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The seed and the tree

It cannot be disputed that Bill Ruger planted the seed of the resurgance of the passion in all things "Old West" with the offering of the ,22 LR Single Six. An affordable. pratical and nearly indestructable revolver, designed to give lifetimes of service and fun to it's owner! Old West appearance with modern technology and materials made the Single Six an instant hit!
The downsized dimensions opened up a market in which nearly all hands fit the new revolver! Later in production. a .22 WMR cylinder was offeref with the gun, making it a fine hunting and self defense tool. My long bareled S/S shoots like a rifle using the WMR!
Decades later Ruger struck yet another note in the Symphony of the Old West with the introduction of 2 models of their Vaquero. The first , a large frame version to contain all manner of handmade cartriges. Escond, Ruger engineered a slightly smaller framed Vaquero, more sized like the Peacemaker. Though not as strong as the first model, it is more than strong enough for all factory loads even the powerfull CAS factory cartriges!
I waaited and bought a second model revolver because I prefer the size and handling qualitys! Mine is a .357 Magnum, giving me a broad spectrum of .38 ammo to shoot through it plus the powerfull .Factory .357 Cartriges for serious situations1
What vision and insight about thepurchasing public, it's needs and all at a pratical price! All current improvements are in todays Single Sixes and New Model Vaqueros. Latest materials and machieneing techniques.
I started off with the 6 5/8" Single Six decades back, and found it to fit me and my shooting style perfectlly1 Since buying it, thousands of rounds have passed through it without a hitch and I expect many more to follow!
The Vaquero is nearing 3 years old and has fired hundreds of both Factory and habd made loads. All shot efficentlly and removing my poor marksmanship skills shot accuratelly as anything on the market!
True, both veer slightly from the origonal Peacemaker, but modifications are mainly that of reliability and best functioning. Coiled wire replaces flat springs wherever possible giving utter reliability to the weapon.
Many aftermarket parts are produced to further personalise one's own revolver.
On my Vaquero, I opted for some fake Stag grips, filling out the voids that the thin "stock" grips caused me. except for a return to the factory for a serious internal problem, what I got back was truely a factory custom tuned Vaquero, sighted -in dead-on at 7 yards! Smooth as butter!
The New Model Vaquero is truely my best to shoot revolver! It is purely an extension of me! Hitting with it becomes second nature and not a chore at all! I shoot it best of all my handguns!
The Single Six has a set of white grips with a bull's hesd filling in any voids in the hand. I prefer the wood grips because they don't react to persperation.
Whar Ruger did wasreinvent the S/A revolver and make it fit our modern wants and needs! Everything is perfect for both the field and the range. It handles all factory ammo and won't balk at any bullet design, in fact yhe Single SIx wakes some ammo types up!
Owning either (or both) Rugers creats feelings of Pride in craftsmanship and dependability( something the Country really needs!
In my opnion, Mr. Rugers company re-lit the flames of passion and glory that the Old West embraced! In a tome post WW-II when the Nation needed it's pride polished, these fine revolvers offer it!
Today more than ever we need such pride re rensated in our Souls!
Prices for the pair of revolvers are a little higher than the competition but it's all worth every penny!
The way our shooting rights are being nibbled away NOW is the time to get one or both revolvers! Their enemys could win and you'd miss an experience to remember! A genuine Ruger Revolver is a thing of beauty and a real treat for the senses! Don't be fooled by the competition, grab a real one and compare for yourself!
Happy Shooting!
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Fingers McGee
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Fingers (Show Me MO smoke) McGee - AKA Man of Many Colts - Alter ego of Diabolical Ken; SASS Regulator 28564-L-TG; Rangemaster and stage writer extraordinaire; Frontiersman, Pistoleer, NRA Endowment Life, NMLRA, SAF, CCRKBA, STORM 327, SV115; Charter member, Central Ozarks Western Shooters
Cynic: A blackguard whose faulty vision see things as they are, not as they should be. Ambrose Bierce
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If a pair of '51 Navies were good enough for Billy Hickok, then a single Navy on my right hip is good enough for me . . . besides . . . I'm probably only half as good as he was anyways. Hiram's Rangers Badge #63
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Agreed about the New Vaquero!

I have one with the 5 1/2"bbl in 45LC and it shoots to point of aim with 250gr ammo.
Very accurate and it amazes other people at the range that I can shoot out the bullseye easily at 15yds until there's nothing left.

Amazing revolver!
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Cool story bro.

I'll stick with my Glocks.
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4V50 Gary
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Rugers are engineered tough. I've been hooked on them since the Security Six.
Vigilantibus et non dormientibus jura subveniunt. Molon Labe!
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Just to be contrary, back in my sixgun days, I liked the Sauer "Hawes" Colt clones better than my Rugers.
Better balanced and slightly better accuracy.
And the center pin stayed put.
Too bad they aren't still being made.
Lock the doors, they're coming in the windows.

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It is good to have guns that you can own and use with passion and enthusiasm. We are very lucky to have had Mr. Ruger and the company that he started. Happy shooting to you, ZVP.
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I can deal with a Single Six in a .22 but that's the only Ruger single action I would have. I've had a few Rugers over the years but never kept them long. When I needed to sell some stuff after my surgery the Single Six was the first to go.
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Magnum Wheel Man
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what "Kool-Aid"

well... I have a nice collection of single action revolvers, & add to that collection every year... I don't own an original ( or for that matter, a newer generation ) Colt, but have a pretty good representation otherwise... right now my favorite ( by style points ) are the conversions built on the open top Colt design... but hands down, my favorite to shoot, from the solid feel, reliability, perspectives are my Rugers, & particularly the New Vaquero / Montado platforms... ( of which I have 5... all polished stainless, a custom 45 Colt snubbie Montado, with a birdshead grip, a matched pair of 357 New Vaqueros, & a set of consecutive serialed Montados in 45 Colt

BTW... I'm not a huge rim fire fan, but still had to have a couple Single Sixes... mine are a matched pair of "vintage" polished stainless Single Sixes in 32 Mag

the pair of 45 Colt Montados are my everyday CAS guns, & have had 1000's of rounds through them, & are just starting to get broken in, & seem to shoot better every day I take them out...
In life you either make dust or eat dust...
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Cool story bro.

I'll stick with my Glocks.
You're in the Black Powder and Cowboy action shooting section, not general handgun discussion. Bro.
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Glocks are great pistols used worldwide!
I am just a S/A fan and have had them around all my life.
Yes they don't match up to todays semi-autos but are still very lethal in the right hands!
All of the shooting sports are fun!
Enjoy Bro!
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Sure Shot Mc Gee
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Had a Bear Cat once. Dandy litt'l single action 22. Used as a carry on my trap line. Broke the main spring. 5 yrs old no replacement parts available (obsolete) so I was told. Good bye Ruger. Hello S&W 41. Been ever since.
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