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Will My 9mm Dies Work On .38spl?

If not, will i need to get a new de-priming die, bullet seating die,powder loading die and a factory crimp die? Thanks!
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Tim R
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No, Your 9mm dies will not work for 38 Spl. Normally, 38 Spl and 357 Mag use the same dies however. Also, your 9mm should have a taper crimp where as the 38 Spl/367 Mag normally use a roll crimp.
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If you are going to load .38 Special steadily, get the right dies. If you just want to load a box or two at rare intervals, you can get away with using the 9mm dies. You'll need a .38 Special shellholder and an alternate means of decapping.

The 9mm sizer will not deprime because you can only neck size with that die. If you happen to have a set of .223 dies and are willing to lube your cases, you can full length size and deprime .38 Special with that. The 9mm expander die and the seater will work fine once you have them properly adjusted.
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You can get a set of Lee Dies for under $30 so why mess with something that is half A--
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You can get a set of Lee Dies for under $30 so why mess with something that is half A--
A. You don't have $30
B. You need the ammo now, not when you can get the dies.
C. You only need one box for your worthless brother-in-law.
D. You have a flaming itch to see if it works.
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Mal H
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Actually, you may even be able to use the 9mm decapper if you can screw the decapping pin down far enough to reach the .38 spcl primer. I didn't test it, but it looks like my RCBS decapper has enough length to do that.

Going against intuition, the 9mm die has a slightly larger ID than the .38 spcl even though 9mm bullets are usually a few thou less in diameter. So I wouldn't load anything but light "plinking" loads. You won't get as tight a taper crimp as you would with a .38/.357 TC die. Therefore setback becomes more of an issue.
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T. O'Heir
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No. Buy a proper die set. You won't need a separate crimping die though. Just the dies and a shell holder. For .38's, buy the .38/.357 set.
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Tell the brother in law to buy you a set of dies for the next time and send him to Wally for some WWB this time.
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You should be able to decap with any die larger than the 38. ( Is this not what a "universal" decaping die does). Neck sizing and seating can be accomplished with the 9mm die. The seating die has a slightly larger diameter than the sizer die and in some sets the decaper can be screwed into it for depriming duty. I haven't tried it for the 38 but it might be a better "fit" than the "sizing " die for a limited run.
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heck midway has speed dies for about $15!!! that's all i use to turn out great 9mm, .38 special, and .357 magnum reloads..... i've got two single stage presses side by side and with an extra die body i got from lee i get to use both presses at the same time... works for me!! check on em!!

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