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Magnum Large Pistol Primers Vs Normal

How Can I Safely Substitute Magnum Large Pistol Primers For Normal Large Pistol Primers???
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Al Norris
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Um, what powder(s) are you talking about here?

If it's H110/296, I don't think I'd try that route. YMMV, but I'll stick to the mfg's recommendation of using the magnum primer, for that powder.
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I´d use Bullseye or Red Dot
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T. O'Heir
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You don't need magnum primers for either of those powders. Most certainly not Bullseye. Magnum primers burn a bit hotter for a bit longer than regular primers. They're used to light hard to ignite powders and in extreme cold. You don't need them unless your manual says to use them.
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Recently did a test and here are the results:

40 S&W Primer Test

Manufacturer Product ID Application Velocity

Winchester WSR Small Rifle 957 FPS
CCI 500 Small Pistol 970 FPS
Federal 205M Small Rifle Match 983 FPS
Federal 100 Small Pistol 997 FPS
Winchester WSP Small Pistol 999 FPS
Federal 100M Small Pistol Match 1003 FPS
Federal 200 Small Pistol Magnum 1006 FPS
Winchester WSPM Small Pistol Magnum 1040 FPS

Shot out of my Glock 35, all primers fired - Same loads (brass, powder charge, and bullet type and weight)
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As far as Large Pistol Primers, either Standard or Magnum, I really don't think it matters much. Winchester Large Pistol Primers (WLP) are for "Standard or Magnum Pistol Loads".
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Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote."
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When using Bullseye or Red Dot powder, standard primers are typically all that is required for proper ignition of standard charges.

The only times I have used magnum primers with these two powders was when I was using very light loads in large capacity cases and wanted to do one or both of two things:

1. Make the light charge burn cleaner. The hotter primer tends to make the powder act like a faster powder, getting the pressure up and making the charge burn a little more completely. But, DO NOT do this with maximum laods.

2. Make a charge ignite more uniformly so that powder position in a large cases is not an issue.

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If you're using an existing recipe for an upper end load and simply want to switch primers, the safe thing to do is back off the powder charge by 5% and check for problems.
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Thank you all for the valuable input. The reason for my query was I recently inherited 10,000 of these and didn´t know what to do with them since none of the powders that I usually use,(red dot, blue dot and bullseye), need these primers.
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Old June 18, 2008, 01:17 PM   #10
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For my .41 Magnum, I use CCI large pistol magnum(350), Federal large pistol magnum(155), and WLP.

I have some Federal 150 (large pistol) that I will use for .45ACP and the .41magnum.

Generally, I use WLP for my .45ACP.

For my hot loads(100% H110) of .41 magnum, I stick with magnum large pistol. I've gotten leftover grains with magnum and non-magnum primers with these loads.

Generally, there is increase in pressure and velocity with magnum primer over a standard primer.

Be careful when using a magnum primer for a recipe where a non-magnum primer is used and the load is near or at max.
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Old June 22, 2008, 03:13 PM   #11
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as stated in another thread I never buy or use powder that requires a magnum primer there are plenty of powders that o not require them I will list a few n110,2400,bluedot and allthe faster burning powders most of my target loads i use winchester 231
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I think what peter mean is how does one substitute a standard primer with a magnum if the magnum primer is all he has on hand.
The stores around here and some other forums on the internet suggested using ten(10) % less powder when you make that substitution on the powders you have mentioned. This is what I have done and I have seen no problem.
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I don't use "standard" and "magnum" primers anymore, but when I did, I only used "magnum" primers on certain powders and large loads. So 296 got the magnum primer, Unique or Blue Dot got standard primers. Then I switched to WW primers (hotter than standard but not quite as hot as magnum primers)and now I use the same primer for all types of powder. As far as substituting magnum for standard primers, I don't think it makes a huge difference.
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I stick to exactly what the loading book that I'm using for the powder, bullet type/weight specifies. Anything else is at your own risk.
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41 Mag Marlin loads only here

The only time I use a a CCI 350 is when loading the Sierra Marlin 1894FG loads for 41 Mag. Otherwise, it's all WLP. Both pistol and Marlin loads use H110 for powder.
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I'm new to reloading and I made a mistake reading the handbooks.

I loaded some cartridges .44mag 240gr JSP with a starting charge of 17gr and 17.5gr of Vihtavuori N110 and I used the CCI350 large pistol magnum primers instead of the standard primers.

Do you think these cartridges are safe to shoot ?
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minnfinn, EVERYTHING in handloading is "at your own risk". The more data one collects from various sources the more it alll seems like alchemy rather than a modern science. I once had a large quantity of magnum primers to use up. I loaded them behind Red Dot in STARTING level loads and used them in plinking rounds. The ammo performed just fine and pressures may have been highER than with a standard primer but they remained LOW nonetheless.
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17.5g N110 / 240g / 'Mag' primer: absolutely.

(but pay attention, ay?)
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