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44 Mag Loads in 44 Spical brass

I"m talking a Ruger Super Redhawk here.
7.5 inch barrel - 100% condition.
Intend to use 240 Lead SWC & "probably" Unique ( I could be swayed on that)

44 is a new caliber for me
I have a Lee 4 die set on the way
& intend to load on a rockchucker
single stage.

I have a small supply of 44 Mag Brass
(range pick up)
but a LOT MORE 44 Special brass.

Is it feasible to put 44 Mag loads into 44 Special Special brass
& get NEAR 44 Mag performance out of it?

I know accuracy may suffer somewhat because of the longer "jump"
Is is Safe?
Is it Reasonable?
Anyone with experience doing this out there ??

Any susggestions on recipies?
(44 Mag loads in .44 Special Brass)
(44 Mag loads in .44 Mag Brass)
(44 Special Loads for 44 Special brass)
(44 Special Loads for 44 Mag Brass)
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I don't think I would want to do that.

Faster burning powders like Unique are usually limited by case pressure rather than volume. This means you can blow the case up before you run out of room to add more powder.

You might see if a powder like 2400, 296 or H110 has a published load for 44special. Work from a safe point and increase in 0.1 grain increments looking for signs of excessive pressure.

I can't recommend exceeding a published reference, though.

Probably cheaper to buy a few hundred pieces of magnum brass. New guns/hands/faces are a bit more expensive than $20 worth of brass.

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Old February 18, 2006, 08:41 AM   #3
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less combustion area = danger
"all my ammo is mostly retired factory ammo"
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Old February 18, 2006, 10:37 AM   #4
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OK...I hear you all !

I hear you all
Your recommendation's are gratefully taken.

I checked out Steve's pages.

He has allowable ranges in both 44 Mag and 44 Special
For both Unique and Bulleye. with 240 grain bullets.

The low end of his allowable for 44 Mag; starts just above the HIGH end of his allowable range for 44 Special.
This is the case for both BullsEye AND Unique.

I get the picture.

Will go on accordingly

Thank you all.

Steve: (I know you are lurking)
You ARE the MAN!

An Armed Society,
Is a Polite Society.
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PM sent.
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When the initial volume of the case is changed (.44 Special vs .44 Magnum) the initial pressure goes way up. Especially if it is any kind of a compressed load/powder charge. .01 or .005 inches looks like very little I know, but it can be 10-15% difference in volume depending on the diameter of the case etc. I could look up the case lengths and calculate the volumes to prove it to you, but I think my point is made.

Please just find a good load intended for .44 Special and use it if you must use .44 Special cases.

BTW it is perfectly fin to use .44 Special loads in .44 Magnum brass as long as it develops enough power to squirt it out of the barrel.
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Good question. Bad idea. For a few different reasons. Quantrill
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