you would be better shooting head or neck shots to allow for better practical kills. A 22 Mag should be able to kill a coyote on a good behind the shoulder shot out to right at 125yds. Now some will doubt that, but I'm telling you it will do it. I used to own one, and I know what it will in fact do. Yes there are better small centerfire choices to better do the job, but a 22Mag will very easily kill a coyote at the 100yd distance on well placed shots.

Here's how accurate the Cooper 17HMR could be on a calm day.

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Old January 3, 2009, 07:29 PM   #8
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i know my 17 is accurate enough to hit a yote at 100 yards in the eye, off a good rest. and after shooting a deer between the eyes and seeing it exit the back of its skull, im not so sure i believe in the "explosive" nature of the 17 either.
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Old January 4, 2009, 04:06 PM   #9
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17 hmr vs, 22 mag

You guys have been , as usual , more then helpful in helping me make my decision. Thanks
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i know my 17 is accurate enough to hit a yote at 100 yards in the eye, off a good rest. and after shooting a deer between the eyes and seeing it exit the back of its skull, im not so sure i believe in the "explosive" nature of the 17 either.
Did it actually exit as a bullet, did a fragment exit, or did it simply blow the deers skull apart. If you dont know this already a deers skull is a rather thin fragile thing to begin with, it doesnt take much to puncture one.

If you dont believe in the explosive nature of the 17 set up two gallon milk jugs filled with water, fire a 17 into one and a 22 solid into the other and report back to us on the lack of explosiveness of the 17.

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I hunt with 17HMR and .22WMR, but not coyotes. For coyotes I wouldn't use anything less than a .223. I have a CZ 527 in .223 dedicated to coyotes. I do like both my 17HMR and 22WMR. It'd be hard for me to choose one over the other. The 17 is much more accurate out to 125yards, but with the new 30 gr Vmax ammo my 22WMR works really well out to 100 yards.
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Old January 5, 2009, 06:51 AM   #12
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I have both and have shot and killed coyotes with both, but I find myself shooting the .22 mag more because of the cost of ammo. Some of the .22 mags shooting 35 grain bullets get pretty good velocity. I'm not sure the .17 HMR is worth the extra cost of the ammo, but I do keep shooting mine some.
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Not to argue... But you may consider the old .223 as a more effective alternative for coyote hunting. You can reach out quite a bit further and be more sure that it's going to be effective. Still pretty affordable to shoot too.
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